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The Archives of Tony Oursler jrpringiercom 2015 t

The Archives of Tony Oursler jrpringiercom 2015 t


Imponderable: The Archives of Tony Oursler

Imponderable: The Archives of Tony Oursler: Amazon.co.uk: Jordan Bear, Professor Karen Beckman, Branden Joseph, Fred Nadis, Stephanie O'Rourke, ...

... all you see is light patterns, you remove all subject matter. There is no difference between me looking at you and me looking at a ladder. They are the ...

'Imponderable' exhibition, all installation photos by Stefan Altenburger. '

CORY REYNOLDS | DATE 11/13/2015. Imponderable: The Archives of Tony Oursler. In JRP|Ringier's ...

Imponderable: The Archives of Tony Oursler: Amazon.co.uk: Jordan Bear, Professor Karen Beckman, Branden Joseph, Fred Nadis, Stephanie O'Rourke, ...

Localizing the Contemporary. The Kunsthalle Bern Model

'Imponderable' exhibition. '

I have always been of the conviction that what already exists in our culture of standardized images has a greater capacity for the strange and the uncanny ...

Despite the importance of archives to the profession of history, very little has been written about actual encounters with them - about the effect that the ...

Since the late 1990s, artist Tony Oursler (born 1957) has amassed a vast personal archive of objects and ephemera relating to magic, the paranormal, film, ...

Design as an attitude

I always identified with the idea of “performing the image.” —Ericka Beckman, 2013

Color Library

University of Toronto students burn an effigy of Joseph McCarthy, 1953 Tony Oursler's personal archive

A Stage for Architecture and Art, exhibition view at LUMA Westbau, Zurich. Photo

A man attempting to control his subject through hypnosis, nineteenth century Tony Oursler's personal archive

Laurence Schmidlin, Stéphanie Moisdon David Hominal

A Brief History of Curating


Yoko Ono: Everything in the Universe Is Unfinished

Tony Oursler 17 September – 1 November 2003

Thomas, David, Fowler, Simon and Johnson, Valerie, (2017) The Silence of the Archive, London: Facet Publishing

The ghost of Thomas Becket, who was Archbishop of Canterbury from 1162 until his murder Tony Oursler's personal archive

The Kunsthalle Bern as a Model

... Museum für Moderne Kunst ...

Ugo Rondinone: Kiss Now Kill Later by Ugo Rondinone

#lumawestbau hashtag on Twitter

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"Aura portrait" of Noel Oursler, Tony Oursler's mother, ...

... Speculations on Anonymous Material, nature after nature, ...

Raphael Gygax Extra Bodies

ARTBOOK & Swiss Institute to Launch 'Imponderable: The Archives of Tony Oursler'

Madness with a Straight Face


Louise Bourgeois

Dorothy Iannone: A CookBook

Ugo Rondinone by Phong Bui

Installation Views

A Strange and Fearful Interest: Death, Mourning, and Memory in the American Civil

Daria Martin: Tonight the World Nottingham Contemporary Dazed Studio Typecasting Catalogue ...

JRP|Ringier Newspaper Issue 10

Dialog der Gegensätze Ein Schritt für Europa: Glotz, Peter, Hans-Joachim

John Miller, Primary Structures, (2017). Courtesy: the artist

Publicity photograph of Harry Houdini, 1900. Houdini's most famous escape acts usually involved him

The Archives of Tony Oursler

Snow Peak Wool Fleece Pullover

As Derrida stated in Archive Fever, nothing is less reliable or less clear than the word “archive.” Nevertheless, it is precisely within the semantic ...

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Installation view at LUMA Westbau including William Leavitt, Suburbot Set, 2014. Photo:

Jim Shaw: The Wig Museum

Launch of Reader, aantekeningen exemplaar

In the context of a competition, projects by four national artists were selected by an international jury. The artists were awarded production grants and ...

Éditeur : JRP Ringier

David Maljkovic, In Low Resolution

Toward Operational Art in Special Warfare: Dan Madden; Dick

Unreachable Empires

Producing Futures by Heike Munder

Whitney's picks are the greatest of all time: Deanna Templeton: The Swimming Pool/Um Yeah Arts @deannatempleton @umyeaharts, The Moon 1968–1972 / T. Adler ...

This book presents Canadian artist Suzy Lake's recent series exploring the concept of self in both the portrait and artistic practice more generally, ...

... change poster he had seen online which resonated with Trinidad: “Just because the world runs on oil doesn't mean oilmen should run the world,” it said.

from 20 FEB 2015 to 03 MAY 2015

Tony Oursler

Mai-Thu Perret

Alintaglio. Krzysztof Tomalski

Paranormal: Tony Oursler vs Gustavo Rol

vasileva no art

Downtown Chiado 2019 - International Contemporary Exhibition

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Nayla Dabaji, Landmark, 2006, courtesy of the artist

Production still picturing Jehanne d'Alcy, actress and the wife of Georges Méliès in

Ján Kralovič, Teritórium ulica, 2015.

... approached Carol Goodden during her flower party in the spring of 1971 – where both the guests and the food came dressed in flowers – and suggested they ...

A poster for stage magician Fulton Oursler, circa 1920 Tony Oursler's personal archive/Jason Mandella

Cinema in the Expanded Field

... the M+ Collections Courage Calls to Courage Everywhere ...

Installation Views


Jef Cornelis by Jef Cornelis

... Archives de Tony Oursler. T. Oursler JRP Ringier / Fondation Luma, CH / FR, 2015. Paper Airplanes. The Collections of Harry Smith : Catalogue Raisonné, ...

From American Tapes to Wolf Eyes, John Olson is one of the most influential musicians of the past two decades, the obvious bridge between free jazz and ...

Deutsches Lesebuch für höhere Lehranstalten .: Hoffmann, Fred:

Hubert Damisch, Jean Dubuffet, Sophie Berrebi Hubert Damisch, Jean Dubuffet, Entrée en matière


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