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WTF Memorable Maybe But This Ad Campaign Seems IllAdvised

WTF Memorable Maybe But This Ad Campaign Seems IllAdvised


WTF? Memorable Maybe, But This Ad Campaign Seems Ill-Advised!

Who Won The Rhyme? 2Chainz, Lil Wayne & E-40 Connect For '2 Dollar Bill' (Video)

This is so immoral it is hard to see how it was allowed. When explicit sex was banned, it seems that everything was implicit sex. Morals had nothing to.

First-Ever Picture Of A Black Hole Released

Why is @CadburyUK's new #FreddoTreasures ad campaign promoting the looting of British and Irish archaeological sites? https://treasures.cadbury.co.uk ...

Dan Hicks on Twitter: "Why is @CadburyUK's new #FreddoTreasures ad campaign promoting the looting of British and Irish archaeological sites? ...

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9:47 AM - 16 Mar 2019 from Oxford, England

"If I could play video games, you bet it would be #ATARI!" - #steviewonder. "

Suzy Parker, Veto Deodorant ad, 1957

I once saw Lesko waiting for the international arrivals at Dulles. Yes, he was

... 📢Public Service Announcement ... Don't do it for the 'Gram ...

Bel Paese 1932 Pub Vintage, Vintage Italian Posters, Vintage Advertising Posters, Vintage Travel


Pulp Librarian (@PulpLibrarian)

... 😩😷😩Just saying...We 'ain't' ask to ...

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Hey,; 😩Welp. We're just the messengers.💁 The Internet wins yet again ...

Pope Francis

But she looks like such a sweet girl. Buy Bags, Women Life, Vintage

But also for the second year in a row, one paper – or to be more specific, one man – took a rather more negative slant.

Jeanne Grignani (b. work in Italy), “Vesti Bene, Vesti Lana” (Dress Well, Dress in Wool) campaign – highlighting the warmth and high quality of Italian ...

English defends campaign ads, looks to seniors & families; Ardern defends tax U-turn; Greens want landlords registered & maintenance bonds; Seymour touts ...

The Lemon Press XL - Issue 40


Content marketing is a high-quality approach that can ...

But also for the second year in a row, one paper – or to be more specific, one man – took a rather more negative slant.

😂LOL...Be HAPPY if you can't relate.

Along with the addition of favicons, Google has also redesigned how ads will be displayed within SERPs and have received criticism in regards to ads and ...

Best: That Brief But Moving Carrie Fisher/Debbie Reynolds Tribute

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Which Netflix original movies are worth streaming? Illustration: Gluekit


Dan Hicks

... 😩😅LOL.#HappyFriday🌻 .


6 Ill-Advised Marketing Campaigns That Backfired Hilariously | Cracked.com

The customer is always right?

Onam ad

Pinterest revamps Ads Manager for the first time since 2016

Keep Your Website Updated

2018 Year in Review: Part 2

Dev ResponseSome ...

Dan HicksVerified account @profdanhicks

hello 19070s pornstache! ... and that copy ad line is just terrible. #innuendo


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The “I'm so busy email”

Smear campaign: "His judgment cometh and that right soon" | Watts Up With That?

... that the channel's goal is to promote MoonPie and its products. I don't think we could put it much better than MoonPie do themselves:


De Friday Papers

gop debate


Dj Cannon

Gavin MacGregor @gmacg_1

💯💯💯She asked for someone to tell her something she didn't know ...

fabric starts campaign to save club from closure

Robert Mueller Report

Real estate investing: The myths, facts, and ways to get started

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The best thing about Blade Runner 2049 is what it isn't

Rather remarkably, Mackay – who had carefully laid the groundwork for the piece with a column in the Herald earlier that week, and who has a long track ...

Dogecoin, invented as a spoof four years ago,ref 188 hit a market cap of $2 billion in January, eventually pulling back 90%.ref 189 It seems indisputable ...

🌻Happy Sunday Morning:)🌞💛 #realtalk💯 .

It's spring, and Bear Mountain Resort is running Google ads everywhere on the interwebs! We don't have any real ads here on WTF Langford? - but maybe it's ...

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The Weeknd's "BBTM" is Now the 2nd Best Selling Album of the Year

Don't be too swift to bury José Mourinho – the monster may be stirring

Tweets responding to graphic gifs

"I may declare a national emergency dependent on what's gonna happen…" | MetaFilter

Why Streetwear Brands Need to Make Political Statements


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At the beginning of the new year, Jonathan and ...

It seems the Small Faces are where Kenney had his best times, and that they're the band he holds closest to his heart, though his frustration with the ...

Simon Peyton discusses one of the myths of getting CS into the primary and secondary classroom

The Portland Mercury, December 26, 2012 (Vol. 13, No. 32)

As we write this we're still waiting for the results of Thursday's vote, but the last polls conducted beforehand showed a dramatically different picture.

Meet Amelia.

Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd

First of all, it's worth noting that Watson seems to have been working primarily from a version of the entry from February 2016 (the first ...

Dude's a giant, and he wields Narsil, which glows with both moonlight and sunlight, having been forged by the same Dwarf who made Angrist, ...

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See our visual guide to B.C.'s future energy needs ...

Strange Loop 1: Day One

Median retirement account and median boomer accounts.

Apple is jumping on board the messenger feature train ...

The presentation looks at how will money be made in the future of telecoms. I discuss such critical topics to telecoms as 'Peak SMS' how long can text ...