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JTBC Chief accused of physical assault from a freelance journalist

JTBC Chief accused of physical assault from a freelance journalist


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JTBC head and news presenter Sohn Suk-hee answers reporters' questions at Mapo Police Station in western Seoul, early Sunday morning, after undergoing 19 ...

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... the assault, the defendant did not act in a coercive way. It was a passive defense. Also on the charges for the threats, he did not threaten her with ...

[TV / MOVIE] JTBC to continue tackling social issues with upcoming drama 'A Beautiful World'

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photo: courtesy of JTBC

[KOREA ] J Wide Company releases official announcement regarding Han Ji Sun's assault

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Suzy and veteran actor Park Joong-hoon will host the annual event, which will take place in Seoul on May 3. The ceremony will be broadcast live via JTBC, ...

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JTBC Cancels 'Our Home' Airing As a result of Yewon Controversy | Koogle TV

Park Moo Hee expresses herself without hesitation and is a blunt and straighfoward character, adding a pleasant element to the drama.

Suzy and veteran actor Park Joong-hoon will host the annual event, which will take place in Seoul on May 3. The ceremony will be broadcast live via JTBC, ...

[Cast Update] Cast Updated for the Upcoming Korean Drama "My Country"


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How much do you understand Miss Baek?

US Army SHARP Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Prevention Poster

Me Too movement

[Ratings] "Perfume" at the Top Once Again

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Mucheru had last month been accused of undermining Parliament after failing to appear before the Committee to explain the shutdown/FILE


Trump says U. S. will remain in NAFTA for now (17.99/18)

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11:30 am

Jo Min-gi from acrofan cropped

Bangkok Has Me Now: performance raising funds for Thai women's shelter

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I really love the official drama poster for jTBC drama Miss Hammurabi. It delivers a scene full of emotional and life as Go Ara drags along her more stodgy ...

[Ratings] "Investigation Partners Season 2" and "Perfume" Premieres Battle It Out

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Journalism Research of May 2019

[Video] Fourth Teaser Released for the Upcoming Korean Drama "The President's Aide"

The Washington lobbyist linked to a bargain-priced Capitol Hill condo rented to EPA chief Scott Pruitt contacted the agency earlier this year, ...

... @aldianews Roundtable Talks to share her views on the future of local media, professional dynamics and the importance of representation in journalism.

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Headless torso found at sea is reporter from Danish submarine

Jung-hoo therefore follows ajumma's instructions following the wrong vehicle, while Young-shin waits for the elevator to Moon-ho's apartment.

The anchor Sohn Suk-hee almost at a loss for words as Seo Ji-

Research of February 2019

Best Korean Drama (April 2017 to March 2018): MOTHER

“Omnidirection green light – everything looks like a green light”. A still from Witch Hunt, the TV show that popularized the phrase “green light”. © JTBC

Actress Han Ji-sun is being accused of assaulting a taxi driver.


Meet The Chariot News Editor in Chief @bayboomhower . . . . . #chariotnews #collegepress #miracostacollege #spartans #newsroom #news #collegejournalism ...

Review: 'Rafiki' is a Bittersweet, Hopeful, and Groundbreaking Love Story

After the article's publication, the story's author, award winning journalist Gary Webb, was initially hailed as a hero, before a massive smear campaign ...

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... come to the set of Double K's music video at a club where an alleged physical altercation had occurred between Jessi and a male friend, identified as A.

The day arrives for Moon-shik's live broadcast interview, and at the last minute, Moon-ho receives the alarming news that Moon-shik arrived at the station ...

Believe women

[Photos] New Shin Min-ah Stills Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "The President's Aide"

Broke Woman 2, Yosei, adds, “Our monthly income isn't even worth disclosing.” The three women eventually declare that they will hold a viewer vote on ...


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's surprising Friday announcement that his country will suspend nuclear and missile tests stunned at least one CNN reporter ...

Jane Curtin To Star In 'United We Fall' ABC Comedy Pilot

Research of January 2019

Talk about a good way to start a Monday

Im not just a wife 🙏🏽💯❤ Wow my humble beginnings straight from #college #nyu #nyualumni #newyorkuniversity my first love #journalism my dream job #abc ...

Inside the social media account they find a link to a private website, and Byung-min cracks the password for it immediately. Their celebratory smiles soon ...


Groove Korea 2016 November

安寧하십니까? 2014년 6월 19일(木) 오후 12시 3분입니다.

"Please Take Care of My Refrigerator" releases preview of episode with Gordon Ramsay | Koogle TV

wjC bie den F chsen

Taking over the corporate regulators, one IPA appointment at a time

A still from With You. © JTBC

Me Too movement (India)

(3.05/19), 50

[Video] Third Teaser Released for the Upcoming Korean Drama "The Wind Blows"

Journalism research of August 2018

Kim Nam-gil and Kim Jae-wook's Parted Perms (2019/04/

R. Kelly speaks up to deny sex abuse charges

met [PHOTO] Xi Jinping for one hour in the Great Hall of

Surely you wouldn't use violence and beat the reporter who came to interview the Elder during a live broadcast?”

Dating married woman in half

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What a Man Wants / Wind Wind Wind (바람 바람 바람) (2018)

Essequibo couple accused of using bar as Brothel @newsroomgy Dhanraj Rambarran, 58 and his 53-year-old wife, Khamwattie Rambarran appeared before Chief ...

The Masked Prosecutor


(2.04/65), 82

ARTICLE: Journalism researchers should look beyond “hybridity”

Paperless ports contribute to ease of doing business as government aims to digitise ports

Podcast artwork

Universities' budgets for sexual harassment/sexual violence prevention and incident response. (Data source: “A Study of Sexual Harassment and Sexual ...

Honesty - Netflix

Kim Kim Sung-cheol to Star in

Throughout the 1990s and into the next decade, opium was the narcotic of choice for both the cash-strapped Kim Jong Il regime and the populace.

Okay the pond has already been to this well this day, but what to do when the water tastes so sweet, and there's still more here?

[Photos] New Behind the Scenes Images Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "The President's Aide"

Angela Merkel (picture-alliance/AP Photo/M. Schreiber)

In court, Prosecutor Jang takes on the case of JI SEONG-GU, the heir to Hyun-jin group and Chairman Ji's son, who is accused of raping a model multiple ...