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Been here for ever sheeple Inspiration in 2019 Sacred

Been here for ever sheeple Inspiration in 2019 Sacred


been here for ever sheeple .

METATRON | SEE ONLY LOVE #seeonlylove #metatron #sacredgeometry Golden Ratio, Sacred Art

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“When you succeed in awakening the Kundalini, so that it starts to move out

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Since the Kurgan Archon invasion more than 5000 years ago, the Archons are using etheric and plasma scalar technology to disrupt Sacred Unions.

Ayahuasca- Banisteriopsis Vine (Shredded or Powdered with leaves of the Chacruna or Chaliponga,

The Zombie-Like Lives of Sheeple from Birth to Death

Sacred By Design Sacred Symbols Design Abstract Geometric Illustration Gold And White Elements On Dark Background Sacred Geometry Designs And Meanings

Image Source: Pyramids and Sheeple.

Is nothing sacred? US movie-goers vote Back To The Future as most-wanted reboot

A "wise old owl" in a 1940s poster from the War Production Board


Los cinco Tattwas unidos en AKASHA.... Tantra, Sacred Geometry, Occult

Sacred Geometry, Tree Of Life, Witchcraft, Chakras, Psychedelic, Mosaics,

Modern Hindus Forbidden From Eating Beef But Ancient Hindus Ate the Sacred Cow

Don't cry, little one


I made this one myself!

On ...

What you see is your reality. Life Coach Quotes, Quote Life, Working On

Perhaps most damning of all, though, is that he ignored the obvious and most sacred of warnings: “Do Not Step on the Grass.” [8/10]

Politics and its Discontents

East end of Notre Dame burning. Heaven and Hell sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble.

coachellavalleyweekly.com • April 11 to April 17, 2019 Vol. 8 No. 4

At one point in time invoking the great lyrical Satan was a dangerous act of thumbing one's nose at the old guard of public decency, and quick to label the ...

(Not ...

By chance did you find some cleverness on your journey?” Shut up, Xerxes, you're just jealous because you'd never get through a security checkpoint with ...

Table Shewing the Older Aryan Fire Water and Sun Gods

Occam's Razor Ramon and I are just betting you like video game inspired metal. Know how we know? Because we like video games and you us are we us, ...

funny memes 80 Pictures - #funnymemes #funnypictures #funnymeme #humor #funnytexts #

Modern Hindus Forbidden From Eating Beef But Ancient Hindus Ate the Sacred Cow | Ancient Origins

Obey Me #1 (2019) #BenHerrera & EmmanuelOrdazTorres Pictures, #MarioMentasti Words #Choice

Do you think I can hold out any hope for such a discussion? Must I always hold the sacred/secret deep within a cavern in my heart, never to see the light of ...


What are we supposed to have here?:

Seneca discusses the grand example of Cato the Younger, his favorite role model. But even in ordinary life we can be courageous ...

Jordan Peterson THE MEANING of MUSIC

Arte Legal, Golden Ratio, Sacred Geometry Patterns, Sacred Geometry Art, Geometric Shapes

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2019-Jun-04, thumbnail

Billy Saves the World

by Ka Zodiak

The Putin-Trump Helsinki summit: the action is in the reaction | The Vineyard of the Saker

So, someone asked me to write more about the piece when i post. Here

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Archives, Beauty, dance, fear, female sexuality, intimacy, men and women, men's coaching, relationships, sacred sexuality, self help, self-esteem, ...

JBC marks 100 columns and a million page views

... beyond ...

Recently, I was approached with an invitation to have a dialogue on Justin Brierley's Unbelievable? radio show with secular humanist James Croft, ...

I was just thinking about how life would be if we were living in an Libertarian


The video has been shared far and wide internationally… The Turkish president Erdoğan has used it many times for its propaganda value against Islamiphobia ...

Psychedelic Tapestry 'Spiral Threads'. Trippy wall-hanging, UV active batik, trippy tapestry, art de


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Have Labour gained a whole bunch of seats? No. But the media effort to conflate Labour's minor losses with the complete trouncing the Conservatives have ...

And Then a Riot Broke Out in Target! 2

Benjamin Fulford: Fascist 4th Reich collapsing as roundup of war criminals continues

White Identity As Reaction To White Dehumanization

... A lot of people don't know about Lilith and the Alphabet of Ben Sira ...

But there's at least one comment Mueller made that nags at me. It's when he said, "If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a ...

But have you ever gone up against someone with blades made out of faces? “Turning the other cheek”'s going to be a threat if this keeps up.

Update 20-3-19 Read… ISIS call for extremists to take 'revenge' for New Zealand mosque shootings… And yet despite such threats our PM still wants to take ...

"Have hunger that's insatiable, always expanding."

Phoenix CitySkate 2019 (Spring) Saturday, April 20th, 2018. Meet at the Central and Camelback Lightrail Station/Park-and-Ride 9 am to Noon (or so), Free

Mother Knows Best? Balancing Stability with Courage. “

Many signs indicate that 2019 will be a breakthrough year in the battle against the satan-worshiping Khazarian mafia. Not only have mass arrests begun, ...

I assumed the FX involved in smoothing out Samuel L. Jackson meant he'd be a smaller part than the trailers implied. In fact this might be the most ...

Significantly, it represents an imbalance in energy flows in and out of the climate system of only 1 part in 260. That's less than 0.5%, and climate science ...

I've been thinking about our soul jam. The jam we create in our body, mind, spirit/soul, that defines our lives. Music is a good example. Do you hear a ...

Imagine Festival 2018

Strip on too many software patents in Europe

EA Dares To Question Holiness Of Old Games


So, how do they keep the sheeple convinced?

From Jesus to Donald Trump, christians unquestionably follow their authoritarian leaders like the good sheeple

Valor rewards dramatic and clever roleplay by providing tangible mechanical benefits, encouraging players to invest in and play their characters to the ...

The Compassion Component

Why Canadian milk infuriates Donald Trump

The Essential Saker II


How many innocent people should we be allowed to arrest and jail in order to prevent a single dangerous person from being free?

#wokeasf medias

What do you get distracted from?


Sephirot - the 10 attributes/emanations in Kabbalah, through which Ein Sof (The Infinite) reveals itself and continuously creates both the physical realm ...

Conversations With Dead People: A Medium's Session With Prince (Part 1)

The psyche/matter problem has not yet been solved, and the basic riddle of alchemy is still not solved. The answer to the question they pursued we have also ...

Artur Waszkiewicz, 40, has been sentenced to ...

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