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Uncanny X-Men 225 - Rogue - Wolverine - Blob - Mystique - Fight - Marc Silvestri

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Baron Weirwulf Page-If Bucky Lives (Gil Kane) Captain America Tale | Notes From Pellucidar (SCROLL DOWN)

[ Movie-acting atop the Empire State building suddenly turns deadly ] Sharon Smiley:

For various reasons, it became clear that they ...

1992 Skybox Marvel Masterpieces Card #53 Mojo

Luke Cage: 'You want the two of us to pose for a selfie?

Funnies on Parade merge

White Pages, Silver Age, Stan Lee, Black Widow, Deadpool Videos, Ss

02 SC - Archie Comic Publications

Luke Cage, supporting Spider-Man and Killgrave by the foot from the edge of

Richie Rich (2011 Ape) 5A

Mary Jane: 'You were up there a long time, Tiger. Was Jameson

Romita Romance

Peter Parker, suiting up: 'How can you start filming? You haven'

Image: Archie 3000 SC - Archie Comic Publications

In cases where Craftint ...

Bullpen Bulletins Episode 34

01 SC - Archie Comic Publications

11 O'Clock Comics Episode 246

Fuzzy Wuzzy-Madhouse In Hollywood Comic Tales | Notes From Pellucidar (SCROLL DOWN)

Richie Rich Dollars and Cents (1963) 5

Started reading American comics around 1966. Up to 2014, I had rarely held a Golden Age comic book in my hand—valuable objects that they are—very rarely ...

There ...


Richie Rich (2011 Ape) 5C

Image: Archie 1000-Page Comics Romp SC - Archie Comic Publications

Page 1

In celebration of the much-anticipated launch of UNCANNY X-MEN #1, Marvel is excited to reveal a new Hidden Gem variant cover from very own Chief Creative ...

Image: Archie Giant Comics Surprise SC - Archie Comic Publications

“It's a compelling and complete story with a beginning, middle and an end, featuring everything from Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Cerebro and the ...

Richie Rich Bank Books (1972) 5

It's downright fucking criminal they haven't made a Proteus figure yet. It really has. With translucent figures being made all the time, this should be a ...

A little mishmash of everything this year from the folks over at Pop Life as they have some new releases ready to roll for SDCC this year via their booth ...

Perhaps the lesson is less is more?

David Palmer, pouring tea: 'Those agents think that I know more about Lamanda

Image: Marvels: Eye of Camera SC (new printing) - Marvel Comics

To celebrate this jam-packed, landmark 700th anniversary issue, Marvel is excited to reveal an all-new cover by legendary artist David Finch!

11 O'Clock Comics Episode 290

... Part 5.5—French comic strips of the 1880s. Coloured by relief aquatint.

The Owl Tribe – Page 16

Image: Vincent Book 02: Heartbreak & Parties 101 GN - Papercutz

Bible Heroes-Bronze Man Comic Tales | Notes From Pellucidar (SCROLL DOWN)

As far as I knew, all comic ...

An error occurred.

02 SC - Vault Comics

11 O'Clock Comics Episode 209

Richie Rich Holiday Digest Magazine (1981) 5

At #3 is the supremely awesome Avengers Forever. I recently dedicated an entire post to this Kurt Busiek-scripted series.

Cable has fallen, and the events of Extermination have left a hole in the X-Men family. What comes next??

Let's Eat (Robert Crumb)-Silver Condemned Comic Tales | Notes From Pellucidar (SCROLL DOWN)

Patterned more or less after the KKK, modern creators have used the group to send out anti-Donald Trump border wall messages. As if illegal immigration ...

Stan Lee's Mighty 7 Beginnings DVD Cover.jpg

01 SC - Aftershock Comics

Richie Rich (2011 Ape) 5B

lethean-gui/words-tv_film.txt at master · LetheanMovement/lethean-gui · GitHub


... to landscape format comic ...

Airport security cop: 'Sorry we troubled you, sir. Must've been

Ideally, we'd then go to an established publisher who could print and distribute it to the direct comic book market and beyond.

Image: Little Girl SC - Devils Due /1First Comics, LLC

Captain America and the Secret Empire: part 2

11 O'Clock Comics Episode 212

Ape Of Gor Hero Tale-Heidi Saha Text | Notes From Pellucidar (SCROLL DOWN)

Image result for The Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker

They went there: Superman punches cop in 'Ferguson' parable

After running 3 successful Kickstarters for Cognition (and 4 overall), what have you learned about the process of Kickstarter?

They called their new comics company Detective Comics, or DC, after one of their first successful titles.

11 O'Clock Comics Episode 218

Image: Tomb of Dracula: Day of Blood, Night of Redemption SC - Marvel

3). Sunfire:


It's not quite free, but CBR.com figures it might as well be (“DC Declares 2019 the Year of the Villain With a 25-Cent One-Shot Comic”).

Stan Lee's Mighty 7 - Image: Stan Lee's Mighty 7 ...

Mad Non Conformist-Untamed Love (Frank Frazetta) Comic Tales | Notes From Pellucidar (SCROLL DOWN)

Today's ...


As the comics creators go nuts justifying their biases .

A little mishmash of everything this year from the folks over at Pop Life as they have some new releases ready to roll for SDCC this year via their booth ...

Mad #1, cover by Harvey Kurtzman, 1952

Browse: Top Level > Audio

I have lost count of the number of times that I have started and stopped working on this book over the past 20 years. In looking through the pages, ...

My World (Wally Wood)-Pig Tale Comic Tales | Notes From Pellucidar (SCROLL DOWN)

... You Only Knew.

... blue lines in the dark tints, by the way.

What can you ID readers?