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UP Always Seconds Universe Grateful ThankYou AlwaysUP Karma

UP Always Seconds Universe Grateful ThankYou AlwaysUP Karma


UP Always! #Seconds #Universe #Grateful #ThankYou #AlwaysUP #Karma #

UP Always! #Seconds #Universe #Grateful #ThankYou #AlwaysUP #Karma #

#grateful #selfcare #health #reflect #release #relax #

.From one activist to another: THANK YOU!

Research, Research, Research. 📚Know Your Story. Learn About Yourself. Walk

(Adoninas) First of all I'd like to thank all of you for the great response these couple of interviews we've had, and to thank META to agree on doing more ...


Yes, thank you for the clarification. I guess this scheme demonstrates the relation sufficiently.

Excerpt from Mr Unavailable & the Fallback Girl 2nd edition: He Keeps a Foothold in Your Life


(Adaptor's comment: Readers using text database MICROSOFT WORD should before printing shift the cursor in such a way, that separate schemata will be always ...

We're honoring the famed theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author with some of our favorite famous Stephen Hawking quotes. These inspirational quotes ...

Your Orientation on Earth and in Space is Completely Relative. Atacama Desert, Chile [3880x3524][OC] : EarthPorn

How to write a copy deck in five easy steps


Some people just love trying to come up smelling of roses even when they leave you for someone else

I think the Universe needs MY Family Members more than

I feel like these to go well together

It's time for another crusade ...

A “Thought Leader” is someone who is more than simply an expert. It is someone who is an “expert among experts” within a particular industry.

Self-publishing: the true cost

Don't unpack there. Keep it movin. Tell troubles and disappointment you don't live there. Keep it movin

The Schizoid-Aspie Who Discovered The Secrets Of The Multiverse With The Internet

First detection of molecular oxygen at a comet – Rosetta – ESA's comet chaser

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"Dad, why you always write in block letters? I can read and write also in italics." "Dear son, you are smarter than my PC."

Grow New Wings in May 2019

F is for User-Friendly copy

A Primer On Ideology

Tarot by Mary-Louisa

electric funeral fest iv poster

How To Cope With Being The Other Woman


How would you describe your experience? You might want to quickly journal your answer so that you can express it later through writing, art, music, ...

Mary Byrne did not reply so I went ahead anyway and interpreted the original request to mean that a right of reply post on my blog was acceptable.

Stop Algorithmic Bias: Turn Two Frameworks into Fair and Just Federal Privacy Law

Nordic Union – Second Coming

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if this is not the right place to post this here, just delete it - sorry.

Celebration Of Life. #Strength #Vibrations #Vibes #Realistic #Awareness #Awake

Pretty quick service. Remember this was a Sunday.


#clairaudience Instagram posts (photos and videos) | Instaguz

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"Have hunger that's insatiable, always expanding."

Google's Chrome Browser to Mark All Non-HTTPS Websites as 'Not Secure' in

Daily Motivational Quotes – thanks for noticing.that i have persistence too.

The strong correlation of molecular oxygen abundance with water vapour indicates a shared origin and release

I love my job!! ♥ *********


Hashem is constantly surrounding us with open miracles! #foot #swollen #bruised #pain #scared #keeponthankinghashem #ThankYouHashem #tyh #Powerofthanking ...


App Store - Daily Top Ranking USA -

So I'm right back where I started.


Karma Go Adds Premium Features

... in enough money ...

One of the pitfalls of having so many options to store your data in the cloud is that you end up with files and documents spread across a dozen different ...

Root Chakra - Navigate Your Karma

Karma Quotes Truths, Loyalty Quotes, Wisdom Quotes, Ptsd Quotes,

People like numbers in the headline

People will try to make you believe that their opinion gives your life a destination.

Are you drowning in copy?

Karma VW and

One Last Thing

There are two more suspicious elements: the fact that the UK authorities destroyed the emails regarding the Assange case, as they admitted in my litigation ...

Karma Drifts Away from Refuel

Life re-starts - beautiful Miracles happening! 💗 you are pure legacy! 👑🦋🦅 #heartcentered #wildwomen #empowerment #mothergaia #fractaluniverse ...

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AMAI ...

Adobe Elements vs. Creative Cloud for Photographers

A Beautiful, Cold Sunrise

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#wisdomtree when you #feel #low #remember that there are a lot of

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Is He Emotionally Unavailable? How To Spot Emotionally Unavailable Men

Anti-fluoride propagandists have been trumpetting a new “peer reviewed” scientific paper in their campaign against fluoride. Most of them don't seem to ...

write good headlines

Exploring pareyyyy