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Torii Kiyonaga HighRanking Samurai Girl with Four Attendants

Torii Kiyonaga HighRanking Samurai Girl with Four Attendants


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The Samurai (Shi) from the series Beauties Illustrating the Four Social Classes (Adesugata

PixCell-Deer#24 Kohei Nawa (Japanese, born 1975) ...

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Group of Women Under a Blossoming Cherry Tree. Artist: Torii Kiyonaga (Japanese,

Arashirikan no mashiba hisatugu; nakamura utaemon; ichikawa hakuen

Yashima Gakutei | Lady Komachi | Japan | The Met

In Sensō-ji Temple, 1782 by Torii Kiyonaga (1752–1812)

Kamioki, from the series 'A Brocade of Eastern Manners (Fuzoku Azuma no nishiki

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Two Daughters of a Bannerman with a Serving Woman and a Young Man, 1783 by Torii Kiyonaga (1752–1812)

Onoe Matsusuke I as an Oiran Stands at the Left, Talking to Nakamura Nakazo I as a Samurai,ca. 1788 Torii Kiyonaga Japanese

Torii Kiyomitsu | The Actor Sanogawa Ichimitsu in Role of Kumenosuke | Japan | Edo period (1615–1868) | The Met

Nagoya sanzaburō fuwa banzaemon katsuragi

Ikushima Shingoro as a Bushi (Samurai) and Ogino Yaegiri as a Woman with A

Treasured Admonitions to Young Women (Jijo hokun onna Imagawa) - c. 1784 -

Beauties on a Veranda among Cherry Blossoms from which a Samurai is Departing,ca. 1800 Utagawa Toyokuni I Japanese

A Young Nobleman, His Mother, and Three Servents, from the series 'A

... Torii Kiyonaga (Japanese,; 47. A Lady from a Samurai Household with Three Attendants ...

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A Samurai who Hides His Features with His Hat Poster Print by After Okumura Masanobu (

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... her kamuro Sasano (ささの) and Takeno (竹の) from the series Models for Fashion: New Year Designs as Fresh as Young Leaves – ca. 1782. Torii Kiyonaga ...

In Sensō-ji Temple, 1782 by Torii Kiyonaga (1752–1812)

Nagoya sanzaburō fuwa banzaemon katsuragi

Utagawa Toyokuni I | Bandō Minosuke (Mitsugorō III) in the Role of a Young Samurai | Japan | Edo period (1615–1868) | The Met

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To-no Sawa (Name of one of the hot springs at Hakone). Artist: Torii Kiyonaga (Japanese, 1752-1815); Period: Edo period (1615-1868); Date: ca

Enlarge. Torii Kiyonaga ...

A Courtesan Followed by Two Girl Attendants, Edo period (1615–1868)

MET DP124215.jpg

Going to a Picnic, from the series 'A Brocade of Eastern Manners (Fuzoku

Bottle with flowers of the four seasons ca. 1710 Vase with Figures in Landscape ca.

Print, ca. 1788. Torii Kiyonaga Japanese


‘Erotic Contest of Flowers’, ...

Nobleman and woman standing on a terrace and using pichkari to squirt coloured water at one another. Painting, Rajasthan School, mid-19th century.

Civil and Military Officers,December 1877 Toshimasa Japanese


A courtesan and her attendant, about 1770 by Suzuki Harunobu (1725–1770)

Samurai Guru Tokimune Poster Print (16 x 20)

Reading Margery Kempe's inner voices

Vegder's Blog

Kaoru Kawano (1916-1965) Girl with Yellow Bird, woodblock print, ca

Prosperous Flowers of the Elegant Twelve Months

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The Ninth Month, from the series ""Twelve Months in the South (Minami

was lighter and less permanent. The colour was closer to pepper red instead of rose


Chōjiya uchi chōzan, The courtesan Chōzan of Chōjiya., Torii, Kiyonaga, 1752

Torii Kiyonaga, Kameido Tenjin Shrine (Kameido Tenjin). [

... of lower-ranking samurai. To the north is Yushima, which is the site of Edo's largest schools, and its only "university" -- the Shoheizaka gakumonsho.

Two Women in Summer Costume Taking a Young Girl to a Shinto Temple for the Miya

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Kaigetsudō school - Courtesan walking with an attendant. Color on silk, Kaigetsudō Ando.

Narihira passes Mt. Fuji (Episode 9. Azuma kudari) - Picture Book of Amusements of the Eastern Capital (Ehon Azuma asobi) | PICRYL, Azuma

Shotoku Taishi

Page 1

The top kabuki theaters are all located in an area near the Nishi Honganji temple.

MET DP123714.jpg

Japanese print of three female musicians and a girl attendant. They wear traditional robes and

Toyohara Chikanobu: Beautiful Women - Robyn Buntin of Honolulu

The Courtesan Nishikigi of the Yotsumeya Brothel, from the series “A Pattern Book of the Year's First Designs, Fresh as Spring Herbs

1725; 4.

Left: Rembrandt, Woman lying awake in bed. Drawing, pen and brown ink

Tsutaya Jūzaburō - Toji san bijin (Three Beauties of the Present Day)From Bijin

Japan Samurai 1700 Nsamurai And His Attendant Strolling In Front Of A PotterS And SwordsmithS Workshop

image ise_jingu_main_entrance_torii_2010_autumn-143EF1AA2D11CCDD8E0-thumb for term side of card

A Party of Merrymakers in a Tea-house at Shinagawa. Artist: Torii Kiyonaga (Japanese, 1752-1815); Period: Edo period (1615-1868); Date: ca

Ichiryusai HIROSHIGE (1797-1858)

Torii Kiyonaga | Teahouse in Shinagawa | Japan | Edo period (1615–1868)

Yasooi of the Matsubaya from the series. Contemporary Courtesans Drawn from Life Utamaro – ca. 1801. Museum of Fine Arts

(PDF) UKIYO - E by David Bell | Teresa Terracciano - Academia.edu

おたふく. "

The First Nakamura Nakazo as a Samurai, Edo period (1615–1868)


The Brine Maidens of Suma, from the series 'A Brocade of Eastern Manners (

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51 and a cascading waterfall amid snow-laden mountains, etc.

Brooklyn Museum - A View of Blossoms on the Bank of the Sumida - Torii Kiyonaga

Kuniaki II: Tanosuke as a Courtesan with a Long Sword - Ronin Gallery

John Kay (1742–1826), Toussaint Louverture in A Complete Collection of the Portraits and caricatures Drawn and Engraved by John Kay Edinburgh From the year ...

... 50.

Canvas Print (20 x 16 inch) of Ancient Japanese Art

Japanese print of a woman dressed in traditional robes. She holds a brush in one

Renjakumachi れんじゃく町 (Renjaku District) Kanda Gosairei 神田御祭礼 (The Kanda Festival) Torii Kiyonaga (鳥居清長)

1784 - Torii Kiyonaga Japanese, 1752-

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