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Ive been dabbling in yoga for several yearsalways wanting to do

Ive been dabbling in yoga for several yearsalways wanting to do


I've been dabbling in yoga for several years—always wanting to do more of it because I love how I feel afterwards, but never making it a regular habit like ...

How to Begin Practicing at Home

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I love hot yoga. I dabbled in yoga for many years because I knew it was something that I “should” do as a runner. Hot yoga finally got me hooked.

Injury Prevention: Recovery Tips + 5 Great Yoga Poses for Runners

10 Reasons for Skeptics to Try Yoga (Even If You Think It's Not for You)

The 10 magical ways yoga has made my life better (celebrating 10 years!)

Yoga had a presence in my life many years ago. Not my own practice, but I remember my mother doing yoga poses when I was quite young.

Should I Do Yoga if I'm a Christian?

Lifting heavy, running sprints, playing Ultimate Frisbee. I keep it brief, and the foundation is always a lot of slow movement throughout the day—easy runs, ...

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I had many old ideas about Yoga. I thought it required more of me than I was capable of delivering – athleticism, flexibility, concentration skills, etc.

“OK. Look, you have no more excuses. You have no scheduled deadlines or ...


It was a long one! It took me some time to gather my thoughts and plan for this post, so I truly hope it gives you a little yoga ...

Why I Gave Yoga a Second Chance

'This is a person who is fully steeped in the Yoga Tradition. She not only practices the teachings and principles of Yoga on her mat, ...

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3 Go to yoga or workout class


Avoiding Bingo Wings with Namaste Yoga {Review & Giveaway}

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Photo of Some Like It Hot Yoga & Boutique - Novato, CA, United States

Over the years, as part of my personal practice and path of spiritual expansion, I've dabbled on and off in the realm of anger. This hasn't always been easy ...

Is it Okay for Christians to Practice Yoga?

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As a child growing up on Long Island, I was quick to entertain, singing “Hello Dolly!” I was also quick to follow my mother into the practice of yoga.

I Felt the Power of Yoga

jen eddins yoga

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The trouble with yoga photos

I'll be honest: I've never liked meditating. I've dabbled in it, and forced myself to sit for 30 day meditation challenges, and it was boring and hard.

The power of yoga at work in a WNY addictions recovery center – The Buffalo News

... many years, and use it occasionally for stretching but also use it to tie around my rolled yoga mats to keep them tidy and when I do tote them to a ...

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What Yoga Can Teach Us About Work Life Balance - 5 business lessons I learned from

Some of you hear those two things and you're like, Yea, big deal. What's the point?

(Some people have emailed saying they're having trouble with the links throughout this piece, so I've included them all here in order of appearance:)


I was a little shy to share a photo of myself doing yoga. My husband snapped a few pics and encouraged me to post them.

I have been introducing yoga to sailors cruising the globe for four years now and I love it. I did not only grow as a student but as a teacher as well ...


Sun Salutation: The Most Popular Yoga Sequence & How to Do It - The Journey Junkie

Yoga Classes

The other day I was sitting down for a drink with someone and within the first ten minutes they said to me “let me guess, you do yoga.” I don't get it.

How do Christians typically practice yoga?

Fred Busch Yoga - CLOSED - 45 Photos & 25 Reviews - Yoga - 11155 SW 112th Ave, The Roads, Miami, FL - Phone Number - Yelp

I made this years ago, but it's still super relevant to me. This is how I feel most of the time, and it's one of my favorite phrases.

Welcome to the hottest yoga community in town!

3 Big benefits of yoga for seniors and caregivers. Photo by Pixabay.


We were talking about life, FOOD, and fitness, when the subject of yoga came up. It reminded me that I had wanted ...

What was the best thing about training?

It was my new year's commitment to explore classes. I walked into a Sunday morning class (which happened to be one of the busiest, eesh), and joined in.

In my past two decades of teaching yoga, I've seen a lot of evolution in the yoga world. I've loved watching new poses come into the mix, some borrowed from ...

The best way to parent. The best way to train. Social media, news, forums, parents & friends: we are constantly flooded with these “best way” approaches to ...

Yoga in the sun, Taynuilt

I have been practicing yoga for six years, and I'm completely in love with the practice.


How 5 Elite Runners Use Yoga to Improve Their Performance

Mommy & Me: 6 Yoga Poses To Try With Baby

Photo of Some Like It Hot Yoga & Boutique - Novato, CA, United States

Photo credit: Paris Hawken Photography

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I have to keep all of the areas of my life balanced," says Topher Kessler, third from left, in a yoga class on Tuesday ...

Yin Yoga, Connel

It is our unique ratio of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha that gives us recognizable characteristics, traits, and quirks. For example, earthy Kapha people have ...

I'm working with a group of new yoga teachers in training who will be graduating this month. In talking to a few of them as their training comes to a close, ...

Virabhadrasana III

Despite having dabbled in it off and on over the course of several years now, I'm really bad at yoga. To an almost embarrassing point.

I find it helps soothe me to intentionally take slower, deeper breaths to find the pose. I am honored to be an instructor and I hope to see you soon in ...

Getting to know Robyn Lau, seasoned yoga coach


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Jill Elkin

Ya don't need to touch your nose to your knees here, people, I'm just hyper-mobile and that's what I need to do to feel a stretch.

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Photo by Erica Kait ...

5) Remember that every single person in that classroom once endured their first hot yoga class.

“Meredith has crafted routines and sessions that are appropriate for my ever improving skill level, always tweaking and modifying our program.

Yoga Poses To Avoid During Pregnancy - plus Modifications! Certain yoga poses can be unsafe

Yoga Handstand Kick Up

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Do you have what it takes to be a yoga teacher?

International Yoga Day Special: How 3 Yogi Entrepreneurs Found Their Calling

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