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Today in History The SpanishAmerican War Begins Caribbean The

Today in History The SpanishAmerican War Begins Caribbean The


Spanish-American War

Mexican-American War

Spanish-American War. Quick Facts. Roosevelt, Theodore; Rough Riders

American-Indian Wars

6 Things You May Not Know About the Spanish-American War

The last stand of the Spanish Garrison in Cuba by Murat Halstead, 1898

Battle of Manila Bay

Buffalo Soldiers and the Spanish-American War

Victor Gillam, “A Thing Well Begun Is Half Done,” 1899. (Cornell University Library)

Battle of San Juan Hill

Americans and British Face Off in War of 1812

Battle of Manila Bay

Cuban War of Independence

Spanish American War for APUSH

Image of the USS Maine The Battleship Maine Photographic History of the Spanish American War ...

History Brief: The Spanish American War Begins

The War That Made America a Superpower (No, Not World War II)

Amazon.com: An Honorable War: The Spanish-American War Begins (Honor Series) (9781561649730): Robert N. Macomber: Books

Honorable War : The Spanish-american War Begins (Hardcover) (Robert N. Macomber) : Target

Battle of San Juan Hill

Lesson 2: The Spanish–American War

American Empire. “

Blue, white, and red banner with an image of Admiral Dewey in center of

The Spanish-American War and Its Consequences

“You furnish the pictures and I'll furnish the war.”

A Spanish cartoon depicts Uncle Sam standing on a map. His feet are in the. Whereas Americans ...

The Black “Immune” Regiments in the Spanish-American War

Anger across America was great, and many people believed the story beginning to circulate that Spain was behind the explosion. New York newspaper publishers ...

Spanish-American War

The first man to volunteer for service in the Wyoming Volunteers was AM Crafts of Buffalo

photo of troops leaving the Presidio in 1898

buffalo soldier; Spanish-American War

In his letter to Gov WA Richards, W.L. Simpson of Jackson offers his service in

Remember the Maine pin Pin from the Spanish American War ...

Victorious American forces in Cuba. Note Theodore Roosevelt, at center beneath flag, and African American 10th US Cavalry at right.

Spanish-American War; Cuba

Goff's Historical Map of the Spanish-American War in the West Indies, 1898. Eugenia A. Wheeler Goff, author; Fort Dearborn Publishing Co., 1899.

Rear Admiral George Dewey's flagship, USS Olympia (lower left), fires on the

The American transport ship Seneca, a chartered vessel that carried troops to Puerto Rico and Cuba

American Women in World War II

2017 novel, "An Honorable War: The Spanish-American War Begins"

Crowds gathered at the Union Pacific Depot in Cheyenne to see the Wyoming troops off to

Image of Admiral Cervera

Cannons being loaded on transport preparing to sail to Cuba for the Spanish-American war: Tampa, Florida

APUSH Review: The Spanish-American War

Rough Riders: Tampa, Florida (1898)

... and Major Montgomery working in the White House's Telegraph Room—which was set up to receive news of the Spanish-American War—in Washington, D.C., 1898.

Crewmen pose under the gun turrets of Iowa in 1898.

men of 51 in phil 1899. Battle casualties were relatively light during the Spanish-American War.

In the 1890s in Cuba, a group of guerilla fighters led by Jose Marti revitalized a protest movement against the Spanish-led government that had flared up a ...

The Spanish-American War: A Collection of Documents Relative to the Squadron Operations in the West Indies. View of Admiral Сervera: Pascual Сervera Y ...

The Sinking of the Maine

During the Spanish American War, the USS Oregon raced against time and distance to evade

Spanish Armada

buffalo soldier; Spanish-American War

The Pacific theatre of the Spanish–American War

Span/Amer war guard. The Spanish-American ...

The Spanish Armada.

Americans Urged to Buy War Bonds

A propagandistic image, this political cartoon shows a before and after: the Spanish colonies

Image of Emilio Aguinaldo

The American Revolution

___ History of Cuba

Philippine-American War

Fighting During Spanish American War Mexican American War, The Spanish American War, American History

The front page of the New York Journal and Advertiser is shown. Various stories and

Image of Cuban insurgents before the war

Tailor President McKinley measures an obese Uncle Sam for larger clothing, while Anti-Expansionists

51st boarding SS Pen for Manilla

Chronology for the Philippine Islands and Guam in the Spanish-American War

Picture of the U.S.S. Maine

Spanish flag with large yellow stripe with anchor and coat of arms. Red stripes on

USS Oregon during the Spanish-American War

A cartoon is captioned “Ten thousand miles from tip to tip.” A portion

American Foreign Policy: The Turning Point, 1898-1919: News: The Independent Institute

Span/Amer war squad in tent

"The oldest steel-hulled American warship afloat, the U.S.S. Olympia served as Commodore George Dewey's flagship during the Battle of Manila Bay on May 1, ...

Mel Gibson in 'The Patriot'. (© Kobal Collection)


Territories of the United States

Rough Riders filling belts with cartridges (1898)

Flipped classroom activities for the Spanish American War in your US History classroom! Includes video

American History for Truthdiggers: Tragic Dawn of Overseas Imperialism “

51 band philippines 1899

Christopher Columbus's first landing in the Americas in 1492

U.S. troops occupying a position near Manila during the Spanish-American War .

This map of the Presidio shows the insert of significant sites connected to the post's history The Presidio with the Spanish American War ...

The Black Legend was propaganda that demonized Spain, Spanish people and Spanish culture all around the world