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Space Sustainability Rating aims to address growing amount of space

Space Sustainability Rating aims to address growing amount of space


Astriagraph - the tool for visualizing resident space objects developed by Moriba Jah At UT Austin's Cockrell School of Engineering.

Could magnetic fields hold the key to star formation? | #Space #Astronomy via PhysOrg

High Level Fora: Space as a Driver for Socio-Economic Sustainable Development

Space Sustainability Rating Aims to Address Growing Amount of Space Debris Orbiting Earth

A photo taken by Expedition 46 flight engineer Tim Peake of the European Space Agency (

Consortium to develop “space sustainability” rating system

A methodology for giving economic value to space debris – The Clean Space blog

Space Debris - Astroscale, Space Debris - The Threat Hanging Over Our Heads

Image: Reuters


Space law 2018: nationalists versus internationalists

A H-IIA rocket, carrying a Michibiki 2 satellite, one of four satellites

OrbitalDebris_Auto11. Figure 2: Modelled space debris ...

OrbitalDebris_AutoD. Figure 10: Space ...

World's most sustainable office space opens in London

Why the new space race must focus on sustainability

Sources: space-track.org/The Aerospace Corporation

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SDNx Inter College Competition

A toolbox for sustainability / Space for Sustainable Development / Space for Earth / Preparing for the Future / Our Activities / ESA

As of April 2017, more than 290 break-ups in orbit have been recorded

The Trump Administration needs to exercise leadership in space security diplomacy

Visualizing the Rise of Co-Working Spaces

Sustainable architecture



As development eats away at Denver's green space, the “city within a park” is becoming a concrete metropolis


An explicitly urban Sustainable Development Goal has been adopted by the UN (#11). Now what? Where could it go wrong?

Space as a "Green" Metric

You'll need to generate resources, take care of a deadly alien infestation, upgrade your appliances and build your own sustainable space ...

left: David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh; right: one-story

Volkswagen has set itself the goal of developing its vehicles in such a way that, over the entire life cycle, they present better environmental properties ...

Woman looking over green space

Urban agriculture

These 5 industries will be first to do business in space | World Economic Forum

ESA and the Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable development goals: all you need to know

The overall aim of BREEAM environmental accreditation is to:

Expected outcomes

A review of India's commercial space efforts

This company wants to build a giant indoor farm next to every major city in the world

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There's a new space race: India vs Pakistan

herbs growing in a white pvc garden tower. Need to stretch your gardening space?


A brief introduction to the team. Bryce Space ...

Planetary Boundaries

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Why technological innovation and increased cooperation regarding space debris are vital

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Republic of Sierra Leone Priorities for Sustainable Growth and Poverty Reduction : Systematic Country Diagnostic

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Summary of US national space policy on space debris and its implementation.

Around 15 percent of the world's food is now grown in urban areas. According to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), urban farms already supply ...

See https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/topics for an interactive website

The MELiSSA pilot plant at the University Autònoma of Barcelona, Spain.

Emerging Issues

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vertical tower garden in white pvc with herbs and kale

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Waste prevention[edit]

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Active debris removal

Providing End-to-End Real Estate Solutions to Meet the Needs of Customers


End poverty in all its forms everywhere

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More than a worm farm: Supporting children to be environmentally responsible

Value chain graphic

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The Soyuz MS-08 spacecraft for the next International Space Station (ISS) crew


ESA to investigate links between debris removal and satellite servicing

Project Overview

Sustainability has become an integral aspect of contemporary architectural design.

plastic in a hole saw


Green economy thus offers an immense possibility for productive investment and sustainable growth and therefore should be the central focus of any ...


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