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This is your first pregnancy and youve never experienced labor and

This is your first pregnancy and youve never experienced labor and


This is your first pregnancy and you've never experienced labor and birth before. I know you're thinking! How Will I Know If I'm In Labor?

This is your first pregnancy and you've never experienced labor and birth before. I know you're thinking! How Will I Know If I'm In Labor?

Smiling Pregnant Woman Touching Belly

mother holding newborn baby boy

From the moment you become pregnant until weeks after birth, your hormones take a rollercoaster ride. Here's what happens in your body when you have a baby.

A Complete Guide to Your Fourth Pregnancy

12 Women Share What It's Like To Have A Natural Birth

Your body goes through so many changes throughout the nine months of your pregnancy, but when symptoms start to creep up—a strange sensation in your belly, ...


How would you describe your Labor experience? As a first time mom, you never have anything to compare it with. It could be a short or long labor, natural, ...

Photo: H. Armstrong Roberts/Getty Images. Erika has been pregnant ...

how soon can you get pregnant after baby

Are you wondering, "How soon can you get symptoms of pregnancy?" It

Struggling with morning sickness. Depressed pregnant woman holding hand on head and keeping eyes closed

We won't lie: Giving birth hurts—a lot. But there are some things you can do before the contractions start to make your labour and delivery go a bit ...

pregnant woman experiencing cramps

Braxton Hicks Contraction

Do Women Really 'Forget' the Pain of Childbirth? Because I Sure Didn't. This is apparently a ...

Pregnant woman holding her belly

'I Had An Abortion When I Was 21 Weeks Pregnant'

If your midwife or OB has recommended inducing your labour, there are several different induction methods and terms you should know about.

pregnant woman sitting on the yoga mat, stretching out

Couple in bed smiling.

Miscarrying at Work: The Physical Toll of Pregnancy Discrimination

water splash and bubbles

Can you have a miscarriage without bleeding?

Learn about the benefits and complications involved in having an epidural. Here's everything you need to know about this popular labour pain relief option.

A child wearing a sash that says, "GO MOMMY," runs by someone

napping pregnant woman

woman sitting on bed with pregnancy test

11 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before Giving Birth

Everything You Need to Know About
the First Trimester of Pregnancy

Labor: What it feels like

Pregnancy and childbirth transform your body—sometimes in weird and not-so-wonderful ways. Here's what you need to know to deal with it.

What To Know About Dealing With Pregnancy Bringing a life into this world is a beautiful ...

It varies from person to person but in my experience subsequent labor and deliveries got easier. Here are the brief birth stories of my children and the ...

When the nurse first told me, mid-labor, that there were methamphetamines in my system, I cracked up laughing at the absurdity. When child services showed ...

During my first pregnancy, I was so overwhelmed with moving into our new home and planning for our baby's arrival that I never fully embraced the planning ...

smiling pregnant woman on couch ...

first signs and symptoms of preganncy

Soon, you'll experience the amazing process of childbirth! Find out how to spot the signs of labor, and get the facts on pain management, cesarean delivery, ...

mom pees her pants

The Post-Partum Poop: And You Thought The Hard Part Was Over

... a surprise just how ridiculously uncomfortable — and sometimes downright torturous — those three trimesters can be (of course, if you've been pregnant ...

Preterm labor and birth. baby lying on its stomach

this is your first pregnancy and you ve never experienced labor fit pregnancy

It's probably what many pregnant women worry about most: How much will labor hurt? Real moms and a doctor explain what to expect when it comes to ...

Can you get your period while pregnant?

first trimester baby development, how baby changes during first trimester. Your baby will ...

Here's How Soon You Can Have Sex After Giving Birth

Dear husband, this is what your wife needs from you during her pregnancy.

Husband and wife who hates husband with a new baby

Face Presentation During Childbirth

You've just had your baby, and the first few weeks have been a

newborn laying on a hospital swaddle blanket

happy pregnant mom wearing blue and holding baby

Pregnancy is one of the most fascinating things I have ever experienced. There is nothing like growing a human inside of your own body.

23 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Pregnancy After a Miscarriage

happy woman on bed with a pregnancy test

Worried girl after looking a pregnancy test

happy couple embracing in urban environment

couple looking at pregnancy test results. Stocksy. Are you ...

Surprising Differences Between a Twin vs Singleton Pregnancy I thought I had ...

braxton hicks at 28 weeks.

Miscarriage in Dogs

After Pregnancy, Women Have Bigger Feet

Baby loss awareness week: What no-one tells you about having a miscarriage

illustration of mother sitting in bathroom, babies in bedroom Illustration: Gillian Wilson. When I was pregnant, everyone had a ...

11 Early Signs of Pregnancy You've Never Heard Before

Discover Midwife Care & Women's Health. Parenting · Pregnancy

Pregnancy Warning Signs You Should Not Ignore

You may find that symptoms are improving from the first trimester.

hands on pregnant belly in bed

Early labour signs: What are the 11 early labour signs you have to look out for? | Mother&Baby

pregnancy contractions

10 Signs Your Wife is Going Into Labor. You're very pregnant ...

11 Secrets to Have in Your Labor Bag -For Women Only

Meet the mums in their 40s: four stories of having a baby later in life

For Every Woman Who Dies In Childbirth In The U.S., 70 More Come Close

Teenage pregnancy. From Wikipedia ...

Pregnancy Ruined My Hair—And a Year Later I'm Still Pissed

Mom pleads with doctor to resuscitate baby delivered at 21 weeks. 'Miracle' daughter is now a healthy toddler

Postpartum Preeclampsia: Moms are Still at Risk After Delivery