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Pondering the Spade Discussing Important Convergences between

Pondering the Spade Discussing Important Convergences between


Pondering the Spade (Discussing Important Convergences between Archaeology and Old Testament Studies; BY David

Talking about Jesus (Discovering the Joy of Sharing Jesus' Story; BY David M

Scripture and Cosmology: Reading the Bible Between the Ancient World and Modern Science

Nothing Special (The True Story of Horses Inspiring Spiritual Awakenings in the Most Unexpected of

Since the Beginning: Interpreting Genesis 1-2 Through the Ages

Overcoming Emotional Obstacles through Faith (eBook)

Empathy, Fire and Spades: Design for Social Innovation

[Ezekiel's Vision of the Valley of Dry Bones,

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Finally, Dr Dong Nguyen (Alan Turing Institute, University of Utrecht) took a computational sociolinguistic perspective on the relation between language and ...


Adrian D. Parker

Figure 1. The two CHI-ldren, Julianna and Nicholas, swinging with VR headsets (top left), viewing museum artifacts in VR (right), and taking in the views of ...

There is a relationship among them that [page 390] ...

Christianity Today recently released their 2019 Book Award winners. I rarely get very excited about the winners—or the finalists.

Zóbel-Chillida, a Meeting | Alfonso de la Torre

I am running out of time! It is almost time to wake you up and the coffee is close to done, but not quite. I pour another round of hot water from the fancy ...

Jump into the Story (The Art of Creative Preaching; BY Ray R. Friesen

From Why to How

Roundtable discussion (from left to right): Marcus Tomalin, Olly Grender, Margaret Mitchell, Melanie Smallman, Emily M. Bender

Know Thyself: Western Identity from Classical Greece to the Renaissance



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... they co-founded ...


Bullshit Jobs

Please Explain: Why is My Curriculum White? Panel Discussion

Nyer Urness House

He emerges from his trailer, receives a shipment of shovels, and rebuffs an offer of further help from the delivery man, declaring his preference to work ...

Fawkes: A Novel

The lives of walruses, humans, and polar bears have always been intertwined. How


Shovel Flag - F3GR

Centro Regional de Empresas y Emprendimientos Responsables (CREER) | Institute for Human Rights and Business

... the fictionalized reports, the difficulties of expression, and the at times wobbly appropriation of Western categories, we find an Andean view of the ...

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Workshop: Wild stories: the heroes and villain in our gardens

April 18, 2019

Global area-averaged lower tropospheric temperature anomalies (departures from 30-year calendar monthly means, 1981-2010). The 13-month centered average is ...

Figure 6

Advances in HVAC equipment design and controls technology, coupled with mandates for increased energy efficiency, have led to HVAC terminal unit designs ...

tangled mass of articulated fish from the Tanis inundation surge deposit

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Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Finding a Mentor


The TSM considers the academic process for a doctoral project and important steps

Why am I going on about Mardi Gras as we approach Easter? Because of the colors. We would suspend a large flag decorated in the purple, yellow and green of ...

And it brings the community together, to share a common experience that is hopefully a moment apart from life's stresses.

BJBB | HQ Overview (2) by Kanlamari


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A live web lecture from a colleague from Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan (Fuad Ali Qirem, Ph.D.) to showcase work in other Arab states.

From Streetwise Reports: Precious metals expert Michael Ballanger discusses distortions in the markets, and how they apply to gold.

I cannot sufficiently praise the brilliant writing commanded by Erikson to tell the tale of this fateful city, in the form of the most engaging and unique ...

Call a spade a spade (or a coin)

This comment section is open for any non-work-related discussion you'd like to have with other readers, by popular demand. (This one is truly no work and no ...

Just published in the Advances in Optimality Theory series from Equinox: Dinnsen & Gierut (eds.), Optimality Theory, Phonological Acquisition and Disorders.

Iconoclasm And Violence

LindaAnn Loschiavo is a effective and anonymous perspective of the assemblies that are first small interpretations and media to preserve a more Southern ...

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All archival images courtesy Mohammad Khordadian

Diderot encyclopedicliberty1642 tp


I Am Jealous of Your Summer. Medium: Oil on board. Size: 40 x 40cm. By Katrine Claassens

Alibaba Rebound From Major Support, Is This The Time To Re-load The Bull

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Assembling California—I

The SFWMD Cost Forecasting Tool presented the total cost of operations and maintenance from the current year to 2150. The upper panel shows the total cost ...

The Right Kind of Wrong Exhibit and Lecture at the TDC


From On Immunity: Nonfiction — Eula Biss

May 2019

... and it has real-life applications, which was important to me,” Leahy says.

We didn't record in our usual studio ...

The insights and benefits from this sample SWOT exercise should motivate HR leaders to strive for opportunities to embrace and apply big data to impact ...

100 educational innovations from around the world · Idea Champions · Storytelling for the Revolution

How to Deal with Feedback

image from www.visualcapitalist.com

Petey is the C Lazy U Ranch mascot, but he has another, even more important job: he protects our horses from predators. He also occasionally moonlights at ...

Six Flags Great America, the Thrill Capital of the Midwest, has received the last vote from the Rock Valley College approving the final of 11 real estate ...

The Gap of Time by Jeanette Winterson

It is called Still Evangelical? Insiders Reconsider Political, Social, and Theological Meaning and is edited by Mark Labberton (IVP) regularly $17.00; ...

... with a six month and the 1997–1998 El Niño event. On lower right, the linear slopes for a set of global heating rates is given.”

Smarter Commerce at Work: "The Feedback ...

Watts Up With That?

Not frequently discussed in the turmoil about trade sanctions is the energy sector. The three countries with which the U.S. is currently engaged in trade ...

In the photo below are some participants at the openning of the conference at VASS headquarter in Hanoi (Prof Tran, 7th from left).