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Simply Blessed He Has Risen in 2019 Spiritual Religious Snow

Simply Blessed He Has Risen in 2019 Spiritual Religious Snow


Here is a special blessing for you to ease your day, bring you peace,

He Lives. Easter printable. Feel free to download and print as an 8x10. by dominique

Here is a simple blessing for you to have a lovely day of happiness, light

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Things can't kill you but when the enemy attack's your mind, your heart and/or even your spirit it's time to put in your spiritual gear.

Bible Verses About Easter - Celebrate the risen Savior, Jesus Christ! Read the ultimate guide of God's Word on verses about the crucifixion, death, burial, ...

Christian Christmas Poem A Christmas Prayer by Robert Louis Stevenson

Q: It's that time of year, when everyone everywhere is saying “Merry Christmas” to me, even people who know that I am Jewish. Should I simply smile and ...

Prophetic Warning: "Christian" Witches Rising Using the Name of Jesus

Christian Christmas Poems

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Happy Easter Wishes

8 Prayers to Pray Each Day of Holy Week

1. "Forever"

... Solovki—A Christmas Feast for the Eyes and Spirit ...

Full Snow Moon - OFA

The content of the Simple Blessings and Oils Podcast post or page, including text, graphics, images, or information contained in text or audio, ...

Our 20 Favorite Songs about Jesus

It's Complicated.

Celebrate Easter ecard, online card

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From Astrology to Cult Politics—the Many Ways We Try (and Fail) to Replace Religion

Great Blessing of the Waters of Central Oregon. The living waters of the Deschutes River at Drake Park, under the cover of a gentle snowfall – water above ...

Christianity in Business - 54 Bible Verses to Study

Why Do We Have Christmas Trees?

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What Is the Difference between the Rapture and the Second Coming?

Ten Aspects of God's Sovereignty over Suffering and Satan's Hand in It | Desiring God

Scripture: Mark 3:20–35 Topic: The Holy Spirit

Who Is Jesus?

Top 10 tips for atheists this Easter

Fun With Dee: What's the Christian way of overcoming past hurts?

Aspen Chapel

Change is Hard…..but Necessary Sunday, May 26, 2019. My dear friends in Christ, As you all have heard I am going to be moving to Marin Catholic this summer ...

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19 of the Best Quotes About Easter

The Most Celebrated Easter Sermon...... | Christian History | Christianity Today

Sam Harris, the new atheist with a spiritual side

Pentecost Sunday: June 9

Simple Blessings and Oils Podcast


May 2019

Christian Christmas Poem by an Unknown Author

Beginning in 1838, Joseph Smith taught that he had seen two personages in the spring of 1820. In 1843, Smith taught that these personages, God the Father ...

What Is Ash Wednesday? & Why Do Christians Celebrate It

Boiled eggs are often decorated to celebrate Easter

Spiritual Warfare“I Saw the Demons Plotting”

A Drink At Joel's Place

Love these Christian Easter decorations! A list of ways to bring Christ into your family home this spring.

Salvation Step 1 - Benny Hinn Ministries

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Pentecost by Solomon Raj

College Preparatory Christian boarding school that offers grades quality courses.


The American Bible Society, left, is headquartered in Philadelphia. Photo courtesy of Google Maps

He is Risen ecard, online card

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How Can We Have Hope When Everything Looks Hopeless?

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Crucifixion's a Doddle by Julian Doyle

Now at last they were beginning Chapter One of the Great Story which no one on earth has read: which goes on for ever: in which every chapter is better than ...

25 Quotes about Christ for Your Christmas

Why Putting Christ Back in Christmas Is Not Enough

Fredericksburg Literary & Art Review Volume 7, Issue 1, Winter 2019

Just how dark is the Dark Knight? That has been the subject of much debate. Some people believe he had a religious affiliation or abandoned his Christian ...

The second message below is the one given by Our Blessed Lord concerning New York. It is most serious and extremely urgent.

February 24, 2019

... spiritual history will positively demonstrate that no religion has ever been greater than its idea of God. Worship is pure or base as the worshipper ...

Isaiah 26:12

Christian Christmas Poem Wonder by Nancy Buckley

25 Quotes to Give You Hope

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Part 2

Spiritual Warfare Prayer for Purity of Mind, Body and Soul

My Father Saw Heaven and Hell

Full Worm Moon OFA

Bible Verses For Father's Day - Sharefaith

Therein lies the glory of the Anglican position on Holy Communion. We are communing together, having a relationship with one another as we feast on the Lamb ...