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Winter beekeeping is accomplished at a slower pace However there

Winter beekeeping is accomplished at a slower pace However there


Winter beekeeping is accomplished at a slower pace. However, there are still beekeeping chores to do. #beekeepingtips #winterbeehives #beehivesinwinter ...

Beehives in snow and tasks of winter beekeeping

What happens in the bee hive in winter? Successful beekeeping in winter depends on good winterizing of bee hives. Time spent preparing hives for winter will ...

Understanding what is happening inside bee hive in winter is helpful to beekeepers. A healthy hive with proper resources can take care of itself.

Winter in the Apiary - Winter Beekeeping Basics | Beekeeping Tips and Tricks | Bee keeping, Homesteading, Bee

I figure it makes financial sense to provide the bees a few dollars of sugar rather than having to buy a new $120 package if they were to starve.

Outer cover removed to show 3 inch wide spacer. Spacer/hive joint gets sealed with duck tape since the bees can no longer propolize the crack.

So You Want to Be a Beekeeper? 6 Winter Tips to Get Started

How honeybees survive winter. Over wintering honeybees is not easy even in South Carolina. Learn how bees keep warm - Carolina Honeybees Farm

Beekeeper walks in snow to complete winter beekeeping tasks

Should you paint your bee hives? Yes, maybe you should. Painting a hive

Inside the bee hives in Winter cold, the colony lives

Find the best place for your new bee hive. Hive placement is key to having a healthy honey bee colony - Beekeeper Charlotte/ Carolina Honeybees

38 Free DIY Bee Hive Plans & Ideas That Will Inspire You To Become A Beekeeper

Cloth added to minimize internal air movement and prevent melting frost on underside of inner cover from dripping on the bees.

Important Facts You Need to Know About Bee Hives in Winter. "

Beekeeping career helps Miller change his outlook on life | The Spokesman-Review

Beekeepers Task-preparing beehives for winter before cold arrives.

This is my second attempt to overwinter nucs. My first attempt last winter was not successful. Last year's three (3) nucs succumbed in early January.

Suntrap Centre

Bee installation: second hive

Why do I have aggressive bees in my late summer hives? There are many reasons

Winter Work at the Bainum Foundation Farm

Biographies of Instructors

... pressure on the Farm's bee colonies over the past couple years, Kasey's dedicated beekeeping has helped the majority of the hives survive this winter, ...


The top choice for new beekeepers in the USA is the Italian honeybee. Due to their gentle temperament and ease to work with, they have become quite popular ...

Beekeeping Tips for February

Hive 2 deeps Top entrance on bee ...

Beekeepers encourage honey bees to build comb in the hive. There must be a need

bee killers

The Italian honeybee will go in to the winter as a smaller cluster. Only the queen and the workers will take on the colder months, as drones (males) are ...

Hive 2 deeps Top entrance on bee hive ...

Guerrero is an amateur beekeeper awho offers clients a service to remove bee hives from their

Frame picture

Here is an example of the moisture vent hole drilled below the hand hold cutout. It also acts as a winter emergency exit.

The Low Down on Bee Packages

In the long winter months, I spend a lot of time thinking of bees and everything that can go wrong. © Rusty Burlew.


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Italian queens will begin increasing their brood production in the early spring and will continue generate brood at that pace throughout the summer.

Spring Cleaning In The Apiary

beekeeping tips for may


Santa Fe beekeeper class

Winterized Beepods

What's it really like to be a young, female beekeeper?

Frame picture: top ridge

Scriber Creek The hive is full of comb and for the most part it's all in use. There seemed to be a good amount of honey stores on each frame, but no ...

... them to increase their efforts in anticipation of the long winter ahead. Beekeepers can help hives that run low on food over winter, but wild bees must ...

Preparing our beehives for Winter.


The Beekeeper's Lament: How One Man and Half a Billion Honey Bees Help Feed America by Hannah Nordhaus

Right now in the garden Snow Drops and the first crocuses are beginning to bloom. These won't provide any nectar for bees but they will offer some early ...

This colony stayed low in the hive all winter and didn't begin moving up until April. The cluster is about twice as large as it was a month ago.

Slow late flow, steady clover, alfalfa and wild flower pollen equals perfect conditions to make winter bees.

... of May”… however that does work for bees! The hive will soon have between 40 000 and 50 000 residents. Organization is the key word within the colony!

Justin said there was a security camera installed but that was also taken at some point

But then comes the golden light and slower pace of autumn, and finally winter. Settled into the muffled contemplation of snow, ...

A New Home for 10,000

Each year as spring approaches, I am anxious and excited to see if my hives survived another harsh Chicago winter. This year two of my four hives made it ...

Nucleus Colony or Packaged Bees – Which is right for you?

A lone bee ventures out of the hive in winter. Photo by Danielle Quigley

A Year of Backyard Beekeeping Regular readers of this blog know that I once kept hundreds of hives in Florida and Saskatchewan. That was a long time ago.

Hives with honey supers on them.

honeybee virtual reality.jpg

A bee pollinates a flower.

Bees are the only insect that produces food eaten by

... of 9 not only making it but expanding over winter. Each season I think I'm prepared and find myself making a list of things I'll do better next winter!

Here is a shot of the queen.

Jay Heselschwerdt has kept honey bees in multiple states from the North to the South.

Denis Anderson, CSIRO

The bees probably aren't too thrilled, but have been pretty active recently, working on restoring their supplies, so will probably stay bundled up for now:

I don't know if I'll make it out there for the opening reception (Saturday, 2-4pm) but the exhibit continues … Continue reading →

Throughout the almond bloom, beekeepers monitor their bee colonies' health, looking out for



The Basics of Bearding

Varrox Oxalic Acid Vaporizer by OxaVap - The Leader in Oxalic Acid Vaporizers!

On April 9, the Green Code went into effect and officially legalized beekeeping in the City of Buffalo.

Dow Gardens' Bee Blog

The building is up, the plumbing is in and the concrete comes soon. The process will likely move at a slower pace now, since we want to use profits from ...

Here is a moisture vent cut into the inner cover. The vent is placed downwards against the top of the brood chamber. It also acts as an emergency exit if ...

varroa mite on bee.jpg

I continue to try different techniques and methods based on what I hear from other beekeepers. In Chicago, the beekeeping community is quite strong. There ...

Just prior to the swarm leaving there seems to be a moment of calm when some bees are seen to cover the hive front.

Honey bees at the off-campus lab on Lake Wheeler road.