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Unlikely Aid WAR OF THE SPARK Visual Spoiler Armors in 2019

Unlikely Aid WAR OF THE SPARK Visual Spoiler Armors in 2019


Unlikely Aid | WAR OF THE SPARK Visual Spoiler. Visit. April 2019

Aid the Fallen (WAR)

Gideon's Company (WAR)

... Hipsters of the Coast

Ajani, the Greathearted (WAR)

Ajani's Pridemate (WAR)

War of the Spark Spoilers — April 2, 2019 | Fblthp and Mowu

Ahn-Crop Invader (WAR)

Ravnica Allegiance Spoilers

Best War of the Spark Cards for your Commander Decks, by Paul Palmer

Dovin, Jaya, and Saheeli make their return with their own uncommon cards. Dovin, Hand of Control will be a great way to tax your opponent and help fend off ...

Huatli, the Sun's Heart ...

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The War of the Spark: Mythic Edition was announced, and will contain eight more planeswalkers getting the full art treatment.

Since the War of the Spark prerelease coincides with a Grand Prix and a Mythic Championship, I decided to put out my Pick 1 Pack 1 list even earlier!

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Card Image Gallery

Mon April 22 2019 • 36 new cards

April 8th, 2019

MTG Instant Spoiler

Ugin, the Ineffable


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Samut, Tyrant Smasher (WAR)

He listens to the sounds of battle filtering down from above, waiting for silence, waiting for his time to claim the streets. 2/2 165/264. Spoiler/Reddit ...

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Ashiok, Dream Render ...

540 cards.

Bolas raised the Amonkhet gods? Zombified versions coming to War of the Spark?

Karn the Great Creator joins the expedition to Amonkhet ...

This spoiler season has really cranked up reactionary buying up to 11, maybe more so than any Standard set has before.

War of the Spark Image - Gideon with Blackblade from Dominaria

Vraska, Swarm's Eminence | Art by: Anna Steinbauer

Plains (WAR)



Today's revelation would to settle the debate and confirm that the characters seen in the War of the Spark trailer will be appearing in the set as true ...

Delver, Modern Horizons, Horizons spoilers ...

Tier 2: Includes the Best Uncommons

We get our official spoiling of Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God, and this will probably be the most significant mythic of ...


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Island (WAR)

4 Rhythm of the Wild image

WAR first look at PAX East ...

1 Living Twister image

Nissa, Who Shakes the World | Art by: Chris Rallis

Niv-Mizzet Reborn $ -


The first thing to catch my eye about Tolsimir, Friend to Wolves is the very specifically named token it generates; it's not a simple 2/2 green Wolf ...

... Gideon's plan to take down Bolas is depicted in Bath to Exile

540 cards.

This new trampling iteration of everyone's favourite legend with too many creature types is another great addition to your favourite Rakdos deck.

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Courage in Crisis – Put the +1/+1 counter wherever you'd like, then proliferate to increase value for the whole team.

Fblthp, the Lost from War of the Spark

That's pretty good for limited - iFunny :)

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Ral Zarek

Samut's Sprint

Vraska, Swarm's Eminence ...

2019.04.18 (24 Cards)

We get our official spoiling of Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God, and this will probably be the most significant mythic of ...

Speculation about War of the Spark having more planeswalkers than normal has been simmering for a while but came to a head two weeks ago when Wizards ...

The white one is one of the stronger cards in the cycle. Anything past 4-mana is above average for an effect. Unfortunately, big-mana white cards aren't ...


Artifact Creature - Golem - Common 2: Add one mana of any color. It didn't budge when the portal opened, nor when the ancient gods emerged.

War of the Spark, planeswalkers, Sorn, MTG War of the Spark, War


... Arlinn, Voice of the Pack

I don't know about you, but personally I am thrilled to see vehicles make a return in WAR. Not as overpowered as when we first saw them in Kaladesh, ...

540 cards.

Top ...

Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner (WAR)


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Avengers: Endgame Plot. '

First off, we have a new planeswalker in Kasmina, Enigmatic Mentor. Kasmina is a new planeswalker for the set, and has an awesome static ability similar to ...