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The Norwegian coziness formula KOSELIG In winter temperatures in

The Norwegian coziness formula KOSELIG In winter temperatures in


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DIY Cupcake stand Tutorial.

'Hygge' is the Danish concept of "winter coziness." If you want

How To Hygge in Summer

5 ways to Hygge away the winter blues | I have fallen head over heels for

Winter Storm Jonas? An alternative theory.

The hygge conspiracy

In Norwegian we pronounce it hee-geh. But we say hyggelig hee-geh-lee or koselig coosh-eh-lee. or Ha det koselig.

As winter descends here on the Seacoast of New Hampshire, I've seen and heard a few stories describing the Norwegian philosophy of Koselig, which loosely ...

A Newbie in Norway

Now that I've addressed the virtues of doing nothing and being angry, I must admit that surviving winter in Minnesota also requires some constructive, ...

Påskevær – Best in Norway

The Kong Carl (King Carl), one of Norway's oldest hotels, was first a private residence for a merchant, then later a ship captain, before being turned into ...



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Holiday Close to Home: Escape to the Norwegian Mountains

Making Hygge Happen: 9 Ways to Stay Cozy with Your Family this Winter. Profile photo of Lindsay

Hygge is a lifestyle that celebrates living in the moment, finding beauty in simplicity and nurturing yourself and others with coziness.

I married a Minnesotan who loves winter. He is a really wonderful person but a terrible source of empathy when I'm at my winter-hating/despairing worst.

The Norwegian cosiness formula: KOSELIG! In winter, the temperature can be …

The island state of Vanuatu extends to 1,300 km in the South Pacific and consists of

Special Birthday cakes in Guntur – Bakers Fun

I'm sharing the recipe in the latest issue of The Norwegian American, so head over there and check it out!


... Jotun paint from Sandefjord, Norway, is what protects Paris's Eiffel Tower from the elements.


A Hygge Home - Decorating for Coziness

What it's like to live in Iowa before the caucuses

Gnomes have been with us since the beginning

Best Ways to Wear Winter Dresses for Women | Begazed.com

Escape to Arctic North and Why It Is Good Not to Wake up in Your Own Bed


Based on my recipe for Fastelavnsboller, previously shared in The Norwegian American. At some point over the years of developing a boller recipe, ...

Illustration by Nathalie Lees


A w naszej redakcji praca nad książką kucharską wre: Gotujemy, smażymy, pieczemy i piszemy. Najpóźniej w listopadzie – premiera!


Makeover Mädchen-Kinderzimmer

Before moving to Minnesota I assumed that Hunter Boots or Uggs passed as winter footwear and that a cute pea coat could get ...

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The hygge conspiracy – podcast

Forgotten Way Farms is the coziest blog. Love their content!



In this aerial photo, you can see (1) the grave mounds, (


Carrot Calendula is our gentlest formula and our best soap for sensitive skin. (so

What does “coming home” mean? A friend of ...


When the leaves begin to turn and the air becomes laced with a chill, I know that fall has finally arrived. It's my favorite season, the one that brings ...

Part like a Viking.

December 2015 Issue

Cách vệ sinh bồn cầu đơn giản

Actuality of Proletarian Revolution and the Vanguard Party of the Proletariat

Biking along 350 Kilometers of Stunning Norwegian Coastline with Unfortunate Lack of Coffee shops

Winter in Minnesota is hard. It feels at times like the whole frozen universe is conspiring to make everything in your life more miserable and complicated ...

Dating Sites Based On Myers Briggs

Bed canopy – create a dreamy bedroom design

Minimalist Holidays: Planning a Simple Holiday Season

Satuan Reskrim Polres Bogor Kota Bongkar Jaringan Pemalsu STNK


If you are interested in seeing the fruits of my labor, go to:


I've begun experimenting with alternatives to gluten, dairy, eggs, and even sugar in my baking, and I recently decided to see if I could convert my own ...

uarcticmembersmap-2014 Hotel d'Angleterre

We are prescribing cold comfort and winter cheer for everyone who lives in the midwest!


Porsgrund is also known for its line of porcelain animals, often Norwegian wildlife such as

How to Make Your Life More Koselig

Meanwhile at Home: Beautiful Winter Images from Scandinavia

I'm not very good at slowing down and doing nothing, and I suspect this one of the primary reasons winter in Minnesota has proved so persistently difficult ...

30 ideas for bed headboard – fairytale and artistic examples

It's not truly "Viking" if there's not a weapon of some ...

Typically a rich buttery sponge cake with apple slices wedged in the batter, it's as simple as can be, requiring little more than good ingredients to create ...



Illustration by Nathalie Lees

Crazy weather changes have your skin in a situation? This is Kaitlin's favorite year round

The founder of the far-right Danish People's Party, Pia Kjærsgaard.

Great way to use the gazillion tea lights I have - not to mention the shelves full of mason jars. I love mason jars!

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Makes 1 8-inch cake

6 Cozy Ways to Hygge Up Your Home! ayearoftidy.com | The Art of Hygge in 2019 | Hygge, Hygge life, Cozy cabin

Awesome 30+ Amazing Chic Schlafzimmer Dekor Ideen. Mehr unter www.trendecora.co

Wintry days are finally here, and those of us who enjoy this season are no doubt huddling in the cold, rugged up in our winter coats and warm woolen scarves ...

My niece Emma, Me, and Mom with a book in her lap at her

12-Month Hygge Challenge Will Help You Embrace Coziness All Year Long | curated by

Only took one book out June 16 from the University College of the North's (UCN) Wellington & Madeleine Spence Memorial Library on the Thompson campus, ...

My affection for it is quite enormous. My capacity for consuming candy is – as far as I know – limitless.

Hygge: 11 Danish Secrets to Happiness

Joan Mitchell, Helen Frankenthaler, and Grace Hartigan: Three of the greatest artists of

Profile for Inspire(d) Media

@niche.athena on Instagram: “if you don't know what “hygge” means, it is a danish and norwegian word for a mood of comfort and coziness!

Only took one book out June 16 from the University College of the North's (UCN) Wellington & Madeleine Spence Memorial Library on the Thompson campus, ...

How to Hygge: 20 ways to feel good over autumn and winter. HyggeligAutumn Quotes CozyAutumn ...