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There is a reason why flight attendants tell you to PUT THE OXYGEN

There is a reason why flight attendants tell you to PUT THE OXYGEN


Video shows practical reason you should secure your mask before others on airplane | Stuff.co.nz

Facts about planes that airline workers won't tell you

Flight secrets: The chemicals found on every flight that will save your life

IF THERE'S any group of people who have seen and heard everything, it's flight attendants. Maybe it's the recycled oxygen, the access to booze, ...

air hostess demonstrating the use of an oxygen mask

flight safety rules

15 Wild Details Only Pilots Know About The Flight (15 Flight Attendants Won't Share)

Despite being told how to wear an oxygen mask dozens of times, many Southwest passengers

If you've ever flown in an aeroplane, you've heard the spiel about the oxygen mask. If you looked up from your phone, you've even seen a flight attendant ...

About those oxygen masks

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oxygen mask plane. Flight attendants ...

Who are you going to put the oxygen mask on first?

Pre-flight safety demonstration

10 secrets flight attendants won't tell you

Hypoxia definition - why adults SHOULD do their oxygen mask BEFORE a child's on a flight

How flight attendants deal with challenging passengers: “Put yourself in the customers' shoes but never lose your authority”

"The life of everyone on board depends upon just one thing: finding someone back "

Tony: There is a reason the flight attendant asks you to put the oxygen mask on yourself first.

11 truths about flying only flight attendants know

15 Wild Details Only Pilots Know About The Flight (15 Flight Attendants Won't Share)

As a flight attendant, he helped many sick passengers. Suddenly, he was one of them

Crazy facts about planes that airline workers won't tell you


The secrets of flying only flight attendants know

A flight attendant and aviation columnist has revealed the thinking behind some of the rules and

A bride, a retired nurse, and ex-White House aide. How they experienced Flight 1380

A JetBlue Flight Attendant Put an Oxygen Mask on a Struggling Dog (Now Why Didn't Other Airlines Think of That?) | Inc.com

turkish airlines baby

12 Secrets About Flying Revealed By The Pros

Southwest Passengers Didn't Know How to Put on Oxygen Masks

Plane emergency landings: Is your life jacket actually there? The truth about emergencies on planes

... (i.redd.it)

Slideshow Flight Attendants1

... a passenger sent a text message to her family. Another passenger decided to film the event. You can see in the video that passenger only has the oxygen ...

stewardess flight attendant

Seat belts, oxygen masks: Pay attention during those pre-flight safety instructions

Why You're Instructed To Put Oxygen Masks On Yourself First | HuffPost Life

oxygen mask, flight attendant, airline, airplane, travel

Flights: Cabin crew lie about delays

Flight Attendant SECRETS You Probably Don't Know

Do moms always have to put their oxygen masks on first? It is really as

Passengers were lucky Dr. Rumack (Leslie Nielsen, rear) was on board in

Flight attendant

How to Be Safe While Flying

Trays Up, Wheels Down: Here's The Reasoning Behind Those Weird Airplane Rules – Urbo

Adrian Thomas and plane passengers laughing

fear of flying

6 Cabin Crew Interview Questions and Answers Every Aspiring Flight Attendant Should Know

About Which of the 10 Shocking Secrets of Flight Attendants Did You Already Know?

What You Don't Know About Airplane Oxygen Masks

It's time to let go of the guilt and the excuses, and put your oxygen mask first by:

oxygen masks in an airplane cabin; Public Domain image

Flying Tips for Older Passengers

10 things your flight attendant wants you to know

The truth about oxygen masks on planes – what can the Southwest incident teach us?

Gate Checking

11 Safety Tips to Memorize Before Your Next Flight

First it was the “no liquid” onboard rule, then it was the “take off your shoes so we can make sure there are no shoe bombs” rule followed by 3D body ...

'Almost everyone' in a photo of Southwest's emergency landing wore their oxygen masks 'wrong,' says a former flight attendant

The Proper Way to Use Oxygen Mask in Case of In-flight Emergency

“You know why they put oxygen masks on planes? Oxygen gets you high. In a catastrophic emergency, you're taking giant panicked breaths.

People on flight SWA1380 didn't put their oxygen masks on correctly. Should it be redesigned?

There is a reason why flight attendants tell you to PUT THE OXYGEN MASK ON YOURSELF

Flight attendants pass group interviews to prove they can work solo, too.

Rules are designed to keep us safe, along with many other airplane features. Now is a good time to revisit the safety details of a plane in light of ...

... and maybe even harder to believe, but there's a reason flight attendants tell you to secure your own oxygen mask first. A healthy and functional family ...

These 10 Things Can Save Your Life in a Plane Crash

30 Flight Attendants, Pilots, And Airport Staff Share The Best Kept Secrets About Flying

Jet Airways Mumbai-Jaipur flight incident: What is cabin pressure and why is it

'There are hundreds of sick crew': is toxic air on planes making frequent flyers ill? | Science | The Guardian

Codey A Jervis tweeted this photo of himself soon after the landing.

The things they don't tell you in the safety demo

What Is Sleep, Really?

That emergency oxygen mask only lasts about 15 minutes.

Pilots reveal nine secrets airlines don't want you to know


Wing of a plane over clouds and blue sky

Consider These 7 Facts the Next Time You Travel for Business

A pilot and a flight attendant give their views

Passengers fail to wear oxygen masks properly aboard emergency Southwest flight

Air mask procedures on a plane may be boring, but they could save your life

Royal New Zealand Air Force

What happens when a plane loses cabin pressure?

One of JetBlues flight attendants poses with Darcy after the bulldog received oxygen on a JetBlue