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Was so hungry for lunch I accidentally ate the end of my plastic

Was so hungry for lunch I accidentally ate the end of my plastic


Was so hungry for lunch I accidentally ate the end of my plastic fork

MM – Megan and Tim have been eating salad for lunch every day for 10 years.

Jamie's Italian is one of many restaurants offering a special Thanksgiving menu this year in Hong

8 Lunch-Packing Tips That Will Transform Your Eating Habits

If you're reading this on the day of publication then we're likely either chugging along the Connecticut shoreline en route to my parents' house—or else ...

... what to eat for energy on long workdays - image of a computer and a salad

It's a call that veterinarians receive all too often. “My dog ate plastic …can dogs digest plastic?” Along with. “

At lunch, I accidentally ate my leftover soup with a plastic spoon (though it was compostable...so does this count?)

Baby reaches for food on a plate.

kelsey miller intuitive eating

5 easy steps to start lunch prepping

May is National Egg Month which means that I have been celebrating by putting an egg on almost everything. Just kidding, I do that every month.

The Bristol Post reporter committed to a week's worth of Spoons' meals (Image: Dan Regan BristolLive WS)

Kowloon Shangri-La Easter buffet at Cafe Kool

Impressing your flatmates has never been easier.

Garbage Toxicosis (Garbage Gut) in Dogs

I am a creature of habit when it comes to food, but I was kinda

What 9 Food Geniuses Pack for Their Kids' School Lunches

My week on powdered food made me feel less spaceman, more idiot

my dog ate plastic - what happens now?

My Dog Swallowed Plastic, What Should I Do? - Dog health guide

Accidentally swallowed

Bottle of fresh orange juice.

Eating all of your meals between 8am and 2pm may help you lose weight by keep

A plastic bottle floating in sea water

For Animals, Plastic Is Turning the Ocean Into a Minefield

Five Easy Work Lunches

Sea Turtle eating plastic bag

People Tell Us the Worst Things They Ate When They Were Students. "

I had chole bhature as my breakfast for 5 days and here's what happened!

7 ingenious ways to deal with food waste

What to Eat When You Have No Food - this is definitely a first-world problem, but there are some good ideas here!

I also accidentally left the plastic container of sauce in the glass bowl when I was heating the burger in the microwave. So that wasn't fun either.

19 Healthy Lunch Box Gadgets - for school AND work!!! We all need

25 Things Your Dog REALLY Can't Eat!

I'm Upset: “Eating healthy” is too much work

Plastic problems

How eating dog became big business in Vietnam

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Pandas, What Was The Worst Thing You Accidentally Did As A Kid?


Karma bento lunch box with case bands and cutlery set

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In the spirit of solidarity, and because we could all likely use some inspiration, I thought it might be nice to gather lunch ideas from the hive mind.

#2 Why Fed is Best- Underfeeding and Brain Physiology.pptx

Enjoy eating outdoors

Beretta always sits there so patiently hoping that some food will accidentally be spilled.

Baby hand and bowl of bibimbap


ixlb DimSum

My friends in Facebook mommy groups said this was pretty typical behavior, and that he was just cluster feeding, so I continued to let him eat as often as ...


I dispensed them onto the cap so that I wouldn't accidentally eat the whole tub, and I still ended up overdoing it a bit…which was frustrating because ...

On day one, I successfully prepped breakfast, dodged plastic traps at work, and faced the struggle that is plastic-free grocery shopping for dinner while ...

I waited for a bit after eating seconds and thirds of carrots, but my body was still hungry and wanted something different so I had some macadamia nuts.

After the midmorning snack, I am back out for quality time with the saws and ladders for a few more hours, which feels great on a relatively light load of ...

If you're hungry, eat. If you're not hungry–it's okay to wait to eat breakfast–but, have a plan.

Engineered PETase was shown to begin breaking down polyesters within a few days

my dog ate plastic, should I be worried

What happens when you eat at Wetherspoons every day for a week - Mirror Online

dog at vet office

How Registered Dietitians Eat Healthy While Traveling

(Image credit: Courtesy of Hanae)

shan tofu soup tophu nway

After three weeks, it was time to head home. The morning we left I threw together all the food / ingredients that I had left in the fridge and I ate a ...

Seaturtle with a half-eaten plastic bag in its mouth. (Credit: Yamamoto

On day two, I had a morning bodega emergency, made a plastic-free faux pas, and visited an IRL plastic-free shopping utopia.

When recently chatting with a friend soon planning to move to Japan, I mentioned she should try to serve more rice at home now. It's a staple of so many ...

A DIY dinner made of cheese tortellini, homemade pesto sauce, and salami. Yum

Fruitarianism: What happens when you eat nothing but raw fruit – and why do people do it?

Instant Pot chicken dinner

... used for making my meal are fresh. By doing that, you can easily tell whether the meat, poultry, seafood and egg dishes are undercooked or overcooked.

Animals Eat Ocean Plastic Because it Smells Like Food, Thanks to DMS-Producing Algae

Instant Pot Sous Vide Egg Bites on plate

One night after dinner, we all went to a dessert cafe that had vegan and non-vegan desserts. There were seven of us, so we ordered seven different things.

CGM Experiment: What I Learned as a Non Diabetic From Wearing a Continuous Glucose Monitor

I have published a crazy extensive article on the Keto Diet in case you're not familiar with it, so here it is in a nutshell:

Our Complete Guide To Frugal, Healthy Eating

Image titled Eat a Bowl of Cereal Step 1

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From empty baggies to half eaten muffins, everything that went to school in the lunchbox comes home again. (And we haven't lost a single teaspoon to the ...

Why would Patrick cheapen this breakfast spot by eating from a plastic bag?

Hunger. Some dogs eat plastic ...

stock photo of salad next to computer with the text "What to Eat on Long