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People dancing and playing music as an antidote to a tarantula bite

People dancing and playing music as an antidote to a tarantula bite



Tarantism, Hysterical Dancing to Cure Spider Bite

"Antidote" | Catalogue search | Wellcome Collection

Antidotum tarantulae, a curative musical score from Athanasius Kircher (c. 1660)

A Little Known Tome

Anatomy and botany; top, arteries of the stomach; centre left, tarantula; bottom left, scorpion; bottom right, acorns. Coloured engraving, 1834-1837.

View image of A desert blond tarantula (Aphonopelma chalcodes) (Credit: Barry Mansell/NPL)

Dancing mania

Ancient Greek vase painting of bacchantes dancing

Dances with Spiders (inbunden)

View image of A Mexican redknee tarantula (Brachypelma smithi) (Credit: Stephen Dalton/NPL)

Handbook of medical entomology. Insect pests; Insects as carriers of disease; Medical .

March of the spiders: Mating season brings tarantulas out

tarantula etchings - Google Search

Spider bite

View image of A Mexican redknee tarantula (Brachypelma smithi) (Credit: Visuals Unlimited/NPL)

'Spiders Alive!' at American Museum of Natural History - The New York Times

"BITES" | Catalogue search | Wellcome Collection

"De Arte Magnetica", contains a chapter about Tarantula and the musical antidote to its poison by Athanasius Kircher,

"PLAYING" | Catalogue search | Wellcome Collection

World's Most Deadly Spider - Brazilian Wandering Spider

The truth about tarantulas: not too big, not too scary

Taranta dance

"Antidote" | Catalogue search | Wellcome Collection

TRADITIONAL DANCE / Equatorial Guinea - TRADITIONAL DANCE and music are the central elements

Traditional FOLK dances / Tibet - Traditional FOLK dances of Tibet are of a

View image of The "original" tarantula, Europe's Lycosa tarantula (Credit: imageBROKER/Alamy)

Illustration by Athanasius Kircher for Tarantella score

Tooro DANCES / Uganda - Tooro DANCES are dances performed by the Tooro people

The March of the Tarantulas: Giant, Poisonous, Aggressive, and Scary Spiders

"Antidote" | Catalogue search | Wellcome Collection


Traditional dance / Barbados - Traditional dance of Barbados is related to the popular

Poison pass: the man who became immune to snake venom

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Honey from a jar and a tarantula bite

Green and Gold Girl

A Mevlevi, or whirling dervish (Sufi), performing a ritual mystic dance. Drawing, ca. 1850, Wellcome Library reference: 566398i.

4 months after a brown recluse spider bite with scar remaining

Fresco of women dancing in a line

The event of 1518 is the most documented case of dancing plague. Despite modern scientific

Herbal, Tarantula Antidote. Engraving in Kircher's 'Magnes, Sive de arte magnetica'

Ancient sculpture of women dancing

Traditional Dance / China - Traditional Dance in China is a highly varied art

Meet Lucas the Spider, Your Cure for Arachnophobia!

In Italy, as it was believed to have been caused by the bite of a tarantula spider or scorpion, it was known as tarantism. Other sources state that dancing ...


They would use tambourines, and could dance for days to purify the victim of the venom.

The mysterious dancing mania and mass psychogenic illness


CLICK HERE to listen to Lullabies for Arachnophobes on Bandcamp


Artship Tarantella Tarantula rehearsal

Huge Huntsman spider handed in at reptile park is 'Australia's biggest' | London Evening Standard

Tinikling / Philippines - Tinikling is a traditional folk dance from the Spanish colonial

Performance in a Greek amphitheater

View image of A Goliath birdeater (Theraphosa blondi), largest of all spiders (Credit: Pete Oxford/NPL)

Art in the asylum


TEMNE DANCES / Sierra Leone - TEMNE DANCES are dances performed by the Temne

Dancing To Heal cover

TRADITIONAL DANCE / Ecuador - TRADITIONAL DANCE plays important role in Ecuador, that

What Is Ichthammol Ointment Used for on Humans? thumbnail

Dsc 3144 copy

'The Awakening' Made Me Realize That Motherhood Would Drown Me

Fun Fact About Spiders Are Worth Reading

Dances with Spiders: Crisis, Celebrity and Celebration in Southern Italy

Tharaka DANCE / Kenya - Tharaka DANCE is a traditional dance of Tharaka people

The Best Music to be Inspired by Tarantula Bites

The 'deadly' Black Widow spider

Younger maestros Jens Peter Maintz and Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt

Redback Spider - This spider might be relatively small compared to other Australian spider species,

Fra en danseoppvisning i en park i England sommeren 1933

The Beauty and Breakdancing of Medellín's Comuna 13

Archaic map of southern Italy

A Brazilian man 31 hours after having been bitten on his face by a recluse spider

Tarantella by unkown painter, 1850 Folk Dance, Dance Music, Dance Art, Spanish

Susie Dent: how poison leaks into our vocabulary, from hair of the dog to Novichok

The VIVACELLO Festival will return to Moscow next fall

Nemzetközi Bálok Budapesten

Rome - Tarantella, Italian folk dance. Illustrated page from Athanasius Kircher's 'Magnes sive

Traditional DANCE / Papua New Guinea - Traditional DANCE plays an important role in

Mykonos Biennale - -

Mykonos Biennale - -

Generally, musicians accompanied dancers, to help ward off the mania, but this tactic sometimes backfired by encouraging more to join in.

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