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Tech Babble Creating a Connected Classroom Blogs From All Around


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Beginners' guide to using technology in language lessons

In February of 2018 I wrote a review for Anchor. Anchor is a website and mobile app that will let you create and publish your very own podcast!

What can the Babbel app for Android do? The app includes the Basic and Advanced Vocabulary with 2000-3000 words for each learning language. As usual, all ...

The Networked Teacher diagram by Alec Couros showing the different media that educators can connect with

Tony and Patrick are back with a scintillating show talking about Apple, projectors, Python and more! Check out the talking points below and as always ...

I would like to explain what I do as Director of Innovation and Instruction with three quotes that hold significant meaning to me.

Using United Classrooms could be a good way for teachers to connect their classrooms to work on collaborative projects. On a smaller scale you could just ...

Image by Alec Couros, CC CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


Pete's Blog 2

Tony and Patrick are back for another outstanding episode. Tony's travel tips, why Momo is just stupid and all the other talking points are below.

Blogging in classroom – How to get started

I am so @tchrtechcoach has a blog! This is a great post about tech

Disney quietly shut down Babble, the parenting blog it once acquired for $40M

Zachary Kandler, a professionally dressed, young white man addresses a large audience from behind

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Edublogs, Blogger, WordPress.com and KidBlog – Which should you use?

... exhibit and discuss them s part of our annual Festival of Learning that lasts this year from the latter part of April through the end of July of 2018.

Create a language rich classroom I just read some awesome language chart

Nine Disruptive Tech Breakthroughs In 2018

Prajna Dhar works with a student during class.

MinecraftEdu In Action

Why do some people make more money, live happier lives, and accomplish much more in the same number of years than the great majority?

Classroom management Classroom Procedures, Classroom Behavior Management, Preschool Procedures, Kindergarten Routines, Shape

Do you want to grow your blog?


Create a language rich classroom ...

Reserving judgment by a jury of our peers is one of the most fundamental rights in our democracy. Peer Jury is a tool to bring about restorative justice and ...

The main goal for this year was to find Black men from a variety of backgrounds and career paths to spend roughly 20 – 30 minutes with a group of around 25 ...

25 STEAM Projects for Kids

Episode 162 – CAPTCHAS Suck!

Urbanisation triggers a mini app allowing pupils to control and view the effects of over time of urbanisation with a focus on key urban development ...

An introduction to Apollo GraphQL Nodejs

24 Ways to Play and Learn With Light

5 Ways to Get Student Attention in the Classroom

Customizing Сreate React App without Eject

Tired of Building Connectors for AEM? Here's How to Build Event-Driven Integrations Using Adobe I/O Events

Teen Activity Calendar: July 2019

Speak for Yourself with only the EAT and DRINK buttons open. Notice the buttons are in the same place when everything is open.

I was in the middle of setting up my developers blog again, and getting everything configured when I lost all connection to it.

A screenshot of a Facebook newsfeed.

Large presentation screen with black, curtain skirt. On top of the screen in large

Vmagazine - Blog, NewsPaper, Magazine WordPress Themes

Student Teacher

Can I successfully learn a language online? Technology ...

KEMP Technologies Python SDK

Young adults listening to a presentation while working on laptop computers

12 important things to teach during the first week. Great discussion starters to build classroom community. Motivational posters for the classroo.

And to build an internet that is both innovative and worthy of people's trust, we will need better technology and better policy,” said Alan.

Speak for Yourself main screen with Beginner Vocabulary Template applied.

Babel Street also provides training through Babel University™ and world class support staff, so that success is only a key stroke or phone call away.

School white board set up with sixteen blank, black lines in a four by four

Language apps for iOS: Rosetta Stone beats Duolingo and Babbel. Learning ...

Teen Activity Calendar: June 2019

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ML snap

In 2001, a Chinese hacking group took over Brian Krebs entire home network. This sparked a burning desire to become heavily invested and intensely ...

A circle of classrrom chairs, black and one blue, on a tiled floor.

Curation Tools


What struck me most about the admissions scandal was how blatantly transactional a college degree has become and how vulnerable universities have become to ...

Using Vialogues to Scaffold Student Use

The Yellow Brick Road Blog

Beyond the Babble: Leadership Communication that Drives Results 1st Edition

Why is Python Growing So Quickly?

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REACH uses WebVR and other web technologies to allow anyone to create their own virtual reality experiences. It has a simple drag-and-drop interface that ...

7. Encourage Awesome Language in Writing

From determining the best solution to assisting in mission support, Babel Street's team of experts will ensure success at every point along the way and that ...

Transpiling ES6 in 10 Minutes

Image Source: Thinkstock

3 Ways to Connect STEAM With Literacy in Your Library

The post was seen by James, whose insurtech startup aims to make travel insurance more appealing and trustworthy to young people. He was instantly intrigued ...

Touch Someone's Heart. Because everyone ...

80 Easy Creative Projects for Kids including activities, art, crafts, science, engineering

... dynamic way, joining our district's bilingual team has afforded me the privilege of collaborating with talented educators from across the ...

Chris Hernandez a young Puerto-Rican man, presents from behind a table to a

COO Stephen White on laying innovative digital foundations www.fintechmagazine.com. MAY 2019. Connecting with customers through technology

Learn Spanish with Babbel for Desktop and Mobile

Unuhi Story Competition Rules 202019

5 Benefits of Using Cellphones in School: Smartphones as Learning Tools

Day One has outstanding apps for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad that all sync. It has a clever and rich feature set that lets you integrate photos, ...

These are the two charts that are used more than any other in my room — in reading, writing, and conversation! I shared how they were used in my classroom ...


Lloyd Alter being fitted for Livio AI

Hacker News delivers the latest in detailed coverage of future and current trends in the information technology industry. It also features posts of online ...

Children's Activity Calendar: May 2019

Tweet translation


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