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Great or star chickweed Field Biology in Southeastern Ohio Early

Great or star chickweed Field Biology in Southeastern Ohio Early


great or star chickweed Field Biology in Southeastern Ohio: Early Spring Wildflowers

Early Spring Wildflowers

This is typical of the Chickweeds. Common Chickweed is smaller than this and is abundant in lawns. This is the Great or Star Chickweed with red stamens.

Early Spring Wildflowers

Early Spring Wildflowers

Another very small plant is Early Saxifrage. The leaves are basal and the stems are very hairy. It produces terminal clusters of many flowers.

Without a doubt, the most abundant flower in any setting is the Spring Beauty. The leaves are long and grass like, and the petals may be all white, ...

Often growing right alongside Dead Nettle is another mint, Gill-over-the-Ground, Ground Ivy, or Creeping Charlie. It's flowers are blue, more tubular shaped ...

Another very early bloomer is the Hepatica. The colors vary from blue, purple, or all white. They have 7 or more petals, if you're a Newcomb key user.

Red pins stuck in a pin cushion always attracts my attention to the Great or Star Chickweed. These plants have notched flowers in fives.


Field Biology in Southeastern Ohio: Early Spring Wildflowers Purple Wildflowers, Wild Flowers, Types

I don't get to do many flower posts in October but we've had such a warm September and October that it seems like anything might be possible this year.

Field Biology in Southeastern Ohio

This is the first appearance of native blunt leaf sandwort (Moehringia laterifolia) on this blog, probably because I've walked right by it in the past ...

Star Chickweed is an Ohio native‚ distinguished by the dark anthers. Note that the five petals are so deeply cleft that they look like ten.

Star Chickweed

Field-Chickweed (Cerastium arvense)

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Coltsfoot is an early spring alien, having dispersed from Europe over the past one hundred years or so. Its leaves are supposed to look like a horse's ...

bloodroot Field Biology in Southeastern Ohio: Early Spring Wildflowers | flowers | Wild flowers, Early spring, Spring

Dandelion leaves can be eaten raw or cooked. Jack Sanders reports that the dandelion root is used as a diuretic. He also says some folks eat the root in a ...

Does “Big Ag” Control Farmers? Survey Says No

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Foamflower Foamflower

KCG 11Nov18

Asiatic Dayflower

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Researchers Discover How to Boost Plant Photosynthesis

Photographed at the 2010 Naked Ladies party at the Belladonna Cottage, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Dodecatheon meadia - Shooting Star - early spring - bees

Stanley L. Bentley, Native Orchids of the Southern Appalachian Mountains, UNC Press, 2000, p 198.

Joe Pye weed (Eupatorium) is having a good year, probably because of all the rain. I learned last year that monarch butterflies love these flowers but, ...

Pigweed Leaves No Room for Error

Woodland Wildflowers, Perennial Woodland Plants - American Meadows | Ideal Region: Southeast

"Seed annual" : vegetable and flwoer seeds, grass, clover and .

Horn, Cathcart, Hemmerly and Duhl, Wildflowers of Tennessee, the Ohio Valley and the Appalachian Mountains. 2005, p 244.

Clover In Flower Stock Photos and Images

A New Era of Crop Production

Identifying and Using Chickweed

This small hawkmoth has rich chocolate forewings and burnt orange hindwings. The real field key to look for are the two yellow stripes across the abdomen.

A Prairie Home Companion

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September 8, 2018

It will choke out weaker native plants and seems to love colonizing gardens when it is left alone. I usually find it on forest edges, rarely in large ...

... Common Mouseear Chickweed (Cerastium fontanum). This is an introduced plant. Durham, NC, 3/10/19, Field ...

Green-star Sedge, Carex viridistellata. A newly described species that Andrew Gibson showed me in Adams County. The fruits are small when compared to other ...

Mechanical weed pullers can be successful on perennial weeds with long taproots such as dandelion, a common weed infesting lawns.

