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You werent going crazy airline seats have been getting smaller and

You werent going crazy airline seats have been getting smaller and


You weren't going crazy, airline seats have been getting smaller and it's now a matter for the courts.

Before you head out for your next flight, read these tips for flying comfort.

Here's how I find cheap flights all around the continent! 9 cities, 7 countries, and only $355 USD. #budgettravel #europeantravels #flyinghacks


The airline seat is hurting me. Here's what you can do to ease the pain.

Since I didn't pay to select my seat, I was randomly assigned one and ended up in 40A, a window seat, which I soon realized had a lot of legroom.

Airline Seat Size Small

I was happy to not have a middle seat on this trip!

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The seat-back pocket was basically nonexistent, with just a small net to store a few tiny items. There was also what appeared to be an ...

hong kong airlines aisle plane

Photo by Rick Kern/Getty Images for United Airlines New Money

important même pour une heure de vol =D

An Emirates Airbus A380, with nearly 500 seats, was showered by water canons as

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If you've clicked onto this honest Wizz Air review, odds are you're looking for some assurance that this Hungarian budget airline will not, in fact, ...

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Eight hours of aircraft movement at LAX International Airport.

Even if they don't, though, ask the agent at the gate counter. In my experience they'll (usually, but not always) let you sneak in.

Business class digs on the A380. What could possibly ruin this? Photo by the

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So if they actually do tell you to sit down, you'd best do it. But most of the time passengers think a flight attendant is ...

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They've selected a Cirrus NG seat reverse herringbone seat, which is similar to the seat you'll find on many American and Cathay Pacific planes, ...

My 30-inch pitch seat 30A for the 6-hour and 30-minute flight to Paris. (Photo: AirlineGeeks | Tom Pallini)

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Last summer Iberia launched a promotion that awarded 9,000 Iberia Avios with every flight purchase. They capped it at a total of 10 awards, or a total of ...

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I had chosen the front row with seat 1L. Normally I would not choose this on long haul flights as it was right by the galley. However, on this short flight ...

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Fracnk Prevel / Reuters

Photo of Frontier Airlines - San Diego, CA, United States. Note that there

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There was no blanket, but the flight attendant informed me that was the result of a problem with the catering company and that there are normally blankets ...

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Early boarding is a perk I'd never considered in my pre-baby flying days, but it was glorious. Everyone flying with kids should take advantage of it for as ...

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As with so many airlines, there wasn't a huge amount of storage for take off except a small side bin. Once airborne there was plenty of room under the ...

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As a kid, I wanted the window seat. Now I prefer the aisle, so I can get up to pee.

Air Travel With a Head Cold

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My seat in the first row, 60K

Obviously we weren't going to miss the chance to cover the inaugural, and the folks at Finnair gave us the chance.

Small Dog on Airplane in Carrier

Passengers board the Allegiant Air flight to Orlando,

Emirates-Economy. How do you think airlines ...

On larger aircraft, there are secret compartments where your cabin crew and flight crew are able to get much needed rest.

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It was impeccably well maintained and Business Class (2-3-2 configuration) and Premium Economy (2-4-2 configuration) seats looked very comfortable

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