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Mormons and Jews Were More Alike Than We Think Motherhood

Mormons and Jews Were More Alike Than We Think Motherhood


Youth's Fiscal Problems- St. Louis Missouri

One of the most cunning aspects of the adversary's efforts to thwart our Father in Heaven's plan of happiness is his deceitful teaching that there is no ...

I will discuss some of the adversary's efforts to mischaracterize and undermine the blessings of living according to the Father's plan.

Meet the Mormons

This article is adapted from Date-Onomics by Jon Birger (Workman Publishing Company, 2015)The dating game is rigged, but the problem is not strategic — it's ...

[Photo: Queer and trans migrant people of color rally in support of LGBTQ rights

It is fairly common in today's world, in another paradigm shift, to trumpet alternative choices in a positive way that are in direct conflict with this plan ...

10 reasons Mormons dominate multi-level marketing companies


Mormon women preach — and can they preach!

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Wyoming, United States, North America

Don't call Mormons “Mormons,” and do try the gospel at home: 9 key takeaways from General Conference

Haide Toledo quote James Tidwell quote

Are Mormons Developing Toward Greater Orthodoxy?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints President Thomas S. Monson,

Alcohol abuse touches one-third of families and is involved in one-fourth of hospital admissions. It plays a major role in death, bad health, and diminished ...

Danquardt Weggeland portrait of Joseph Smith.


Heavenly Mother


The Fertility Doctor's Secret

Mormons and Jews: We’re More Alike Than We Think | Motherhood | Parenting Teens, Parenting, Family life

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Throughout much of Church history, this pattern was realized by the organization of the seven-member First Council of the Seventy as General Authorities, ...

Julie Merrill quote ...

Beginning in 1838, Joseph Smith taught that he had seen two personages in the spring of 1820. In 1843, Smith taught that these personages, God the Father ...

In this Monday, Nov. 6, 2017, photo, Helen Radkey, a

Give Thanks in All Things

As a country, we are growing older each year. Longer lifespans, coupled with lower birthrates in recent years, have yielded a population that has almost as ...

LGBTQ Mormons Are Still Waiting for Their Apology; [Photo: A doctor looks disapprovingly.]

Photograph by Maggie Heinzel-Neel

A Letter to Mormons: Mom of Another Faith Shares Powerful Message to Members

Matt Cashore | University of Notre Dame Patrick Mason is the Howard W. Hunter Chair

What A 19th Century Campaign To Declare Mormons 'Non-White' Tells Us About Modern Islamophobia – ThinkProgress

Warren Jeffs in the dock in St. George, Utah, 21 Sept, 2007

Phil Zuckerman Ph.D.


Q&A: Sam Harris

Did You Ever Consider Having A Big Family asks popular lifestyle blogger, Gabrielle of Design

... are some who are uncomfortable with the notion of a distinctive Latter-day Saint culture for fear that it represents the customs of the Western Mormons.

The Faith Club: A Muslim, A Christian, A Jew--Three Women Search for Understanding

Family Discovery Day at RootsTech, on Saturday, February 11, 2017, focused on events for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Tribune File Photo Hyrum Smith.

Woman and young boy sitting on wood floor, looking at each other, map on

The following was ...

The Deep Meaning Behind An Orthodox Jewish Wedding | World Wide Wed | Refinery29

Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, right, and his wife Sara, speaking to reporters before

Child of the collective

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How the Mom Internet became a spotless, sponsored void

A Week of Outfits: Dana Chehab

The Book of Mormon Girl: Stories from an American Faith

The Mormon Church Is Building a Family Tree of the Entire Human Race

MyLifeByGogoGoff. My LDS Lifestyle Blog

Have you ever wanted to see what it looks like inside a Mormon Temple? Now's your chance. As you may know ...

Since teaching and motherhood are so deeply a part of my life, I get asked a lot, “What is the most important thing you can teach children?

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Prospering in the Land

Courtesy Photo Melissa Inouye

Why 'Mormon' is now a four-letter word and other General Conference takeaways

Tiger Mom Amy Chua's theory of success: Three factors why Indians, Jews, Chinese do better than others

Mother's Day: Celebrate motherhood and more on Mom's day

According to Jewish law, tribal affiliation (including whether one is a kohen) follows the direct paternal line, while the question of Jewishness follows ...

Compendium of the LDS Standard Works: the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price. Unlike Islamic views of the Quran, the LDS ...

Makes You Think. In recent months there seems to have been an unusual amount of hubbub regarding how close

Mormon families are America's largest, new study finds

Martin Luther posts his 95 theses on the doors of Whittenberg Castle Church on October 31, 1517

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All the Single Ladies

[Photo: People hold signs and flags at a pro-LGBTQ rally.]


Four Ways The Shame Culture Is Corrupting Mormon Culture.

A Week of Outfits: Dana Chehab

Wilfred McClay

But the willingness to associate Mormons with these groups was unique in that it took pains to ignore simple facts about Mormonism, such as how it was ...

Wanted nice and normal Jewish man, do they even exist? | Bonnie K. Goodman | The Blogs

Jewish Woman Explains Why Latter-day Saints and Jews Are More Similar Than Different

Raids in New Jersey town target ultra-Orthodox Jews accused of welfare fraud. 'What is going on here?'

Mormons are changing their tune on same-sex marriage

Ultimately, though, he left Mormonism, accepted his sexuality, and married a man. Today, he is a person who lives without the sexual hypocrisy that seemed ...

Children of the Covenant

The strictly observant ultra-Orthodox Jews are instantly recognizable by their modest dress.

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President Trump steps off Air Force One in Harrison Charter Township, Mich., on April 28 for a rally on the same night as the White House correspondents' ...

Unique LDS family doctrine still drives church, propels it to friendships with other faiths