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Weathercom Devotes Its Homepage To Blasting Trump For Pulling Out

Weathercom Devotes Its Homepage To Blasting Trump For Pulling Out


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As Trump announced his controversial decision to withdraw from the international agreement, Weather.com

Trump Announces US Is Leaving The Paris Climate Agreement — What Will That Actually Mean?

Weather Channel trolls President Trump's climate decision | Daily Mail Online

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Updated September 4, 2018 - First, after I made the above prediction, my website has strangely been listed as "dangerous" and consequently banned or made ...

The federal court system is 'broken and unfair,' Trump said last week,

President Trump has posted a number of tweets about Brunson's case, demanding his release and threatening sanctions on Turkey

miamiherald.com Weather.com trolls Trump's climate decision

Trump got it right from the get-go:

And when the liquidity tide goes out we always find out who is swimming naked. If it hadn't been Turkey it would eventually have been someone else.

Trump's predecessor, former President Barack Obama, released a statement during the address, which

... winds were skillfully forecast. Warnings to the population were inadequate. The list is long. And global warming should not be on the list if we are to ...

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Trump delivering the State of the Union


“We are at the top of the valuation range by any measure except for interest rates.”

... Turkey standing out for the increase in its exposure since the GFC. Turkey has never managed to escape membership of 'The Fragile Five' EM country club.

President Trump again railed against former President Obama and the Russia investigation on Thursday, suggesting Obama sought to discredit him to Hillary ...

Bianca Padró Ocasio confronted Glenn Thrush over text message about his behavior the night before with her friend, a 23-year-old journalist.

A sign from the Peoples Climate March outside Trump Hotel. (Photo: Oil Change International/Twitter)

Trump announces

The normalized value of global sea ice area as of November 17, 2016, was so far from any other total in the 37-year record that it represented a departure ...

May 11, 2018 Truth2Freedom Briefing Report (US•World•Christian)

Are We Too Obsessed With the Weather?

Which brings up the idea that if the two look a little closer.

President Donald Trump landed Thursday in Switzerland, where his 'America First' agenda is

... which dry out vegetation more. It is also causing winter precipitation to fall over a shorter period and the length of the fire season is increasing.

From his resounding setbacks in Congress to his stunning policy flip-flops, Donald Trump has faced a steep learning curve in his opening months at the White ...

Sanders and Trump: From Fringe to Formidable

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President Donald Trump has taken a swipe at a fellow Republican, calling Sen. Lindsey Graham a “publicity seeking” lawmaker. In a daybreak post on his ...

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Computer-generated prayer card featuring the late Catholic journalist, Sister Mary Ann Walsh

Trump says it will be hard to unify country without a 'major event'

DANANG, Vietnam — President Trump on Friday pitched a go-it-alone, “America First” trade policy to a gathering of nations that once pinned their economic ...

... that unfair tariffs levied on US autos by China have been "going on for years." | Read Full Article at RT.com… www.rt.com/usa/423604-china-trump -stupid…

That's never more true than when he's riffing in front of crowd of supporters, feeding off their energy and letting it all hang out.

Hurricane Irma: Where is the Category 5 storm now and where is it headed next?

That screeching is the sound of the Deep State expressing its deep displeasure and even pain.

Trump tees up, talks ObamaCare with Paul, Mulvaney

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Winter blast: The storm is expected to dump between 5 and 8 inches of snow

Hurricane Irma: Where is the Category 5 storm now and where is it headed next?

China Has Developed a Virtual Anchor to Deliver the News. Uh oh. Here we go. CNN Business has the harrowing details: “China's state news agency has debuted ...


During his 2012 presidential bid, Gingrich advocated for forming colonies on the moon.

(7.99/55), 32

Austin is going to be on the other side of that wall pretty soon.

Cliff Mass Weather and Climate Blog: Was Global Warming A Significant Factor in California's Camp Fire? The Answer is Clearly No.

A town in Michigan

Fasten your seatbelts, dear patriots, you're about to be dragged into yet another Jewy war. This time, against a Hypersonically-nuclear Russia and its ...

Smollett would request " ...


But if anything, the stories of these three men show just how much work is available in the contemporary economy, even as the work-force participation rate ...

(Jack Burns) Last week, Wikileaks dumped what seems to be authentic CIA documents which revealed, among other things, that the spy agency has a way of ...

The authors write that “the incomes of the top 1% collectively made up 11% of national income in 1980, but now constitute above 20% of national income, ...


President Donald Trump appeared to significantly undercut the projected number of construction jobs created by his executive orders approving the Dakota ...

How do we know it hasn't been hotter before????"



That race-baiting lost its mojo, so now you're resorting to this?

Global warming is a myth. Look, Republican states voting for denial! (NOAA)

"JLP News" — The Hake Report

Shaun King AP.jpg

... Turkey standing out for the increase in its exposure since the GFC. Turkey has never managed to escape membership of 'The Fragile Five' EM country club.


After a strong week last week, all major cryptos are up again, with Ether leading the way…

So here, you are, tonight's co-writer, along with dastardly "Liberal Hollywood" co-writer Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker.

My thoughts exactly - coffee

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Source: Skeptical Science – “Human Fingerprints on Climate Change Rule Out Natural Cycles.”

A recent search for information on global warming returned a prominent ad for a site that rejects established climate science.

Mexican opposition figures urged President Enrique Pena Nieto on Wednesday to cancel next week's meeting with US President Donald Trump to protest his ...

Sean: Yeah . . . *sound of heavy breathing and zipper*

... using LED lights in ways that almost resemble science fiction, according to a story at The Washington Post: “…We think climate change is making it much ...

Map:These are some of the noteworthy climate-related events that occurred around the world during November and the year to date. (NOAA NCEI)

Colorado 2018 Mid-term Election Results

Trump gives new hope to Jewish push for FEMA assistance to houses of worship

"Surface analysis of the southern Indian Ocean at 00UTC on June 22nd by the Australia Bureau of Meteorology indicated deep low pressure of 922mb roughly ...

A Busy 2018 Air Quality Alert Season: Blame It On The Wildfires. MPCA has an update on air quality conditions in 2018, made considerably worse by smoke from ...

7 Best Lojwa Animals images | Enewetak atoll, Marshall islands, Nuclear test

Infrared image: Hurricane Lane (below, in red, green and blue). Tiny Big Island, above, centre – in outline.

Please consider Japan Finally Concedes Its Crazy Low Prices Can't Be Beat.

Oh how I wish - Trump Executive Order

The Daily Targum 2016-03-25

Although researchers believe the measured concentrations of neonicotinoids in the tested honey samples are not enough to harm humans, they warn that 'a ...