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People ask me why I lift the way I docause for me that agony I

People ask me why I lift the way I docause for me that agony I


People ask me why I lift the way I do...cause for me, that agony I get during a set is the best feeling in the world

I like being different. Will this program make me look like a bodybuilder? AGR is designed for men who have the goal of both burning fat and building muscle ...

You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, .

Keep The Drive Alive: 20 Of The Best Motivational And Inspirational Pictures On The Web [13th Edition]

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Everybody pities the weak Arnold Motivation, Lifting Motivation, Body Building Motivation, Men Fitness

You are your greatest ally, or adversary to your growth. Stay out of your own way, and believe in your tenacity to stand tall.



Even Stronger Than They Look: Casey Viator | FLEX Online

Just perfect! Funny Fitness Motivation, Fitness Memes, You Fitness, Physical Fitness,

3 out of 4 people will be ghosted in their lifetime (source: unknown or possibly made up) and 85% of all people everywhere believe ...

7 F1 ...

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How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone With A Guy (And Have Him Chasing

Michael Jackson poses for a photo shoot at his Hollywood Hills home on April 20,

I never have felt that people ...

“In ...

Tess Whitehurst - Spells and Rituals - 5 Awesome Ways to Break a Hex or a

How I healed my interstitial cystitis

Editorial Note: This post is by Lynne Millican, the founder of Lupron Victims Hub. Lupron is leuporelin – one of several Relins. Lynne's story which dates ...

“I ...

... turn in and be his tell and for the love of god and all things holy in the universe, may there always be someone besides his mother (and me) who knows.

I wish someone had told me .

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This theatre actress is best known for originating the roles of Veronica in "Heathers: the Musical" off-Broadway and Janice in "Mean Girls" on Broadway.

Living in the shadows, lifting up the curtain from a lifetime of silence . . . after surviving child abuse.

US first lady Michelle Obama has been identified as ...

“It ...

Of the four musicals nominated in 1982, only two actually deserved to win. Those were “Nine” and “Dreamgirls”. The also-rans that season were the cloyingly ...

When thinking about sex, one must consider prostitution, pornography and sex tourism. I also think that one should consider InCels and men who are changing ...

Removing the Head or Destroying the Brain

I really do wish people could understand me ...

USC student Sade Famuyiwa. (Photo/Gus Ruelas)

Accepting the Republican Nomination, 1968 poster image

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21 'Hamilton' Memes That Continue To Give Us Life

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... proudly call THE HUMAN BRAIN!

“I got imposter syndrome. It's a mentality that plagues a lot of people from

Skeleton Crew

Lynn Somerstein Biography


If there was an award to be given for “Biggest Tony Award Upset in History,” this would easily win. By the time the Tonys finally rolled around in 2004, ...

Martinez was active with the Children's Defense Fund before coming to USC

And all that is within me Bless His Holy name.

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Wasn't expecting this last night! Wow! Little me nominated on International Women's

... ME; 34. And I ...

poem 2-FINAL cropped

Oh, and I know that I should have probably focused on their suggestion that the AAATA plan is some sort of scheme to take money from the upstanding ...

Dependence on Antidepressants and The New York Times

Speaking of let's take a look at old papa Wolverine, while not as strong as his old man Daken is somewhat comparable in terms of strength, so let's look at ...

192 Things People Don't Realise You're Doing Because Of Your Depression. Ask Pandas

The outfit that left Thomas Cook Airline staff threatening Emily with being thrown off the plane


Not Your Boo: LA Women Share Their Spookiest Ghosting Stories

It is time to change course, pain specialists and medical scientists are telling us. But how? And what are the millions of chronic pain sufferers to do when ...


My Story: Drug Tests and Pain Contracts Violate Patient Rights


This website orginally my story of breast implant illness and first published in February 2013, has become the culmination of breast implant illness stories ...

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14 K1: Keep me true Lord Jesus keep me true…

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A plea to Indonesia: don't kill these changed men

William Whewell quote: Every failure is a step to success.

Reflections on a Psychiatric Indoctrination, or, How I Began to Free Myself from the Cult of Psychiatry - Mad In America

Is Facebook breaking our democracy jpg ? | The Misinformation ...

Medical Medium Blogs

I received this poem from my mother in 1988. At the time, I believed that it was her way of reaching out to me to reconcile what had happened to me as ...


... way that's consistent with someone ...

the weapon for the inconsiderate hands. #iampoetrycrazy the link in my bio is the

Unscripted Love 0001 movie finis lyrics are in the song

(I do urge you to listen to the podcast and listen to her compelling, fluid presentation. Sometimes an mp3 is worth thousands of words of text!)