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We need to acknowledge and celebrate the divinemasculine as much as

We need to acknowledge and celebrate the divinemasculine as much as




Embody the Divine Masculine


The Hero's Journey- Authentic Freedom for Men: Learn the seven core fears that prevent you from being your most powerful and fulfilled self, ...


🏔Divine Masculine: Will He Emerge or Give Up?🦋April 7-13🔥Twin Flames

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Yes the Divine Feminine Needs to Re-emerge, But Let's Also Talk About the

Easter Gateway Divine masculine collective Ascension and Ressurection | cosmicgypsy33

Love, Light and Truth


Below is a vow that I have recently made, first to myself as a woman to become self actualized, and then to support men in doing the same.

Divine Masculine No Longer Hiding Divine Feminine Building Confidence -TWIN-FLAME/SOULMATE ENEGRY


Kati Kelo MEN – Are you willing to be the heroes of our times?

Sara Diaz

Twin Flames: Divine Masculine (Feminine) Change in direction

MANifest: Celebrate the Divine Masculine

Beltane Vision Book | Trish Mckinnley

I went next level on this post for you guys today. I hope you enjoy

😫Divine Masculine is Worried He Messed Up🌈March 31-April 6, 2019🔥Twin Flames

I am a true believer of duality. Feminine and masculine energy are equally needed to keep balance in the world. In our culture we celebrate the extremities ...


Messages From The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine's 3D self!

There is so much that started to really hit me, in understandings, yesterday that I could barely move from the sheer excitement within me.

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Twin Soul Ascension Report ~ Easter Gateway Divine Masculine Collective Ascension and Resurrection

An episode of POWHER

Divine Masculine and Feminine as One ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness | The New Divine Humanity

TWIN FLAME UNION PORTAL – 12.21.16 – DIVINE FEMININE AND DIVINE MASCULINE | Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

“Don't let the Sun go down on me” ~ Honoring the Divine Masculine

I know that not all of you celebrate Valentine's Day, or recognize it as more than a massive earner for the greeting card companies.

Happy Mother's Day and the Celebration of the Divine Feminine

✨Divine Masculine✨ ◾️General messages: We have Movement and The revolutionary. Masculines are being guided to being their true self and for some that ...

Twin Flames – Embodying the Energetic Dance

Happy Mothers Day ~ Divine Feminine in Union With The Divine Masculine | The New Divine Humanity

🔥Twin Flame Reading 🔥 Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Ascend to a Higher Purpose

You lost yourself. Got caught up in the daily grind. Fragmented and confused

🤴🏼Divine Masculine is MIND BLOWING💥58mins☆May 19-25🔥Twin Flames

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So I see this Sabbat as a time for me to celebrate the divine masculine as Lugh and give thanks to my father (both the spiritual one and birth one).

Christie ...

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Litha: Connecting with the Divine Masculine

Celebrate Beltane 1 | Trish Mckinnley

How I connect with the Divine Masculine through The Horned God

To experience pure divine love, divine light, and divine will is something to be celebrated. Acknowledge your own progress with little victories, ...

In honor of the new year we will celebrate the birth of the divine feminine into union with the divine masculine.

I am sharing this ritual that we did in ceremony at the 1000 Goddesses Gathering on the Washington Mall, on Oct 20th, 2018 --- in the hopes that other ...

🔅The divine masculine must and is rising. Not just in the world, but in each of us. . . . . . . #divinemasculine #divinefeminine #sacredwoman ...

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TWINFLAME ♾ ✨-ENERGY READING -✨ Listen to the voice within. Follow


Twin Flame Energy report.....When God chooses to bring twin flames together it will happen

❤ 🔥Sacred Union Reading 8th March 2019: Divine Masculine Energy. This week

... Buddha Wisdom Masculine · Buddha Wisdom Masculine

Celebrate Beltane 3 | Trish Mckinnley

Divine Masculine's Energies

#GaiaTeach - Mother Gaia's Call for the Divine Masculine

That is why at Sacred Stories Publishing we are excited to celebrate the voice ...

Levitical Elder

It is a principle of physics that anytime two separate energies merge, they create a third and more powerful field of energy. The Androgyne's power is in ...

Can You Have a Healthy Ego? - Demystifying a Common Spiritual Misconception

... Buddha Wisdom Masculine ...

Masculine-Feminine Balance

Twin Flames | Beast Transforms into the Prince | Current Divine Masculine Energies

The Divine Blueprint is MotherGod, the divine feminine as the creator and the divine masculine serve in a supporting role. We are moving into this new ...

Throughout my day yesterday, I was given signs of the masculine stepping in to its role of protector and supporter of ...

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Divine Masculine | Divine Feminine Weekly Oracle Card Reading - July 24 2018


You can watch the video HERE.

A wise man once said that those who cannot learn from history...are

A ...

Beltane Vision Book | Trish Mckinnley

As a child I was taught that Easter was a Pagan holiday and therefore an evil holiday.

twin flame oracle card reading - divine feminine energy towards divine masculine

Celebrating the Pause

I ask all of my amazing followers to help me celebrate the birthday of this infinitely

Man Woman Tantric Embrace

Stories about #divinemasculine

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Celebrate Beltane 4 | Trish Mckinnley

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Soul Family, Twin Souls, Soul Healing, Twins, Truths, Gemini, Soul

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Balancing the Divine Masculine and Feminine (Northridge)

Slides from the talk

At ...

Aries Full Moon Shedding Shadows Divine Masculine Take-Apart

Lions Gateway 888 ~ Divine Masculine Roars Victory

“On a planet not so far away, We were born together, In the beginning there was just you and me.”

Breathing LOVE

gwyn ap nudd, celtic god, Lord of the Underworld, Welsh god, shadow

Dayu Anandani D'Sa's answer to Twin Flames: In these times of rapid accelerated ascension 4 Divine Masculine (much faster than the DF's Ascension process), ...