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Resolution Comparison Between Nominal Orbit Images of the Apollo 17

Resolution Comparison Between Nominal Orbit Images of the Apollo 17


Apollo 17 landing site

Resolution comparison between nominal orbit images of Apollo 17 landing site (a, b) and the sharper low orbit image (c). (NASA)

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Nominal coordinates of the Apollo 17 Lunar Module as read from NAC images SPICE (Table

Lunar orbiter captures sharpest ever views of Apollo moon landing sites | collectSPACE

NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) captured the sharpest images ever taken from space of the Apollo 12, 14 and 17 landing sites.

views of Apollo 14 landing site as seen by LRO

views of Apollo 12 landing site as seen by LRO

What does the Apollo 11 moon landing site look like today?

Apollo 17 Landing Site. The astronauts' traverse path and.

Apollo 17 ALSEP area, north is up ›

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Latest Moon Photos from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter: Page 4 | Space

New Photos Reveal Apollo 11 at First Moon Landing Site

LRO image of Ina, colorized using an Apollo 17 color. Hasselblad image. Credit: NASA/ISD/GSFC/ASU/GoneToPlaid.

Apollo command and service module

Monday, 17 December 2018

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A diagram illustrating the various imaging modes of Lunar Orbiter's photographic subsystem. Click on image to enlarge. (NASA)

'Like a Big Ol' Freight Train': 45 Years Since the Launch of Apollo 17


Apollo 17

1970s, Apollo 15, Apollo 16, Apollo 17, Apollo Program, EVA

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Apollo 4

Apollo 17

Standard image High-resolution image ...

The First Steps Saturn V USB contains 534 ultra-high resolution flight images from the historic Apollo 7 Mission – every photograph taken by the astronauts ...

Luminary is the program which was usually run on the Apollo Guidance Computer installed in the Lunar Module (LM). In order to be loaded into the ...

Electrical issues resolved to allow CRS-17 Dragon launch


... and the Apollo program - came to an end, NASA shifted the focus of its manned spaceflight program from exploration to science with the launch of the ...

Index map of the Moon (Clementine albedo image), showing the location of some

Fig. 4. Crossover differences ...

Ron Evans receives a farewell greeting from his wife, as the Apollo 17 crew departs their quarters for launch. Gene Cernan (right) and Jack Schmitt look on.

Explorers:Space Exploration, Apollo 17: NASA "Final Flight Plan" ...

Standard image High-resolution image ...

Eugene Cernan of Apollo 17, the last team to land on the moon, almost 45 years ago. (NASA)

This special commemorative Apollo 10 50th Anniversary USB flash drive contains the complete catalog of every photograph taken by the Apollo 10 astronauts ...

... Gene Cernan shot a short series of pictures of the destination from his left window of the lunar module Challenger. At full resolution, comparing ...

S-IVB stage of Apollo 17. Credit: NASA

1: Orthoimage and NAC DTM subsets @ Apollo 17 site

Two major constituents of geospace are imaged by TWINS. The ring current is composed of energetic ions and electrons trapped by the Earth's magnetic field.

Explaining The Moon's Weird Orbit

LRO in orbit.jpg

... Explorers:Space Exploration, Apollo 5: NASA "LM-1 Data Book" ...


A composite of AS15-97-13140 to ...

Opportunity route map

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(b) Budget-driven cost profile comparison in then-year dollars of three representative pathways with and without the ISS extended to ...

An EML2 payload nudged away from Luna would rise to an 1.8 million km apogee. An ordinary earth orbit at 450,000 kilometers from earth's center would move ...

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The long-term dynamical evolution of a nominal orbit of C/2011 L6.

Landing location of Apollo 17

Comparison of the KHI dynamics for periodic (1A and 1B) and open (1C) boundary conditions. The 1B and 1C show the high-resolution cases.

InSight's trajectory to Mars

Links to additional data products derived from recent and ongoing planetary missions are also included.

A composite of AS15-97-13140 to 13152 shows the rough floor of Gagarin where the debris blankets flung in from distant craters ...

Apollo 16

The Taurus-Littrow valley is the location of the Apollo 17 landing site (asterisk). Cutting across the valley, just above the landing site, ...

Here's all 6 landing sites taken from the LRO.

January 1981 (full resolution at Internet Archive).


Raw scan, Color balanced ...

Apollo 17

From each of the eight SAWs, the primary power goes to a corresponding Direct Current Switching Unit (DCSU).

This is a sketch of the lunar sunrise seen from orbit by Apollo 17 astronaut Eugene

Mission life cycle.jpg

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Tracks made Pete Conrad and Alan Bean can be seen in this LRO image of the Apollo 12 landing site. (NASA)

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The operational strategy of 'point-and-shoot' is highly related to fine- resolution, while global surveying is facilitated by the coarser resolutions .

Basic Lunar Return Mission Trajectory (Apollo) - Image: NASA/Spaceflight101

A view of the Apollo 17 CSM America (with its SIM visible) from the approaching LM Challenger. (JSC/NASA)

High definition image of the Moon taken after the critical phase

Dynamical history and future of a nominal orbit of C/2010 S1. This figure

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FIGURE 4.10 Relationship of missions to high-priority capabilities.

Hydrogen model abundance X (by mass) in the Sun as a function of distance

Astronaut Thomas K. Mattingly II performs a spacewalk


Technical Requirements for Lunar Structures | Journal of Aerospace Engineering | Vol 21, No 2

Introduction Letter

Open AccessArticle High-Resolution ...


as17-133-20228-apollo-17-apollo-17 -mission-image-station-4-panoramic-92e39a-1600.jpg

FIGURE 1: Landsat Timeline.