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US 7th Armored Division anti tank gun crew covers the approach on

US 7th Armored Division anti tank gun crew covers the approach on


U.S. 7th Armored Division anti tank gun crew covers the approach on a road to a

The tank on the right is an M4 105mm assault gun, a relatively new type that appeared in Normandy in July. Tanks of the 7th Armored Division ...

An M4A3 (76mm) supports infantry from the 68th Armored Infantry Battalion, 14th Armored Division, during operations near Oberotterbach on 18 December.

A Sherman Firefly of 7th Armored Division in a hull-down position near Gangelt on the Dutch-German border, 1st of January 1945

An American M4A3 Sherman tank crew of the 7th Armored Division Germany 1945. Ww2 History

M31 (T2) Tank Recovery Vehicle from the 7th Armored Division. Chartres France 1944.

Vanguard 11 us 2nd armoured division 1940 45

An M4 tank of the 5th Armored Division passes by an abandoned 75mm PaK 40 antitank gun during the fighting in Dreux on 16 August, part of the Third Army's ...

U.S. Infantrymen of the 55th Armored Infantry Battalion and a tank of the 22nd Tank Battalion move through the smoke filled street of a small village in ...

Btry C, 702 TD Bn., 2nd Armored Division,

M4A3(76) “Sherman” tank of the 31st Tank Battalion, US 7th Armored Division in Germany, c. February 1945.

German soldiers move past an abandoned U.S. armored vehicle during the early hours of the Battle

An M4A1 of the 756th Tank Battalion knocked out during the fighting in Vagney, France, on 8 October. This is a tank from the early-production batch of about ...

A British 17-pounder anti-tank gun and half-track of the 87th (Devonshire Regiment) Anti-Tank Regiment approaches the River Foglia, Italy, 1 September 1944.

A portion of the tank-destroyer battalions were equipped with towed 3-inch guns like this weapon covering a road junction in the 7th Armored Division's ...

The effect of a Panzerfaust antitank rocket could be catastrophic if it detonated the internal ammunition of an M4. This M4A2 of the French 5e DB, ...

Vanguard 01 british 7th armoured division 1940 45

Full-sized image #1 of the M551 Sheridan Armored Reconnaissance Airborne Assault Vehicle

The Luftwaffe bombed Verdun on September 1 1944 in an endeavor to destroy the bridge over the Meuse River at that point and thus delay the ...

U.S. 607th Tank Destroyer Battalion loading their 3 inch M5 anti-tank gun (pictured top) on a road approaching Metz, France. November 1944.

Armored Warrior: This is How the Israeli Army Will Use Its Deadly Tanks to Fight

The Churchill Tank: One of the Best of World War II

A British tank churns up a cloud of dust on the advance near Tilly-sur

M4 Sherman

Black Panthers of the 761st Tank Battalion in Coburg, Germany. By the end of

The M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer

The crew of a Cromwell Mark VI tank, British 7th Armored Division, Normandy, 17 June 1944

Members of the 630th Tank Destroyer Battalion, Company "B"

A Sherman tank of the 9th Armored Division heads into action against the advancing Germans during

Tanks in the Israeli Army

A Challenger ...

Bovington Tank Museum Part 12

Tankmen of the U.S. First Army gather around a fire on the

Ferocity and Futility

Seven Years of War — Documenting Syrian Rebel Use of Anti-Tank Guided Missiles

Stripes - US Forces in World War III

Return of fires: How the Army is getting back to its big guns as it prepares for the near-peer fight

The fight for Hill 112 during Operations Epsom and Jupiter pitted British troops against eight German panzer divisions.

... antitank gun. The commander of Kampfgruppe Peiper was infuriated by the failure of the 3rd Fallschirmjager (Paratroop) Division to seize Honsfeld on 17 ...

Prisoner of War Camp 'Dulag-Luft' for Allied Airmen near Wetzlar, Germany. This Camp was by-passed by the 7th Armored Division, US 1A, forcing the Germans ...

(All images: National Archives)

This is Lieutenant Ode Odens, a forward observer of the 440th Armored Field Artillery Battalion on his tank during 7th Armored Division ...

