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Read more about Beware Of Dog Doggy Habits Dogs Beware of dog


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Danz, a German shepherd trained by the transit squad, is a patrol dog that can also detect explosives.

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Beware websites that purport to sell purebred puppies for low prices, a Better Business Bureau report warns. (iStock)

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My sister has been talking about getting a dog for the last four months. But that's only for the four months that I've known about her wanting a dog.

Horrible Hundred report highlights problem puppy mills in the U.S.

WUXIAN Dog Toothbrush Stick,Dog Teeth Cleaning Massager Nontoxic Natural Rubber Dog Toothbrush chew Toy for Pet Dog

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The harness sits behind your dog's front legs and loops around their chest, with a leash ring at the front.

A moment of passion in Normandale Dog Park in 2011. (Natalie Behring)

Steve Baker, a Better Business Bureau international investigations specialist, said much like online dating

Instagram sensation Dolly Pawton

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Man holds chihuahua on his lap for a story about whether you should have a dog. Image Chihuahuas make good apartment dogs, but beware ...

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BEWARE THE HOPPING CANINE. or, my dog the marsupial

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This young golden retriever will serve as a therapy dog with the Franklin Police Department.

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