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Pisces approach love as oneness of body soul and spirit perfect

Pisces approach love as oneness of body soul and spirit perfect


Pisces approach love as oneness of body, soul and spirit perfect congeniality and communication.

Leo Woman and Pisces Man Love Compatibility

Boni Light. Soul Vs SpiritPower ...

Pisces in Astrology

QuickBibleFacts. Soul vs. Spirit ...


These key words for element and quality can be combined to describe the soul lesson of each sign in a simple but profound way (Table 1).

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You will notice that the triangle of the Soul has a threefold nature corresponding to a higher octave of the personality vehicles. The physical body has its ...

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Pisces Man Traits In Love & In Bed 1280x960

#Astrology #Zodiac #Love #Libra #Aries #Horoscope #Scorpio #Tarot

The VIRGO ā€“ PISCES Full Moon Chart

2017 Chiron in Pisces Retrograde ā€“ Our Second-to-Last Chance to Heal

The highest goal of traditional or personality-centred astrology is the integration of the personality. This is achieved by recognising and striving to ...

Are you Feeding your Ego or your Soul?

The four elements will now be considered using alternative key words (Figure 2). Fire can be equated to love. It is the love of life in specific ways that ...

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LOVE IN : Full Moon Pisces+Eclipse '16

Soul Vs Spirit, Holy Spirit, Soul 2 Soul, Soul Meaning, Bible Study

Pisces Men and Sexuality

the Pisces archetype reflects how a person can tap into public/collective consciousness and its needs! The 12th House content, together with Neptune and ...

Astrology for Self Discovery and Personal Reflection


Download a special guide to healing your chakras including a list of planets & zodiac signs that each of the chakras are associated with by becoming a ...


Fish are a lot like the element they live in. Their bodies are pliable. They have skin covered with scales reminding us of the surface of water when it is ...

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Soul Signs In Love


Neptune Retrograde in Pisces 2018~~Will you still love me when I am no longer young and beautiful???



The Relationship Add-on lets you calculate composite charts (using the midpoints of the two individual's charts) and display the full interpretations.

Spirit Soul Body Teaching | Restoration Of The Family | Restoring Families Biblically

New Age

Courtesy of AstroLibrary.org; 31.


Image by Francis Donald

The slightest hint of this should make you look hard at what you have taken on, why you have taken it on, and how best to put the machine first.

Your Sign Through The Year: Pisces

While we may have pondered certain goals that we could make, and briefly told ourselves we are going to make a change, did we consciously set an intention ...

Uranus ...

Pisces Full Moon šŸŒ• ONENESS ...

Ego and the Soul

The three basic components that make up the symbols of the planets are shown in Figure 1. The circle represents spirit. It has no beginning and no ending.

Pisces New Moon

Happy Pisces Season!

Pisces sign art: fishes Medieval Pisces sign art ...

Pisces is the realm of dreams. A trance-like milieu, a means to draw forth our version of idyllic paradise. Fantasize and conjure.

Pisces, by artist B.A.Vierling

Pisces sign art: fishes ...

Chiron: Healing with Astrology

Given that Pisces is one of the most emotionally sensitive (or over-sensitive) signs, it can be certainly prone to depression, although it exists in all the ...

I invite you to explore these ideas and reconsider the way you have approached the 12th house, Neptune and Pisces in chart analysis.

Man and woman

Taos, NM | 2018 | photo by author

Heroes on the Path of Love AUDIO



Conservative Party birth chart

Exact at 12:17 a.m, 30 May '18. AEST

Chiron and the healing Spirit

Unconditional Love Flows Into The Physical ā€“ Tapping Into Divine Oneness. But Have You Been Affected By ā€œ3Dā€ Society Into Aiming Too Low?

Esoteric Advent

The soul lesson of Taurus is service through love. The symbol of Venus has the circle of spirit, infinite and ...


spirit weavers

... spirit ā€” or, when the spirit comes into the body ā€” Venus shows up. There is magic to be found ā€” magic that Taurus is particularly adept at summoning.

Happy Pisces New Moon!



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Mary Devincentis Herzog | sourced via lions roar.com


Pisces Glyph

Pisces: I accept and forgive others and myself.


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Vesica Pisces Souls EN




January 2017: Saturn, Capricorn And Current Transits

Juno's AND Pallas's Nodes in SN-Pisces-NN-Virgo

You can also read Mars signs for this! šŸŒŸ Jesus had Mars in Virgo šŸŒŸ