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Sometimes being a superhero means big acts and sometimes it just

Sometimes being a superhero means big acts and sometimes it just


Sometimes being a superhero means big acts, and sometimes it just takes a few extra

America's need for superheroes has led to the rise of Donald Trump

Top 10 Superheroes

Some of the famous superheroes

The 30 Best Superhero Movies Since Blade

Tragic Bullets: 10 Superheroes Who Overcame Tragedy (and 10 Who Still Have Not)

“Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.


The Age Of Heroes: Why Are Superhero Movies So Popular?

Critics assemble: our writers pick their favorite superhero films

DC Comics

Everyone's favorite superhero family is back.

How to Be a Superhero Children's Ministry Curriculum

Replica of the “bat-signal” device from “Batman” at the Yorkshire Cosplay Convention at Sheffield Arena, Britain. (iStock)

Clark brought something to my attention here that I'd really never considered. The whole point of a world populated by superheroes is the feeling of ...

Did you ever want to be a Superhero? Did you ever wish that you could possess magical powers, like Harry Potter, or travel around the world in a time ...

Sky High Is the Only Good Superhero Movie

Superhero fiction

You blocked @Jody_Houser

Marvel's Civil War and its politics, explained

A new team of superheroes shows children with disabilities how unstoppable they really are.

Image. “

Analytic Wisdom from Batman (Justice League)

Batman's Decline From Hero to Just Another Angsty White Guy

grilled cheese, Flickr // CC BY 2.0


Why I love female superheroes

Why This Entrepreneur Wrote a Children's Book Starring Elon Musk as a Superhero

Many superhero films follow a basic dichotomy, the split between good versus evil. The good is represented by the superhero and the bad represented by the ...


spiderman into the spiderverse "

Dylan, 4, plays Batman at his home in Dubai. Engaging in the imaginary

'These men are bad role models': will my son get over his superhero obsession?

Batgirl And The Birds Of Prey #11 4

Superman soars: why cosplay conventions have become big business

The MCU Hits Television — for Real This Time

And So Are Your Heroes.

After 'Avengers: Endgame': Marvel's next big move may be a step back in time

Donald Trump Has Had 20 Comic-Book Cameos, and Lost His Head in Many of Them

The Long, Troubled, and Redemptive History of Latinx Superheroes - PopMatters

Captain Marvel: why the movie's milestone status creates so much pressure for it to succeed - Vox

Marvel is hoping to win more fans in East Asia with the creation of two Chinese

SHE'S BACK – Elastigirl may have hung up her Supersuit when the Supers were lying low. “

Stan Lee smiles during a photo session in his office in Santa Monica.

avengers infinity war 1

Sometimes we need to be the change that we want to see in the world. Philip Patson – Creative and social entrepreneur, writer, comedian, human rights ...

Frederick Luis Aldama's Eisner-winning history, Latinx Superheroes in Mainstream Comics, uncovers ways in which the mainstream American comic-book industry ...

(image: ...

The Hidden Story of Harley Quinn and How She Became the Superhero World's Most Successful Woman

Batman and Robin Comic Book

Welcome to The Superheroes Psychology Today blog. In this first post, let me address two questions: Why a psychological blog about superheroes?

Superhero Movies Are Taking Over the Oscars, and That's Good News for Everyone

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Leadership Lessons From Incredibles 2

Image titled Make a Superhero Costume Step 12

Comic book superheroes: the gods of modern mythology

Stan Lee Needs a

... just wants to be a normal girl again ...

Flash Promo (large) The ...


Image titled Fight Crime Step 2

The Most Complicated Onscreen Superhero Is Robin From Teen Titans Go!


Deadpool was originally a ripoff of a DC Comics villain ... and it worked out OK - Polygon

Top 10 motivational Quotes From Batman Dark Knight Trilogy That Will Motivate You

The 22 Marvel movies of the MCU Infinity Saga, ranked

Dola Sun

realism - Galactus

Every Villain is the Hero of Their Own Story

The Joker knows the score


Illustration for article titled A beginner's guide to the expansive Marvel Cinematic Universe

MARVEL Contest of Champions is a popular free-to-play mobile fighting game developed by Kabam. Although the game launched in 2014, it remains wildly popular ...

Yes, you're allowed to not love 'Black Panther'

Read the "controversial" comic book story that sees a feminist superhero meet Hillary Clinton - Vox

Literal and figurative explosions abound in superhero comics (in Flash #35, for example), making the explosion perhaps this decade's dominate visual trope.

Avengers: Endgame - What Captain Marvel's Hair Means to Fans

Why We Replaced Heroes with Antiheroes

2D animated children in superhero costumes face each other preparing for battle against a snowy background

janet van dyne wasp

Image titled Deter Graffiti Step 12

Batman's Traumatic Origins


The Avengers grossed over $600 million in the United States

Avengers: Infinity War poster full cast

Black Panther and Marvel's increasingly troubled relationship with America - Vox