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MRW I accidentally open up my phone camera in selfie mode Absurd

MRW I accidentally open up my phone camera in selfie mode Absurd


zapisane z tt

When you accidentally open the camera app in selfie mode.

MRW I accidentally open up my phone camera in selfie mode | Absurd reactions | Selfie, Open up et Phone

MRW I accidentally open up my phone camera in selfie mode | Absurd reactions | Selfie, Open up et Phone

MRW I accidentally open up my phone camera in selfie mode


EDIT: This is me reacting to the gold

When your dentist adds you on Snapchat | Memes.com …

DS9 Season 6 Episode 12 Who Mourns for Morn? - Very alive Morn

If it's stupid and it works, it ain't stupid

Apple: "Our new iPhone X is now waterproof." Samsung: "Hold my Beer." : funny

Mini Cringe/Stupidity Dump

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MRW seeing the library scene in John Wick 3 [OC]


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MRW people I know are fiercely debating the Alabama abortion ban and they ask me my


MRW I was in the middle of arguing with someone on Reddit and then it goes

I set up a lock screen app that takes a photo if you put the password in wrong trying to catch my daughter on my phone. I've only caught myself so far ...


Fire alarm vine

16 Jokes of the day for Saturday, 05 January 2019 - 🍀ViraLuck


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Nikon D500 vs D7200 Back

The Gamer's Razer

Apparently a lot of girls think The Martian is a true story... - Album on Imgur

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l a v i t s fe 1–8 AUG 2018 | WEEK 1 LIST.CO.UK/FESTIVAL


That's My Mama, Silly Memes, Hurricane Katrina, Funny Tweets, Twitter Quotes,

Flashback to Tues when Bumble Bee🚕 on Hollywood Blvd wanted to take a selfie.


Animals sometimes feel uncomfortable with camera and don't want to be a part of your ridiculous selfie. These 51 funny animals who don't approve of your ...

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hahaha omg why is this so funny Buchanan Look! It's a turtle bahaha

So, I found this on the internet

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Same, I just died laughing!



When your revolution accidentally goes a full 360°

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I broke my phone I dropped it last night and it's in need of repairs 🤢


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Welcome to Reddit,. the ...

Ma aunt sent me this right now. Look at how it's written. Sounds like all the crap movies compiled into a pile of shit.

The mirrors are coming *


Lucia Napolez

Slater's MFW Zack answers the phone, saying "Oh, Kelly! Jessie!"

Found in the Zoology museum of Copenhagen. Labelled 'Artic football fish'. : creepy


She's definetly working up to something and since concusion are the trend of the month I wouldn't be surprised if she does go for it ...

MRW I run into my best friend between classes.

We intentionally chose to rethink summer and transform our weekly gatherings into an experience called Summer for Greenville instead of fighting through a ...


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Private Division has clarified that the three months where Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey will only be available on Epic Games Store is down to ensuring ...

If only people understood my sarcastic sense of humor, you all might understand me better! Instead of taking offense, you'd find things funny!


Can you relate? 😂📲😫 If that has already happened to you many times

Accidentally took a photo of a window and random stuff(i.redd.it)

For someone who is so nervous and scared about having a central line placed tomorrow she sure is eager to get it.

More information

WB / NetherRealm have deleted the recent thread about the MK 11 60 fps mod among

Truth, a mirror that shows us the opposite of who we think we are... - Album on Imgur

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'Endgame' Directors Reveal Why Cap Chose Sam Over Bucky



MRW my fiancé says we should get tattoos instead of wedding rings because "it's more unique" and rings are "boring". (/r/TrollXWeddings) via /r/mistyfront



When your database book starts quoting Sillicon Valley. :D


r/shittyreactiongifs - MRW I have an incredibly vivid imagination and my friend describes the techno concert they went to over the phone and also I have ...