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Kestnercirca 1910the doll was designed by the American illustrator

Kestnercirca 1910the doll was designed by the American illustrator


Kestner, circa 1910, the doll was inspired by the satirical drawings of society ladies

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German Bisque Toddler, 260, by Kestner with Two Schuco Perfume Monkeys


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... including those of noted early collectors Jean Strong of Williamsville, New York (Bru, Jumeau, Huret, fashions, automata, and American cloth), ...

All-Bisque Mignonette with Carriage for the French Market

BOTH: Bawo and Dotter,the prestige New York import firm commissioned a series of art character dolls from their German porcel…

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German Bisque Googly as Rare Sculpted Bonnet Variation by Recknagel

Kammer and Reinhardt, circa 1912, their model marketed as "Mein Liebling" (

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8 1/2 '- German All-Bisque Doll by Kestner Known as "

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Image is loading Antique-20-034-German-Bisque-Rare-Closed-Mouth-

Especially Pretty German Bisque Child, Rare Model 719, by Simon and Halbig

Kammer and Reinhardt from the art reform movement series, this being the model marketed as

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French Bisque Poupee by Emile Jumeau with Lovely Summer Gown and Parasol

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antique french bru doll gown | Original Antique French Fashion Bru Doll in Presentation Box with Many .

Two American Comic Strip Dolls "Joan Palooka" and "Bonnie Braids" by Ideal 200/400

Bisque Mystery Doll from the Renaissance of the French Doll Movement 2000/2700

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German All-Bisque Brown Complexioned Child by Kestner

Soirée: A Marquis Cataloged Auction of Antique Dolls and Automata - May Lot German Bisque Closed Mouth Child, XII, by Kestner

German Bisque Character Doll, 2048, Bruno Schmidt, "Tommy Tucker" 700/900

Sanctuary - Marquis Antique Doll Auction

The "In All Ways Remarkable" catalog highlights dolls from the Yesterday's Children Antique Doll & Toy Museum of Vicksburg, Mississippi along with wonderful ...

Kammer & Reinhardt Character Doll; Gretchen, Blue Painted Eyes, Closed Mouth, 20 inch. Germany, circa 1910, bisque socket head

41" (104 cm.) Grand-Sized German Bisque Child, 79, by Heinrich Handwerck 900/1400

10" German bisque Edwardian fashion lady "Gibson Girl", Kestner, rare petite size 400/700

Kammer and Reinhardt, the model was marketed as "Mein Susser Liebling" (my

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Two German Bisque Child Dolls by Heinrich Handwerck as Sister Dolls 500/800

27” Kammer & Reinhardt 117/A Mein Leibling Antique German doll

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German Bisque

German Bisque Portrait of American Hero by Dressel 300/500

16" German bisque character by Kestner with wonderful costume and toy marotte. $400/500

Antique Dolls and Toys of LEGO - Session 3

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10" (25 cm.) German Bisque Character "Coquette" by Gebruder Heubach, Orsini "Mimi" 600/900

French Bisque Brown-Eyed Bebe by Emile Jumeau, Size 11, with Signed Jumeau Shoes

German Bisque Three-Faced Doll by Carl Bergner 700/900

19" German bisque closed mouth doll, 870, by Alt, Beck and Gottschalk. $500/800

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Apples - An Auction of Antique Dolls: 88 Beautiful German Bisque Art Character Doll

German Tin Ferris Wheel with Miniature Teddy Bears by Schuco

5" German bisque closed mouth doll head in the Jumeau look-alike manner. $500/700

Apples - An Auction of Antique Dolls: 199 Pretty German Bisque Pouting

10" (25 cm.) German Bisque Googly, Demalcol, Lustrous Bisque and Wonderful Body 600/900

Elegant German Bisque

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19th Century English Oil Painting "Young Girl with Doll" by Kate Grey

American Cloth Doll with Painted Facial Features and Sewn-on Body Costume 200/400

Kaleidoscope: 431 Beautiful German Bisque Child

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German Porcelain Half Doll with Silk Bodice and Coiffe 400/500 ...

Rare French Bisque "Paris Bebe" by Danel & Cie with Original Signed Body

27"Beautiful German Bisque Closed Mouth Child Doll by Kestner ~~lovely antique costume

21 21

German Bisque "Gibson Girl", Model 172, by Kestner in Wonderful Original Costume

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Muscles of the arm and hand: two studies of écorch ́arms, one bent at

12"-Early German All-Bisque Doll in Rare Grand Size with Original Costume

American Composition Doll in Original Costume, Unusual Walking Mechanism 200/300

15 15

French Bisque Asian Child,Model 1099,by Simon and Halbig in Outstanding Costume

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Comments: Kestner, circa Value Points: very beautiful closed mouth doll with gentle expression, lovely antique costume.


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Gentle-Faced French Bisque "Depose" Bebe by Emile Jumeau, Pale Complexion

French Bisque Bebe A.T. "Eugenia's Doll" with Family Provenance 28,000/42,000

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14 1/2"-German Bisque Closed Mouth Doll, Model X, by

16" German porcelain lady doll with rare coiffure. $600/900

Rare Size Italian Felt Lenci Doll in Wonderful Original Doll-Themed Costume

German Felt Wool Character Dolls, "Anton" and "Liesl" in Bavarian Costumes by Steiff 3000/3500

Sanctuary: A Marquis Cataloged Auction of Antique Dolls - March German Bisque Closed Mouth Child by Kestner

German bisque lady doll, model 162, by Kestner with lady-shaped body.

28 28

Rare Variation of German Bisque "Gibson Girl" Lady Doll, Model 176, by Kestner

At Play in a Field of Dolls Featuring the Marysville Museum of Antique Dolls

Rare and All-Original German Bisque Googly by Goebel 900/1300

1:12 scale doll by IGMA Artisan Jennifer Matuszek Dollhouse Dolls, Miniature Dolls,

German Bisque Doll with Light Brown Sculpted Hair Known as ...


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Wonderful Pair of German Bisque Toddlers, 126, by K*R in Original Costumes

Like my doll "Ursula" from 1920: Kestner 'Gibson Girl', a

Two Wax Brown-Complexioned Dolls with Glass Eyes and Expressive Features 300/500

Collection of German porcelain novelties and half dolls.

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Petite French Bisque Bebe Jumeau, Size 2 with Dramatic Large Eyes