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Lllingite Franklin Mine Buckwheat dump Franklin Franklin

Lllingite Franklin Mine Buckwheat dump Franklin Franklin


One suggestion I have for people who collect here for the first time: bring SAFETY GOGGLES, gloves, strong work boots, and a rock hammer.

Franklinite from Buckwheat Dump

Andradite Garnet from Buckwheat Dump, Franklin Mine, Sussex County, New Jersey

Calcite & Willemite in White Light, Buckwheat Dump, Franklin, NJ

Name & Location: Calcite, Buckwheat Dump, Franklin Mine, Franklin New Jersey. Size: 5 x 4 x 3-inches Notes: Rare midrange blue find from the 1990s.

Galena and pyrrhotite with calcite - Buckwheat Dump, Franklin, NJ

Gray sphalerite from the Buckwheat dump Franklin, NJ under shortwave UV Light

Buckwheat Dump

Thorite variety "orangite" from Franklin, NJ

Buckwheat Dump. Franklin. Sussex County. NEW JERSEY. Photographed by Michael P. Klimetz

Rhodonite MnSiO3 with Franklinite, Buckwheat Dump of the Franklin Mine, Franklin, Susex Co., New Jersey

This year the Super Diggg, held annually during the spring Gem & Mineral Show since 2005, returns to the Franklin Mineral Museum.

Andradite, franklinite, grape willemite and calcite, from the Buckwheat Dump, Franklin NJ ...

Buckwheat Dump, Franklin, New Jersey. Reference specimens, mostly massive or subh. xtln. These hematites came from the contact between ore & dolomite rock ...

Rocks with regular light. The mining towns of Franklin ...

Microcline from the Franklin Buckwheat Dump, Franklin ...

Franklin minerals under white light

Dr. Earl Verbeek (in red bandana) provides an informative geological perspective on the Buckwheat area and Franklin ore body.

You need to Dig

and Zincite from the Franklin Mine, NJ

Buckwheat Dump

The Buckwheat Dump in Franklin, New Jersey is an excellent site for collecting specimens. Still today rare finds are being discovered.

Fluorescent calcite (red) and willemite (green). Matching halves from a rock I split in the Buckwheat Dump, Franklin Mine. Larger half is 4"x3"x2"

Gahnite from Davis Pyrite Mine (Davis Mine; Davis Sulfur Ore Mine), Rowe, Franklin Co., Massachusetts, USA

... Franklin Mineral Museum Unique the Buckwheat Dump at the Franklin Mineral Museum ...

Fake Mine, Glow-in-the-Dark Rocks. Field review by the editors. Franklin ...

Franklin Mining District. Sussex County. NEW JERSEY. Photographed by Michael P. Klimetz

(Above) View of the Buckwheat Pit, Franklin, NJ. The pit flooded when the Franklin mines closed in 1954 after more than a century of zinc mining.

Sterling Hill Mine "Black Ore Zone"

Calcite Willemite in UV Light Buckwheat Dump Franklin NJ - Stock Image

Calcite and minor franklinite, from the Buckwheat Dump, Franklin NJ under shortwave UV light. The calcite fluoresces red-orange, franklinite is ...

Photographed by Michael P. Klimetz. Microcline. (Feldspar). [Massive with Franklinite]. Buckwheat Dump. Franklin. Sussex County

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Aragonite coating on calcite / willemite / franklinite ore from the Franklin Buckwheat Dump, Franklin, New Jersey under shortwave UV light.

The mining company dumped layer upon layer of mine rock there, resulting in a mineral dump that had rock from all the major Franklin ...

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Courtesy abandonedmines.net The Buckwheat Pit Mine, started in 1866 as a huge open

At the Franklin Mineral Museum, Welsh Hall holds more than 5,000 specimens of minerals from around the world

Buckwheat Dump. Franklin Mine. Franklin. Sussex County. NEW JERSEY. Photographs by Michael P. Klimetz

Daily Record Franklinite Buckwheat Dump.jpg. At the Franklin ...

Hydrozincite coating on calcite from the Buckwheat dump Franklin, NJ under shortwave UV Light

Buckwheat Dump

Calcite & Willemite in UV Light, Buckwheat Dump, Franklin, NJ - Stock Image

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Franklin Mineral Dump. Click picture for larger size. Permit for my first visit to Buckwheat Dump, 1964

Franklin Mine Buckwheat Dump

Buckwheat Dump Collection 1 w/SW UV (dougbank) Tags: franklin rocks uv

Bronze miner statue at the entrance to the Franklin Mineral Museum

Brookite, etc.


Another view of the World Class display

Fluorite "chlorophane", with minor franklinite, willemite and calcite, from the Buckwheat dump Franklin, NJ under shortwave UV light.

Buckwheat dump mineral collecting site, Franklin Mine, Franklin, Franklin Mining District, Sussex Co., New Jersey, USA

We arrived at the mine around 3pm and met up with Nate to pay our dues, sign release forms and get introduced. The Boston group was busy at the Eureka Mine ...

Significant localities ...

Galerie de photos:

Photographed by Michael P. Klimetz. Buckwheat Dump. Franklin

Collecting Fluorescent Minerals - The Basics, Where to Find Them, and How to Collect Them

How They Glow (Fluoresce) - The Physics

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Crystal & cut gemstone of Goshenite from Pakistan

bi-colored fluorite pendant


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UV Systems heat graph

Crocheted ...

I made pulled-pork burritos. She drank wine. I drank beer. She started a fire in my Franklin stove, saying she felt like a pioneer woman on the prairie.

Illinois Farmer Paves Road to Profit with Soil Health. “

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Visual Arts. “

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While editing the images from this weekend, I found a pretty interesting interplay of photos.


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Photograph of a protest on City Avenue

I swear, I don't just eat eggs & poutine.

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