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Never Anger the Ones With Power Over the Dumpsters aw yiiiiissssss

Never Anger the Ones With Power Over the Dumpsters aw yiiiiissssss


Never Anger the Ones With Power Over the Dumpsters

Beware The 21st Century Warrior!!

She Touched Me!

1st prize!

Lesson (not) learned.

Watch out for the hand holding and wheelchair mob members! Naida Morrison · aw yiiiiissssss

aw yiiiiissssss · Came across this car in a parking lot



Top 33 Memes of The Week - Cheezburger Users Edition #77

Using one several times a week, I can confirm ;)



aw yiiiiissssss · When someone steals the pillows off your front porch, so you get new ones.


Neck beard begins to anger

Naturally what you do if you live in apartment 314


aw yiiiiissssss · Baby shower win



My sister asked me why I needed a green screen. I told her my girlfriend and I had a very important project to work on.


When you can't graffiti on walls around town so you make your own wall with plastic wrap.




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Funny pictures of odd garbage cans, trash cans, wastebaskets, dumpsters, bins all cute and prepared to collect the waste. Have fun when taking out the ...


rearrange the letters Humour, El Humor, Funny Quotes, Funny Memes, Hilarious,

get out of the dumpster behind walmart for starters I guess.

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Experience the iconic TV moment where Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy

Its true a cop pulled me over and gave me certificates cause i was wearing a


So many moose in Canada! Oh, those zany Canadians! Funny Headlines, Newspaper

Completle true

I can name you five games with bad graphics that are better than most modern games: The Legend of Zelda, LoZ: Ocarina of Time, Minecraft (Kind of modern but ...

Warning: jumping into toxic waste does not give you super powers.

Eridan Ampora by Pride-kun on DeviantArt

The upside of Dyslexia? For N one day when he can laugh about it!

30 Funny Pictures from Canada

21 Real Moments That Are So Canadian It's Actually Painful

Omg! Have to totally agree it's one my sons favorite movie and I never thought

Lotr, Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit, Cool Designs, My Dream Home

Can we take a moment to appreciate Robin Sparkles in the picture. I want to

Don't ship EriKar, but this is a nice pic

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter Book 2, Deco

For my fellow Canadians.

exile vilify homestuck gif - Google Search

Cosplay T45d power armor with minigun

I believe in Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes Quotes, Sherlock Bbc, Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock,

Thorin Dori Ori Nori Balin Dwalin Fili Kili by CuriousOwlFandom

Inspiring Spider

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Ancient Greek Curse Tablets 'Call Upon' The Gods Of The Underworld

Colorful Postboxes on the colourful island of Procida Sardinia Island, Italian Street, Mailbox Post

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Daily Randomness Photos

'I live in a bank'

Oh Angry cat, I understand your anger


This works for him! Maybe I tied the knot wrong... I'

Whoa, for a child those are huge antlers! I love the little animals sitting in them and crowding around to hear the music. They look spellbound.

Signless isn't sure he to feel about this

Make Your Own Spock Monkey

17 Things Saskatchewan Has That Will Make The Rest Of Canada Jealous

Blutrausch zum Feierabend

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Design something!

That One Kid

This quote talks about the fun side of the being a nerd or geek. For a person to be a nerd or geek, they do what makes them happy.

When Spock gets mad. Star Wars, Star Trek Tos, Love Stars, Nerd

I'm Geeky and I know It Star Trek, Geek Chic, Geek Style

silver spoons into fish windchimes. Have one in my kitchen, when the kitchen window

Gulf of Naples and the Island of Procida a new one for my bucket list !

power rings Geek Jewelry, Jewelry Rings, Rings Cool, Tech Toys, Geek Girls

humanstuck solkat

The Jewel in the Mediterranean Sea- Procida

#Hangouts (some time open drawing Live) #homestuck art #fantroll art and. "

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Pikalink by znuese Videogames, Pikachu, Pokemon Pokemon, Nintendo, Link Cosplay, Weapon

NOTE: what do you Americans think we are? Yetis? Canadian Humour, Canadian

Stridercest~ Bro x Dave :D Homestuck Trolls, Homestuck Cosplay, Cosplay Tumblr,

sadly, true.

Fallout PC ♥ I want this. ^_^ Fallout Art, Fallout New Vegas

For star wars fans marriage rings

Getting a drivers license…

You're Doing It Wrong! on Threadless

a postmodern dork

Walt Disney Rage Faces

Need a Thanos drink? Having a Marvel or Infinity War party? Do not watch

55 Hilarious Memes For Anyone Who Just Loves Sleep

Cottages on the island of Procida - Italy. Bucket List Destinations, Italy Travel,

2014 MEME Canada Is Sorry. haha funny pictures of canada from the meme and lol pics 2014

Star Wars Steam Punk (this is mildly blasphemous to my Star Wars Nerd heart, but still.) <--- I agree wholeheartedly with the author of this description.

Shredder - Ninja Turtles - Still one of my favorite villains Shredder Tmnt, Ninja Turtles