A classic weedy species – the common yellow dandelion – deliberately left to flower at The Farm Between in Jeffersonville, Vermont, to provide food for ...

Index of Species Information

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Early Saxifrage (Saxifraga virginiensis), Eno River State Park (Old Cole Mill Rd. Access), Orange County, NC, 3/27/10 ...

While alone in its new spot, the author and other gardeners kept the plant company

... blanket of down and the soft catkins of the pussy willows. Next flowering buds started to appear everywhere. I found a quince bush and several heirloom ...

As previously mentioned, I had a heckuva day botanizing southern Ohio with @berterflers, @shaunpogacnik, and @the_land_philosopher this week with so much to ...

Pink turtleheads are native to the southeastern U.S. and don't seem to mind dryness in spite of naturally growing near water.

"Seed annual" : vegetable and flwoer seeds, grass, clover and .

Ellen Gawarkiewicz is a first-year graduate student in the Field Naturalist Program.

Star chickweed Photo by D. Sillman

Common Chickweed (Stellaria media), Durham, NC, 3/1/10 ...

As long as they're in active growth, fertilize every 6 or 8 weeks, even in the winter! Use fertilizer that has a higher percentage of phosphorus, ...

May 20, 2018

Meadow Chickweed-707.jpg

At Lake Katharine‚ Bloodroot flowers are one of the harbingers of spring. Small bees and flies cross–pollinate the flowers by transporting pollen from one ...

KCG 03Mar19

Last week I worked the TNSY booth at a seed swap sponsored by the Johnson City TN Parks Department. A woman presented me with an interesting question.

Cabbages heading at Dallas Arboretum in early January

Get Crops Off to the Best Start-Despite Late Planting

In the 1960s a corn plant (Dracaena) stuck its leaf into a polygraph and

Field, vegetables and flower seeds : catalog 1902. Nursery stock Virginia Richmond Catalogs .

My friend the herbalist Pagan tells me that chickweed is as good as -- and a lot cheaper than -- wheatgrass.

I also want to discuss both of these together. Each of these have large clusters of fruit and long horizontal bracts (black arrow).

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(Rosaceae), a large white flower of this thorny shrub blooming quitely in a classical Mediterranean garden

Creeping bellflower (Campanula rapunculoides) is a pretty flowered plant that was introduced as an ornamental from Europe and has escaped gardens to live in ...

In fall 2017, he experimented with a 20-acre field, applying anhydrous strips on half of it, and spraying 28% on the other half.

Michael Moore and Yucca Root - 1980's, Southern Arizona

Cover of the 1st edition published in 1990.

Broccoli 'Happy Rich' is dinosaur kale

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Great Ash Sphinx, Manduca jasminearum 7783. The black U shaped marks coming down into the forewing are often absent. Same goes for the orange spot.


Chickweed (Common Chickweed) Living Off The Land, Edible Wild Plants, Plant Identification

Post #178 goes to the common chickweed (Stellaria media). This little plant is native to Europe, but it has spread throughout North America and ...

By: Dr. Raj Singh Director of the LSU AgCenter Plant Diagnostic Center

The common name Jacob's Ladder refers to the arrangement of pinnately compound leaves which look like a ladder. This plant is found throughout Ohio, ...

At first it's just a few discolored spots in the lawn where weeds have incurred.

... Photo ...

... been seeing around the farm. I had hoped to include pictures of beautiful butterflies feeding on our milkweed and other native wildflowers this week. […

If I'm seeing our beautiful native blue flag irises it must be June. And this year I'm seeing them everywhere, so it must be a great year for them.

This is another species with pairs of yellow spots on the abdomen, but they don't really stand out. The species is also a rare stray from the southern ...

Mystery wildflower, maybe a member of the Mustard family (Brassicaceae), South Tar River Greenway, Greenville, Pitt County, NC, 1/6/19 ...