Valentine Mk III Tank, October 1942, Australian War Memorial

Vanguard 15 the sherman tank in british service 1942 1945

British Anti-tank guns in the Desert

"Catalina Kid," a M4 medium tank of Company C, 745th Tank Battalion. "

Today, M18s can be found around the world in museums and private collections. The M18 shown here was photographed at the Museum of the American GI's 2007 ...

Soldiers are with Charlie Co, 23rd Armored Infantry Battalion, of the 7th Armored Division.

A Message from General Oliver. This is the story of the Fifth Armored Division ...

Death Traps: The Survival of an American Armored Division in World War II by Belton Y. Cooper

circa 1942: Men of the 7th British Armoured Division, known as the Desert Rats

This 75mm PaK 40 antitank gun had been positioned to cover the N33 roadway. Behind it is an abandoned Panther from the 1st SS Panzer Division.

M4A1 (76) Sherman ''DUKE'' USA # 3070582 of the 66th

The U.S. 9th Armored Division in the Liberation of Western Czechoslovakia 1945

The 7th Armored Division arrived in Normandy in mid August, 1944 and immediately entered combat as part of the U.S. Third Army. The photo above was taken at ...


... ordered to hold at this point, keep the Germans from recrossing the river, and protect the flanks of the 90th Infantry Division and the 2d Infantry, ...

The battle at Dom Butgenbach hinged on the courage of the infantry's 57mm antitank-gun crews to stymie the German panzer attacks.

American Soldiers Man a Dug-In Mortar Emplacement near St Vith, Belgium. (NARA)(EUCMH)(VHD)(008)

An M109 Paladin gun crew with B Battery, 4th Battalion, 1st Field Artillery Regiment

Bradley, Eisenhower, and Patton in Bastogne, 1945

Tanks of the 9th Armored Division roll through an abandoned French village.

Vanguard 13 the churchill tank

Merkava IV Tanks of the 7th Armored Brigade

A; 51. further ...

Infantrymen (above) carry assault boat down to the Moselle, and (below) members of 2d Battalion, 11th Infantry, cross the river at Dornot.

Together they formed a plan for the division, supported by armoured cars of the Inns of Court Regiment, to advance upon the retreating German army with all ...

Erskine was aware of this sentiment but the problem of maintaining discipline became difficult when a large number of experienced officers and NCOs were ...

In the Spring of 1944, it was reported that "76mm tanks can be seen (also 105mm Tanks) at Depot G-25...11 mi. NE of Cheltenham [UK].

Brad Pitt plays the commander of a five-man crew in a U.S. Sherman tank

A9 CS Tank

Photo, SC198612. Dudelange, Luxembourg. Painted white to blend with snow- covered

A camouflaged M4 105mm assault gun of the 8th Tank Battalion, 4th Armored Division, passes through Avranches on its way into Brittany in early August.

Photograph: River Crossing at Dornot. Infantrymen (above) carry assault boat down to

Audacious panzer ace Michael Wittmann and a force of heavy Tiger tanks destroyed a British armored column at this once peaceful Norman village.

During a pre-war training exercise this 2nd Armored Division M3 Lee collapsed the bridge


Original caption: This photo from a captured Nazi shows German troops rushing across a Belgian road blocked with vehicles and armor during the enemy attack ...

Troops of the 60th Infantry Regiment advance into a Belgian town under the protection of a

Light Mk.VIb, A Sqdn, 1st Battalion Royal Tank Regiment, 7th Armoured

Engagements - 1941. During 1941 the 7th Armoured Division was involved in ...

ANTITANK GUNNERS GUARDING A CROSSING near Vielsalm in the 7th Armored Division area.

Bovington Tank Museum Part 12

A U.S. First Army soldier manning an M1 81mm mortar listens for fire direction on a

The Most Heroic and Horrific World War II Battle You've Never Heard Of

American infantrymen of Charlie Co, 23rd Armored Infantry Battalion, 7th Armored Division, march up a road southeast of Born, Belgium.

Stripes - US Forces in World War III

Map 4: The fight for pouenoy and Sillegny; 18-20 September 1944.