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Virgil Finlay The Screaming People left side by Robert Bloch

Virgil Finlay The Screaming People left side by Robert Bloch


Virgil Finlay, The Screaming People (left side) by Robert Bloch, Fantastic 59

Virgil Finlay, The Screaming People (right side) by Robert Bloch, Fantastic 59

Virgil Finlay, The Native Problem by Robert Sheckley, Galaxy 56-12, P.27.

Hannes Bok, Wine of the Sabbat by Robert Bloch, Weird Tales 40-11, P.31.

Virgil Finlay, Terror in Cut-Throat Cove (right side) by Robert Bloch

Virgil Finlay - 1

Virgil Finlay - 15

Virgil Finlay, Terror in Cut-Throat Cove (left side) by Robert Bloch

When one considers the editors of the pulps, invariably thoughts turn to the writers they discovered or nurtured. It is the authors and their stories that ...

... selling moon makers and solidovisions, nesting dolls, ...

Virgil Finlay - 30

The Fear Planet by Robert Bloch has a spaceship landing on a planet with inimical green vegetable aliens. One by one the crew are bitten and change into ...

Virgil Finlay, Invasion from the Deep (left side) by Paul W. Fairman

HORROR LEGEND - ROBERT BLOCH. A Compilation of Textual and Graphical Information About

The Eager Dragon by Robert Bloch starts with the narrator in a bar getting drunk:

Virgil Finlay, House of Many Worlds (right side) by Sam Merwin, Jr.

Goodreads. The Dead Beat by Robert Bloch ...

However, from this point onwards it becomes quite ridiculous, with Earl (spoiler) facilitating the possession of a young woman by the ...

Robert ...

PSYCHO, NOVEL ADAPTATION of Alfred Hitchock horror film, original 1960 Crest paperback, Robert Bloch

Virgil Finlay - 66, The Colour Out of Space

The Persecutors by Cleve Cartmill opens with Dr Earl putting a candidate through a telepathy test for his psychometric class in a future college.

Virgil Finlay - 6

Goodreads. Psycho II by Robert Bloch

Virgil Finlay - 2

Weird Tales Vol. 32, No. 1 (July 1938), ed. by Farnsworth Wright. Chicago: Popular Fiction Publishing Co., pp. 132.

Vintage Hardback 1997 Robert Bloch's Psychos, collected by Robert Block, Stephen King, Autopsy Room

Virgil Finlay - 5

Virgil Finlay - 40

Virgil Finlay, The New Adam (left side), Part 2/2,

Doc Savage Baumhofer Revised

Virgil Finlay - 33

Posted by Jesse ...

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Virgil Finlay - 97

New Treasures: The Hollow Tree by James Brogden

Virgil Finlay - 62

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Like Gore Vidal with his breakthrough novel, The City and the Pillar, and Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited, these examples of authors amending an earlier ...

This one of Fantasy Classics:

Tuesday, April 23, marks the 140th anniversary of the birth of Talbot Mundy. Born William Lancaster Gribbon in Hammersmith, London, Mundy truly led a life ...

Time and perceptions of space; Jake Jackson's These Fantastic Worlds

The column ends with various snippets of film news (including comments on I Married a Witch and Cat People, another two films I've recently viewed).

Weird Tales 42-03

Adventure House

Weird Tales Vol. 30, No. 1 (July 1937), ed. by Farnsworth Wright. Chicago: Popular Fiction Publishing Co., pp. 132.

The Shape of Thrills to Come is a better attempt than usual of a “Coming Soon” feature (usually a couple of hurriedly written paragraphs):

It will begin at 10 PM with the always entertaining John P. Gunnison of Adventure House serving as auctioneer.

While we have secured permission from the rights-handlers for Gahan Wilson's artwork for the cover image, we have been unable to locate the original “ ...

... through the hoop again to revert to her original age), much to the displeasure of the third crew member, who has changed back to a young man.

Hugh Rankin. Robert Bloch ...

Details about Complete High Grade Sets of Arkham House Fantasy & Gnome Press Shasta FPCI etc


Action Stories 40-06 Action Stories 40-12 ...

Virgil Finlay.

The eye-catching Cover is by A. R. Tilburne, who also contributes a couple of interior illustrations (the first is merely okay but the one for the Quinn ...


The Opener of the Way: Bloch, Robert

Cover by Gray Morrow

by Robert Adrasta

Weird Tales 35-08


“How does it feel?

Blood in the Gears by Joe R Lansdale

by Virgil Finlay

The 25th anniversary number of WEIRD TALES — dated March 1948 and featuring cover art by Lee Brown Coye — not only included Ray Bradbury's “The Dollar Game ...

I'm a big fan of the works of Virgil Finlay, one of the

The eye-catching Cover for Circle of Youth by Virgil Finlay has an alien that is very orange! Not his best work. As for the Interior artwork, ...

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Virgil Finlay - 10

Uncanny Magazine Issue 28 Table of Contents

... Exciting Baseball Spring 1949

... Charles Ardai, Indiana Jones, ...

American Gothic: Robert Bloch

Superstitions and Taboos by Irwin J. Weill comprises of two pages of illustrations and a few paragraphs of folklore (or superstitious nonsense, depending on ...

Men of broader intellect know that there is no sharp distinction betwixt the real and the unreal.

Commentary on Virgil Finlay by two of the field?s foremost pulp art collectors: Robert Weinberg and Doug Ellis. Over 40 pages of color artwork and over ...

Limit the victims to prisoners…well, who do you think owns the people who write the laws?

The head of John the Baptist, by Virgil Finlay


Sample Chapter Spread

Pulp Magazine]: Tales of Magic and Mystery: LOVECRAFT, H.P. and

Bloch's mastery of the short form is still well in evidence ...

Virgil Finlay - 36

There are also some advertisements that are distinctly of the time:

The original run of WEIRD TALES ended with the digest-sized September 1954 issue. It featured cover art by Virgil Finlay. Featured inside were writers ...

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This issue includes Robert E. Howard and H.P. Lovecraft (both writing a Cthulhu Mythos tale) and Robert Bloch and Otis Adelbert Kline and E. Hoffmann Price ...

The group decide to look for something they can use to make a makeshift bridge, which leads them right back to the cavern with the knights/warriors/extras ...

Weird Tales 73-F

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Mira Grant's In the Shadow of Spindrift House heads to the printer

Gnome Press Presents. the Science-Fiction World: Vol.: Bloch, Robert

Luke Spooner

Published at The Sign of the Purple Mouth by Ned Brooks

... away from home to eventually emerge as a con artists of sorts, able to trade on his good looks and easy charm with the ladies as a means of survival.


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