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The fundamental asset of a corporate is the workforce in the company

The fundamental asset of a corporate is the workforce in the company


Credit: Shutterstock. Credit: Shutterstock. Discussions about diversity in the workplace ...

6 Reasons Foundation Skills Are Key To Success In The Workplace

... almost certainly in part responsible for the increase – 66% of respondents expect to see an increase in the demand for flexible workspace be it business ...

Choice of location therefore mostly falls on business centre and café's which, however, are regarded as too noisy and unproductive by most as revealed by ...

... company's major office locations half the week or more has now reached over 50%. This signals an important shift from a workforce that is predominantly ...

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The role of technology. Key findings. Business ...

Prepared by the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency, this model determines overall impact of a

IBM was one of the first companies to encourage employee blogs and other forms of social

... in part responsible for the increase – 66% of respondents expect to see an increase in the demand for flexible workspace be it business lounges, ...

seven new realities in the future of work

People & Workplace

Identity in the workplace

Diversity and the Workplace

Paradox 3: Consumers have more selection and, in many cases, lower prices, but companies are still in trouble.

What is Workforce Diversity? - Definition & Issues

FIGURE 4.2 High-tech firm employment growth, 1979-2011. NOTE: Data shown as Hendrick-Prescott trends. SOURCE: J. Fitzgerald, 2016, “The Number of ...

To competitively position themselves for the future of work, financial services companies must learn how to lead the way to digital.

FIGURE 4.1 Quarterly job and worker reallocation rates for the U.S. private nonfarm sector. NOTE: Sources Business Employment Dynamics and JOLTS ...

Relishing remote work. Key findings. Business ...

Tabulations from Longitudinal Business Database. NOTE: FIRE, finance, insurance, and real estate.

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6 Reasons Workplace Safety is Important

Elements of Diversity in the Workplace. by David Ingram. Effective management of diversity can be an asset.

SOURCE: E. Brynjolfsson, and A. McAfee, “Why the Middle Class is Shrinking,” Harvard Business Review, November 5, 2015, ...

Big business is losing the recruitment race as today's young talent flocks to trendy start-ups

In the lead up to the holiday period, I spent a good amount of time endeavoring to get a handle on what the contingent workforce is about.

In a digital world, how can being more ...

Definition of a business

Figure 1: Societies have shared the use of goods and services for centuries, but raising costs and the introduction of new technologies, which make it ...

These findings highlight what many of us who have worked in the human capital field have known for years: people are essential to the long-term success of ...

"I've worked at banks that had good cultures, but it was never as deliberate and as purposeful as it is now." —Nandita Bakhshi, CEO of Bank of the West

The writing is on the wall for workplace cultures that tolerate abuse

The future workforce: Companies will look for people married to their professions, not jobs

Workers at the Amazon fulfillment center in Robbinsville, New Jersey, Aug. 1,

It's Time to See Older Workers as an Asset

Business leaders who implement the best talent management processes are more prepared than their competitors to compete in the global economy and capitalize ...

Blog - Does Socializing in the Workplace Improve Productivity?


Supporting the IBE

The importance of talent management and why companies should invest in it | Human Resources Online

The Systems Thinker – If People Are Assets, Why Do We Treat Them Like Expenses? - The Systems Thinker

Developing & engaging our people

If we're going to maximize the value of our organizations in 2017, it's helpful to look at the major human capital trends that will shape the coming year.

Corporations Must Embrace Diversity to Prevent Misconduct and Liability Costs From Sexual Harassment

The 2020 Workplace – The Future Workplace Trends You Should Know Right Now

People are companies' most important assets. We've all known this for a long time, but 1) we pay it lip service more often than we try to do something about ...

Evolving the Workplace

Where we have assessed the impact of our ESG risks and opportunities to be material, we have addressed them below:

CSR Values Graphic

More efficient and safer – how drones are changing the workplace

Great Companies Obsess Over Productivity, Not Efficiency - Bain & Company

What Will The Workplace Of The Future Look Like?

Leadership Community

... businesses have signed the WASH at the workplace Pledge and set a target to provide 100% of its employees with access to appropriate standards of water, ...

3 Examples of Great Organizational Culture You Can Learn From

A woman walks past an Uber station outside a shopping mall in Beijing. Photo:


Due to increased health benefits, workplace wellness programs create a positive externality.

Financial analyst helping a customer using a Surface Book in a bank.

How to Build Workplace Connections That Help Us Succeed - Creator by WeWork

Business-model disruption in emerging markets, safer boda bodas in Uganda, recruiting talent in Germany, workforce housing in DC

Attracting and retaining talent – recruiting the workforce of the future

Amazon.com: Reimagining Work: Strategies to Disrupt Talent, Lead Change, and Win with a Flexible Workforce (9781119389569): Rob Biederman, Pat Petitti, ...

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Roadmap and KPIs

Being a Part of the Employee Grapevine While Retaining a Family Business


Success or struggle: ROA as a true measure of business performance Report 3 of the 2013 Shift Index series

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A shareholders' meeting of German pharmaceutical and chemical-maker Bayer AG.

Purpose provides a revenue edge

Insurance workforce of the future

... of water and sanitation for all – is not only a goal in and of itself; delivering this Goal is essential to meeting all the other Global Goals

One possibility can be found in the book


Figure 7: Changing workstyles and the influence of startup culture have reshaped the role of the workplace from a static building to a highly interactive ...


... workplace in which lines blur not just between work, life, learn and play, but also individuals and teams, primary workspaces and activity spaces, ...

What is workplace strategy, and why is it important to the future of every business?

Overcoming Employee Resistance to Change in the Workplace