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Stop to provoke Russiathis will end badly for youColenel

Stop to provoke Russiathis will end badly for youColenel


''Stop to provoke Russia,this will end badly for you!''-Colenel General of Russia.







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''Unsurpassed Legend is born'' SU-57 !

Military Experts:''Russia was able to disgrace U.S. Air Force''!

Shocking truth about U.S. invasion of small Panama! In the name of Democracy!

Elon Musk declared that russian space engine RD-180 is magnificent!

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Israel gave up!

The coup in Venezuela could be the beginning of WW3!

The fate of the World will be decided in Venezuela !

China declared that American Moon landing is a pure hoax!

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Incredible work of Russian Spetsnaz in Syria & other spots of the World!

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LCA-Tejas: performance better than critics want to admit - Duration: 4 minutes, 57 seconds.

Everything About Super Sukhoi, Super Sukhoi Vs Su 35,super sukhoi 30mki,super sukhoi india - Duration: 6 minutes, 26 seconds.


The F 22 and F 35 Are Flying Lemons Can't Compete With Russia's 5th

Russia's Chief General Reveals New Pentagon's Secret Trojan Horse Scheme Used For Destabilisation

Russia starts development of new generation frigates


US Special Counsel Mueller submits Russia report to Attorney General DW News

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FINALLY Russia Unveils First 5th Generation Stealth Fighter Jet Su 57 Sukhoi 57

Generation Iron Russia ИНТЕРВЬЮ Антон Доценко

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

Pink Perfomance Exotic Generation 2019 Russia

Nintendo Russia General Manager MELTDOWN on Live Stream Save Nintendo Russia

Youtube Video

The U.S. afraid to lose its place on ISS!

Russia does not support Libyan National Army General Khalifa Haftar War in Libya

Generation Iron Russia 🔥 ВСЕ НОКАУТЫ чемпионата по ПОЩЕЧИНАМ Russian Slap Championship на Siberian Power Show

The U.S. bought Russian planes despite sanctions!

Generation P Russia awaken Press CC for English subtitles


The Battle for the Sky of India continues! Who will win,Rafale,F

India declared that F-16 of Pakistan Air Force was shot down by old MIG

The U.S. prepares to start new coup! Who will stop the U.S. once and for

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Will Mother Russia help Venezuela like she helped Syria?


S-500 ''Prometheus'' & ''Nudel'' systems destroyed

Russia has successfully tested the hypersonic glider Avangard !

Whole Middle East was impressed by Pantsir missile system!

The U.S. will give money to any country that will refuse to buy Russian Weapons!

Syrian War soon will be over! Сongratulations my dear friends!


The U.S. has failed with its attempt to refuse ''Soyuz'' ...

Israel asked Russia not to shoot down israeli fighter jets!

The U.S. is testing SU-57's special camouflage!

Israel never will able to destroy S-300 complex,this is impossible mission!

Venezuelan checkmate!The World has changed! (Analytical video by BORZZIKMAN)

U.S. and Ukrainian warships were rammed by Russian Frigates near Crimea peninsula!

NATO and the U.S. are in shock! Russian submarine B-265 "Krasnodar"

Syrian Air Defense System has fended Israeli missile attack !

Turkey has sent its army to Idlib ! Will Erdogan start War against Syria or not

Why the U.S. afraid to start military intervention in Venezuela?

Russia is getting closer to U.S. borders!

Russia has successfully tested the weapon of Judgment Day!

F-35 will not help Tsahal ! Israel in despair ! Russia gave another surprise

BREAKING: U.S. 5th gen jet fighter F-35 has crashed!

Germany has refused from F-35 fighter jets !

You will never see this at Media Services!The U.S. plans again were ruined by


The U.S. has failed all tests on its Hypersonic Missile!

Amazing! SU-35 fighter jet has took on the target several U.S. planes at

How the representatives of Exceptional Nation were caught by Iran?

Who is General Khalifa Haftar?Can Russia trust him? (Exclusive analytic video by

BORZZIKMAN - 125.763

Shocking truth about U.S. invasion of small Panama! In the name of Democracy!

The U.S. military ran away from the capital of Libya! The liberation of Libya is

U.S. doesn't leave Syria ! U.S. is running away from Syria !

Why Russia Shouldn't Sell S-400 Air Defense System To Saudis?

Russia has sent its military to Venezuela! The U.S. is in madness!

BREAKING:Turkey has intensified arms supplies to the militants in Idlib!


BORZZIKMAN - 5.194. ''Stop To Provoke Russia,this Will End Badly ...

BREAKING:Russia gave hard response to Israel for IL-20 ! Israel is in

King of Monald&39;s: The Game - Colenel Sanders Hamburgler Fight

Colenel Pig Plays Nyan Cat

GUNS UP Rocketeer-Colenel bases everywhere

BORZZIKMAN - 146.248

Colenel Bob&39;s Trail Hi Ho Hiking Club 6162018

Owns a colenel

Colenel Reyel - Celui fast Remix

Toronto 44th Anniversary of Lekatit 11 celebration Bdengola colenel maraki