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NYCPostClosingPossessionAgreement Hauseit NYC Townhouse

NYCPostClosingPossessionAgreement Hauseit NYC Townhouse


A post-closing possession agreement allows a seller to temporarily remain in the condo,

If you're lucky enough to be able to buy your own townhouse in New

NYC-Post-Closing-Possession-Agreement | Hauseit NYC | Townhouse, Condo, Nyc

However, most buyers are smart enough to realize that it's use it or lose it when it comes to having a free buyer's agent. As a result, 90% of deals are ...

For example, an exclusive listing gives a broker additional branding and referral opportunities, perhaps even from neighbors who contact them to sell their ...

For example, the average days on market to a signed contract in NYC is currently over 130 days, which is highly indicative of just how much New York City's ...

... they'll buy houses and close within 7 days or so. Even more confounding, there are many heavily funded startups that are nothing more than app based ...

At Hauseit, we make buying and selling real estate in New York City so much less expensive.

Request NYC's largest discreet Buyer Agent Commission Rebate. A Hauseit Buyer Rebate offers you a

... but you'll also capture those buyers who are searching for properties under $1 million because they don't want to pay the NYC Mansion Tax.

As referenced by the New York Department of State, there have been many instances where a broker has successfully sued a seller for a commission even though ...

It's important to note that autumn is an important selling season as well, even if it's not as popular of a time as spring to list a home in NYC.


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As it turns out, it's much more complicated to buy co-op apartment shares or a condominium unit vs buying your run-of-the-mill single family house out in ...

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Here are some tips and tricks to buying a home in NYC that agents nor the

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And as with any product or service that is negotiable, the best way to get the best rate is to tell salespeople that you are shopping around and speaking ...

What are the risks to a buyer of a post-closing possession agreement?

A Letter of No Objection in NYC is used to verify the legal use of a

Hauseit listing syndication features your home on hundreds of popular real estate websites all at once

All cash buyers are often investors or vulture buyers who want to prey on weak or unsuspecting sellers who desperately need to sell fast, and who would be ...

Are Real Estate Offers Binding in NYC

Is it Worth Buying a Coop in NYC? (2019) | Hauseit®

Make sure you're reaching all potential home buyers

Ready to sell your home?

That means your listing appears on the RLS (REBNY Listing Service) broker property database, StreetEasy, OLR (On-Line Residential — NYC Broker Database), ...

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Buying a coop in NYC can be a daunting process. What are the pros and

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Immediate next steps you'll need to follow to successfully sell your home without a

Closing costs in NYC are between 1.5% - 6% for buyers and 8 -

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The RPTT also applies to the transfer or sale of 50% or more ownership in a partnership, corporation, trust or other business entity that owns and/or leases ...

The combined NYC and NYS Transfer Tax rates are 1.4% for sales of $500k

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I am pleased with the Hauseit team.

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The Purchase CEMA itself is the act of assigning a seller's existing mortgage to the buyer. The CEMA reduces the amount of new loan money which must be ...

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Co-op Subletting Rules in NYC

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As a result, NYC real estate commission rebates are uncommon in boroughs with a lower price point and farther away because agents will not want to accompany ...

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Just Listed! Oceanside | 1 Bedroom | 1 Bath | CO-OP | $229,000

It's very common to find listings in NYC priced just below $1 million because of the Mansion Tax. Many sellers hope that by initially pricing below $1 ...

Can sellers re-negotiate the buyer agent fee after their home has been listed?

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The cost of gut renovating a typical bathroom in NYC is between $20,000 to $50,000.

Saving and investing your money in either NYC real estate or the stock market are both

What Is the 421g Tax Abatement in NYC? (2019) | HauseitⓇ


The true 'costs' of buying an apartment in NYC are simply your closing costs and the value of your time and emotional energy invested in the search process.

Avoid Contingent Offers

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It is important to understand that when it comes to real estate, 1031 transactions are only allowable for investment, trade or business use real estate.

The NYC Mortgage Recording Tax is a buyer closing cost which is 1.8% for loans


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How to make a successful lowball offer on an NYC apartment in today's buyer's market

¿Cuánto Son Los Costos de Cierre Para el Comprador en NYC

When a smaller building needs capital upgrades to expensive components such as the roof, boiler, façade or elevators, there are fewer apartment owners who ...

Exclusive buyer agreements are only seen for foreign buyers who heavily rely on a local exclusive buyers agent in NYC for their purchase

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What's the difference between a condo vs apartment in NYC? Why are some properties listed

154 East End Avenue

Hauseit NYC · Comprar un condominio en la Ciudad de Nueva York es un proceso mucho más sencillo que

How should buyers and sellers approach a real estate bidding war in NYC? We'll explain everything you need to know about real estate bidding wars in NYC and ...

Hauseit offers a FSBO NYC Flat Fee MLS listing which places your home on the MLS

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Seller's Attorney Fee


Buying a condo in NYC may seem like a straightforward process vs buying a co op

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Unbelievably, some For Sale By Owner websites even watermark every listing photo with their logo so that even the most obtuse Realtor will understand that ...


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