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These Tweets About Alabamas Abortion Law Point Out How Backwards

These Tweets About Alabamas Abortion Law Point Out How Backwards


These Tweets About Alabama's Abortion Bill Are All About 'The Handmaid's Tale'

Tweets About Alabama's Abortion Law & Other States' Anti-Choice Legislation That Point Out The Hypocrisy & Amorality

PoliticsTabitha Isner destroying Alabamas governor after signing a ridiculous abortion bill (i.redd.it)

The Legal Fight Over Alabama's Abortion Law Begins

Bianca Cameron-Schwiesow, from left, Kari Crowe and Margeaux Hartline, dressed as

Alabama Could Make It Illegal to 'Aid' Someone Seeking an Abortion

Activists on both sides of the abortion issue protest outside the US Supreme Court in Washington, DC, on January 18, 2019. Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

The Legal Fight Over Alabama's Abortion Law Begins

Alabama's Draconian Abortion Ban Has Women On Twitter Ready To Fight | HuffPost

Alabama's Abortion Ban: What's Happening, Why It Matters, What You Can Do

Alabama has passed America's most restrictive abortion ban – what happens next?

On Wednesday, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed into law a ban on nearly all abortions.

Protesters gathered outside of the Alabama State House this week, some dressed in costumes from the dystopian novel "The Handmaid's Tale.

This is happening in Alabama — in our country — in the year 2019." Kamala Harris is fundraising — for abortion-rights groups rather than her own campaign ...

Women flood social media with abortion stories in backlash over Alabama bill

These 25 Republicans – all white men – just voted to ban abortion in Alabama | US news | The Guardian

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand speaks during a rally in front of Trump International Hotel & Tower on March 24, 2019, ...

Women hold signs to protest Georgia's anti-abortion laws.

Emma Watson has spoken out on the issue of abortion. [Photo: Getty]

Abortion Laws in Alabama

Chelsea Clinton Slams Anti-Abortion Twitter Users for Asking Her to Prove Her 'Pro-Choice Commitment' by Having an Abortion

Here is the list of responses clapping back at controversial abortion ban.

Busy Philipps Challenges New Alabama Abortion Bill By Urging Women To Share Their Stories

Abortion rights supporters on Friday gather outside the Planned Parenthood Reproductive Health Services Center in St. Louis, the last location in the state ...

march for life

Alabama's Anti-abortion Law: This Is What Christian Rule Looks Like in America

All These 6-Week Abortion Bans Are Part Of A National Effort To Overturn Roe V. Wade

Alabama abortion law: Lady Gaga joins stars condemning near-total ban on procedure

Women wearing Handmaid costumes protest in front of the Alabama State House after the Senate passed HB314 on Tuesday. (Elijah Nouvelage/For The Washington ...

Every Senate Vote For Alabama's Abortion Ban Was From A White Man | HuffPost

From Roe v Wade to Alabama: How America's abortion laws have gone into reverse

Celebrities react to Alabama's controversial abortion law: 'This is war' | Fox News

... and 91% of these backward thinking A-Holes support Trump! Heartless hypocrites every single one of them RSpic.twitter.com/1o74wkCVPP

How Alabama's abortion law is roiling Democratic and Republican politics ahead of 2020 election

In front of the Supreme Court, a crowd of abortion rights supporters holding signs reading

Jordan Pruitt Speaks Out Against Alabama's Abortion Law: 'Our Government Is So Backwards'

Palmer said she felt “disheartened” about the newly passed law in Alabama that

Alabama passes bill banning abortion

Lady Gaga, Chris Evans and More Celebs React to Alabama Abortion Ban

Bryan Kemper 🇺🇸

Y., who has emerged as a leader among progressive Democrats, denounced Alabama's abortion ban after it was signed into law on Wednesday night.

Alabama abortion law has uncanny resemblance to Bangladesh's [ IMG]

23 ways anti-abortion activists are attempting to erode Roe v. Wade without repealing it

Here's how Lady Gaga and other stars are reacting to new abortion laws

Lady Gaga

Abortion ban: There's nothing sweet about Alabama

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Hollywood Stars Outraged After Alabama Senate Passes Near-Total Abortion Ban

Stars speak out against Alabama abortion law

'Alabama's abortion law is a declaration of war on poor women and women of colour'

Alabama abortion law: What they're saying; Lady Ga Ga, Reese Witherspoon, Courteney Cox

Pro-choice ...

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Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren came out against Alabama's “restrictive” abortion law, tweeting that it puts women in a lethal scenario.

Alabama women worried new law means an immediate end to abortion flood clinics with calls

Person holds Keep Abortion Legal sign.

New abortion law: Abortion will automatically be illegal in these six states -- Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Dakota and South Dakota ...

Louisiana is the latest state to pass a bill designed to limit abortion rights. Here's

Alyssa Milano, Chris Evans. Photo: Getty Images

Making abortion mostly illegal will kick off an unintentional, vast experiment on the health of women and children. Alabama Senator Linda Coleman voted ...

Alabama Senate on verge of passing bill making abortion a felony

Georgia abortion law: These companies and celebs vow not to work in the state

Anne Hathaway slams 'complicity of white women' who backed Alabama's abortion ban

These are the corporations backing Alabama's war on women: @ATT @exxonmobil @pfizer @Walmart @Boeing @StateFarm @LillyPad @CaterpillarInc […]"

Lady Gaga And Reese Witherspoon Join Celebrities Condemning Alabama Abortion Law. "

trump supreme court abortion brett kavanaugh roe v wade women protesting naral

This incredibly dangerous attack on reproductive freedom is now headed to the governor's desk. #HB314 #ALPoliticspic.twitter.com/t1wzwRQNME

Brian Kemp of Georgia

Abortion opponents in Alabama aim for outright ban

Could abortion become illegal in America? All signs point to yes


Every single one of the state senators who voted to ban abortion is white and male

Harris invokes 'Handmaid's Tale' after Alabama lawmakers pass abortion law

Could these state abortion bans help the movement to overturn Roe v. Wade?


Here's How Alabama's New Abortion Law Will Set Up A Challenge to Roe v. Wade

Pro-choice supporters protest the Alabama state Senate vote on the strictest anti-abortion

Keke Palmer is one of many celebrities speaking out about the recent abortion ban in Alabama that even has some Republican lawmakers divided.

This March 22, 2019, file photo shows, pro-abortion rights and anti-abortion demonstrators displaying their signs in the lobby of the Georgia State Capitol ...

Will Alabama's new abortion ban be challenged in the Supreme Court?

Hollywood Freaks After Alabama Passes Abortion Ban: 'This Ends with Impeachment and People in the Streets'

How Sweden got some of the most liberal abortion laws in the world

Anti-abortion marchers rally at the Supreme Court during the 46th annual March for Life

Niall Stanage on Twitter: ""This isn't a scene from The Handmaid's Tale. This is happening in Alabama — in our country — in the year 2019.

People gather at the Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery on May 19 during a March against the state's new abortion law, the Alabama Human Life Protection ...

Recent anti-abortion "heartbeat" bills aren't even the most draconian: Alabama is set to vote on a bill that would make performing an abortion a crime ...