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Its time to weigh the bear cubs at Animals Asias Vietnam bear

Its time to weigh the bear cubs at Animals Asias Vietnam bear


Two endangered moon bear cubs safe in sanctuary after rescue from Vietnamese circus

Rescued from the bile trade – six cubs growing up safely with Animals Asia

In pictures: Bear with gigantic 3Kg tongue saved by Scottish vets

Volunteer with Animals Asia in the Moon Bear rehabilitation centre in Chengdu

An Asiatic black bear at the Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre on May 14, 2009. REUTERS/Kham

A Moon bear is seen at Animals Asia's Vietnam Bears Rescue Centre in Tam Dao,

Amy was saved by the animal welfare organization Animals Asia a week ago from a farm in Phung Thuong in Vietnam. She's very ill and needs a lot of care.

Animals Asia Bear Manager Sarah van Herpt said:

Sun bear


It is unlikely Murphy will ever be released into the wild (Pic: Animals Asia

Animals >>. Asiatic Black Bear

The Miomojo Cub House is part-funded by Miomojo – a responsible fashion company from Italy making gorgeous fashion accessories that don't harm animals or ...

4-Asiatic ...

Sun Bear (Helarctos malayanus) in captivity at the Columbus Zoo, Powell, Ohio A ...

Animals Asia's China Moon Bear

Female black bear and cub

His mother was killed by a poacher (Pic: Animals Asia)

When he was rescued from poachers in 2015, poor Goldie weighed less than 12kg. Only a few months old, this little bear was tiny, fragile and desperately ...

Asiatic Black Bear (Selenarctos thibetanus)

But now, Murphy (hanging on the pile) is a happy and playful bear

Heartwarming moment blind moon bear feels sunshine for first time after years of abuse

To date, no facility has been able to explain the origin of their protected species, yet today's rescue marks the first time the authorities have taken ...

Asian Black Bear

Tragic sun bear feels the joy of blue skies and fresh grass

A sun bear relaxes with its paw under its muzzle, on a wooden log

Adorable bear cubs weighing less than a two pounds RESCUED from life of torture

Murphy is now being looked after (Pic: Animals Asia)

Animals Asia's rescue team arrived at their Vietnam Bear ...

Animals Asia' s sanctuary is now home for more than one hundred bears

Rescued bears play happily at the Animals Asia sanctuary in Vietnam. Around 104 now live

Petition: Freeing a Bear Cub From a Trap Shouldn't Land This Woman in Jail

Sun bears are the smallest of the world's eight species of bear but are highly threatened in their native south-east Asia

The bear necessities in Luang Prabang

This bear's tongue was 'monstrously enlarged.' A team of vets gave him a second chance at life.

... Animals Asia · 5 Myths About Moon Bears

Two large bears walk down the street in Shari town in Japan's northern island of Hokkaido

An adult bear needs around 5 kilograms of vegetable a day. That means the bear

Jimmy at the Libearty bear sanctuary

Bear rescued from bile farm in Vietnam

Two sun bears rescued from illegal traders just had their first adorable baby

American black bear in Manitoba's Riding Mountain National Park

2-Brown ...

Happy rescued bears living in Animals Asia's sanctuary, 2015

Our latest Bears' Print newsletter with major developments at our sanctuaries, achievements by our Research Programme and an inspiring message from our ...

Malayan Sun Bear (Helarctos malayanus)

All donations to this fundraiser will be given to Animals Asia Foundation. AAF's goal is to raise funds to help bear recovery and rehabilitation at their ...

Animals Asia

Despite their size, bears are great runners, swimmers, and climbers. They are very playful (especially cubs) and intelligent mammals and have great sense of ...

Hamish the bear waves to fans to at his RZSS enclosure

May 26, 2019 · 59997522_10161818982350002_1486456888013881344_n. After waiting four months for its new Sloth Bear cub ...

A bear lounges on a tree branch

Oliver running a tombola, photo courtesy of Animals Asia

Sun bears. Previous. IMG_9204

app-facebook. Moon Bear Rescue

And here's a special thank you from a special someone for helping us support the Miomojo Cub House this year!

Vietnam's Lovable Moon Bear

Bill testing out the hammock WBF bought for the Vietnam Sanctuary

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Welcome bear cubs, bison calves and wolf pups

Female black bear and cub 1-North ...

"Jammy" was rescued from her nest with her twin sister "Donut". Photos: Rescuing captive bears in Cambodia. Time for a weigh-in ...

The captivity of Moon Bears is especially harmful as the species is endangered. Moon Bears, also known as the Asian Black bear, has a similar appearance to ...

asiatic black bear bile industry


The Simple Bear Necessities: Adam Equipment CPWplus

The legacy of Wolverine. Moon BearBlack ...

Free the Bears

brown bear in river

Cub gets checked after being rescued

rescued bear cub BLUE from Free the Bears looks into the camera

#Repost @milkdongcomics with @make_repost ・・・ ANIMAN - BILELESS BEAR 膽汁熊 Created by @milkdongcomics Facebook: Milk DoNg Comics #熊 #Bear #熊膽 ...

Asiatic black bear

Chinese man raises two puppies which turn out to be endangered black bears

A bile farm in Laos

Moon Bear with freedom in Animals Asia's Moon Bear Rescue Centre in Vietnam. Cub rescued

Back to the volunteer week: I reserved my flight to Hanoi just a few days before the actual start date. A couple of times I thought it would be impossible ...

Spokespersons of big farms claim that with the exception of occasional discomfort during collections bears are treated well, they have large enclosures and ...

bears rescued from bile farm

Nyan htoo after surgery.

Happy chap: Zona's adopted moon bear George at the Chengdu sanctuary. Zona Averill with Animals Asia ...

Photo courtesy of Animals Asia.

10 amazing wildlife hot spots in South-East Asia

Sloth bear (Ursus ursinus)