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SCREEN THIS The Bail Trap shows the reality of the money bail

SCREEN THIS The Bail Trap shows the reality of the money bail


The Bail TrapThe Bail Trap

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How the bail system in the US became such a mess — and how it can be fixed

Bail trap: Poverty keeps thousands behind bars

A Night in Brooklyn Criminal Court

“Because in New York, we arrest close to a quarter of a million folks for misdemeanors every year, and there's no way that those cases can be tried in any ...

Neon bail bonds sign outside building

WEB19-BailBonds2-1160x768.jpg. Bail Bonds


America's bail system is a war on the poor. Let's get rid of it.

Bail Bonds

Inside the Wild, Shadowy, and Highly Lucrative Bail Industry

click to enlarge Monroe County Public Defender Tim Donaher - PHOTO PROVIDED

Behind Many 'Mom and Pop' Bail Bonds Shops Is a Huge Insurance Corporation Out to Profit From Misery

The November 6, 2017 issue of The Nation magazine.

Google and Facebook Join the Fight Against the Predatory Bail Industry

Baltimore's cash bail system traps thousands, propelling the poor deeper into poverty - Baltimore City Paper

Detaining the Poor: How money bail perpetuates an endless cycle of poverty and jail time | Prison Policy Initiative


madison square garden new york exterior

A courtroom artist's sketch of Huawei CFO Sabrina Meng Wanzhou, who was arrested on an

Detaining The Poor: How money bail perpetuates an endless cycle of poverty and jail time

On March 18, 2019, the Charles Town City Council ignored the will of the people and approved the bond ordinance to build sewer access to the Rockwool ...

NYCLU report pushes for bail reform

The challenge to the bond-buying plan could have ended the single currency.

6ix9ine Is Trying to Get $1.5 Million Bail Package to Get Out of Federal Custody

Can Black Lives Matter Win in the Age of Trump?

Rosy Valdez paid Libre a total of $3,780 for the monitor, a device that cut into her skin and was painful to wear. Jen Reel

In the foreground, Bond wears a suit and is holding a gun; four female

An old, abandoned state penitentiary cellblock bathed in sunlight.

Shannon Daves, a plaintiff in a lawsuit against Dallas County that alleges that the cash bail system discriminates against the poor.

image of hands pushing out of a jail cell. Bail Reform

Rep. Robin Vos, state Assembly Speaker.

Sliver Bond booklets presented during a press conference at the Central Government Office in Tamar in

Armed Bounty Hunters Raided Our Clients' Home to Prevent Private Companies From Losing $1,670 | American Civil Liberties Union

Later that month, she was a plaintiff in a lawsuit against Dallas County, alleging that its bail system was unconstitutional. James Coreas

In the analysis linked here, we developed the graphic above, which shows how to create a strongly positive return from the combination of 1) a potential ...

Why I'm teaching prisoners to code

The poster shows James Bond wearing a tuxedo and holding a gun, standing in front

On a black background, a woman in underwear painted gold stands on the left.

Chinese woman Zhang Yujing charged in security breach at Mar-a-Lago is denied bail

4:00 PM PT -- Chicago PD confirms to TMZ Jussie told them, in a follow-up interview, about the attackers yelling, "MAGA country."

America's Dirtiest Cops: Cash, Cocaine, Corruption on the Texas Border – Rolling Stone

A bail bond company, one of many along Riverfront Boulevard in Dallas. Photo by Alex Macon.

Rochester artists, arts groups discuss funding options

In the waiting room, where people wait to be booked into jail or pay their bail, a promotional video about SmartWater CSI played on an endless loop in both ...

When we look not at the individual cash flows, but instead at the cumulative total of the price changes for each of the 30 years of 3% interest payments, ...

Joanna Andreasson

The bash has been fiercely criticised as 'tone deaf' and 'exploitative' on

Kill All the Poppies: Elephants in the Room Content: 100 pages $15.00

Tencent launches strictest verification system yet to detect minors after Beijing's call for action on gaming | South China Morning Post

Pocket-lint What is the best order to watch the James Bond movies?

408: The Philanthropy Trap More at https://www.philosophytalk.org/shows /philanthropy-trap. Many of us generally admire people who donate large sums of money ...


Charlie Cox interview: 'Maybe I'm not good enough to play Bond' | The Independent

The Growing corporate cash hoard and Bail-ins. Content: 493 pages $30.00

IFR Reg S Bonds Roundtable 2018

Justice in the age of big data

The Nuns, The Priests, and The Bombs

VANCOUVER, BC - DECEMBER 10: Supporters Ada Yu and Wade Meng (no relation

Cooney to challenge Robach

Transcript: Read the Full Text of the CNBC Republican Debate in Boulder

... legal experts help unpack some of the most complicated issues in the criminal justice system. We break down the problems behind the headlines—like bail ...

An information board on display near the Huawei office building at its research and development centre

Interrelationships Among the Bond and Money Markets and Monetary Policy

Why these prisoners are getting law degrees behind bars

Bond Market Fintech – Matthew Kee

This ...

... stand with them – calling for greater protections for Emirati women by state actors. The United Arab Emirates is rated 'closed' on the CIVICUS Monitor.

Rotary Club of New Berlin, New Berlin Rotary Club, Rick Debe, Rotary water

Palm Springs International Film Festival 2019 Program by PS Film Festivals - issuu

three months passed before the body of Bella Bond, discovered in a trash bag in Boston Harbor, was identified.


A book cover, in deep red. In large yellow / gold stylised type are

Illustration of a female spy by Dwayne Bell

Saad Rafique and Salman Rafique's request for bail was denied by the court. — DawnNewsTV


Papi Chulo

Lil Dicky's '$ave Dat Money' Video Reveals an Ugly Truth About Hip-Hop and Race

The Audacious Project, a new model to inspire change at scale

Save the Date. March 10, Sunday at 3:30. It took a while but they are finally here! Movies on immigration stories. Date March 10th Sunday at 3:30 pm.

Brown: In those days, we had tobacco distributors selling to stores. And we'd hear from them: “I just sold three cases. Give me a dozen more.

Journal of Stem Cells

Juan Silva/The Image Bank/Getty Images

100 Greatest Props in Movie History

A view of the Dallas County Jail and Lew Sterrett Justice Center from the Commerce Street bridge. Photo by Alex Macon.