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Its high time you took your value out of debased fiat currencies and

Its high time you took your value out of debased fiat currencies and


Its high time you took your value out of debased fiat currencies and stored them in

Apollo Foundation is developing an all-in-one cryptocurrency that will offer the best privacy features anywhere. But Apollo (APL) is also different in a key ...

Whenever coinage has been debased or fiat currency introduced, it's only been a matter of time before hyperinflation set in as everyone from the peasantry ...

To begin with, let's take a brief look at the fiat currency. The US dollar, for instance, is the most widely used currency in the world, but what exactly is ...

Contrast this with bitcoin which cannot be debased. There are only so many bitcoins and the number in existence is known. So as a country's currency ...

New Gold Backed Currency in Chinese Yuan. While no country is still ...

Fiat Money and Public Debt

Modern money is a strange thing. To most of us, money appears as something continuously given to landlords and businesses to secure a place to live, ...

No Fiat Currency Lasts Forever – What About the NZ Dollar?

“Just say no” – Governments on fiat currencies

Value of cryptocurrencies is only in the eye of holders

The central bank must be trusted not to debase the currency, but the history of fiat currencies is full of breaches of that trust.

TokenOro: The debasement of Currency and why Gold is a great alternative for investors.

I'll trust that you as the reader are educated enough to know the U.S. Dollar is on it's last legs as the Global Reserve Currency. I've certainly written ...

Bitcoin was incepted in a time of absolute necessity. Trust had been lost in a world that ran on trust.pic.twitter.com/ZeHNUUuOJj


To begin with, let's take a brief look at the fiat currency. The US dollar, for instance, is the most widely used currency in the world, but what exactly is ...

Swift And Currency Debasement

Caracas issued new banknotes (right) last August after lopping five zeroes off the bolivar.

Fiat Currency: What It Is and Why It's Better Than a Gold Standard

... the monetary value of copper coins was twice its actual metal content. All governments produced coins ONLY at a profit, which is called the seignorage.

Fiat money liability of society

Notice that the 'words' on the face of this note implies that the holder could receive equivalent 'value' by exchanging the note for silver or gold (if ...

Figure 1: Gold and Bitcoin Have Been Great Stores of Value.

purchasing power of the dollar historical graph. $1 borrowed in ...

Ron Paul: The Dollar Dilemma: Where To From Here? – OpEd

Photo Credit: Bitcoin.com

Donald Booker takes exception with the argument I made in my previous post. I will try to paraphrase his most important objections as best I understand them ...

Real assets versus financial instruments. A real asset is an asset that is tangible or physical in ...

“The term 'safe' fiat currency is as intellectually disingenuous as terms like 'fair' tax or government 'innovation' but, as we've been exploring recently ...

Gold is Money: Purchasing Power

Fiat Paper Money: The History and Evolution of our Currency by [Foster, Ralph

Currency and the Collapse of the Roman Empire


Currency and True Money: What is the Difference?




The virtual currency Bitcoin, which last week reached $147 for a single coin.

3 Fiat Money Systems That Have Crashed

QUESTION: You have said that coins were still fiat and not tangible hard money. Nobody else has said that. Can you support that statement?

It's become a trusted alternative when fiat money's value is corrupted by politics.

Money: How the Destruction of the Dollar Threatens the Global Economy - and What We Can Do About It: Steve Forbes, Elizabeth Ames: 9780071823708: ...

The next chart shows the increase in national debt since 2010, and contrasts it with the stagnant or declining gold price. Note that national debt first ...

Oh you like that paper money. That liability listed on the federal reserve website.

Bitcoin, as I have argued, is a store of value that is now more attractive than bad fiat currencies and is likely to become even more attractive over time.

A money changer counts Turkish lira banknotes at a currency exchange office in Istanbul, on

Fiat Currency Image

Is Bitcoin Sound Money? Can you Trust it?

Money as Proportional Claim on Future Output. Third, we need to ...

Modern Money vs. Debasement & Devaluation

Wendy McElroy: Other Than the Black Market, a Last Stand for Economic Freedom

Gold is Money | Currency in Decline

Benefit to Government

First, it is untrue. A report by David Beers at the Bank Of Canada has identified 27 sovereigns involved in local currency defaults between 1960 and 2016 ...

Current $20 bill front.

... 3. …distinguish ethics from effectiveness •Common effectiveness claims about fiat money —“it's ...

However volatile they may be, the reason why gold and bitcoin are perceived as stores of value is simple: their money supply doesn't grow quickly and, in ...

The foregoing definition presents several implications about how we view sound money and how we should approach money in general.

Fiat Currency Collapse


The Value of Money

Page:History of Fiat Money and Currency Inflation in New England from 1620 to 1789.djvu/21

The government's promise on currency notes works in terms of making the note an effective medium of exchange. The hundred rupee note, for instance, says: "I ...

The dream of every crypto-enthusiast is for a stable crypto-currency to serve as an alternative means of exchange to fiat. Bitcoin's volatility makes it a ...

Owning your own gold and helping others to do the same is very straightforward. Even earning in the process! Affiliates sign up at www.BullionIsWealth.com


Fiat Money and Credit Contraction

An Overdue Credit Crisis Worsened by Trade Wars will Blow the Fiat Currency System

The dramatic loss of purchasing power starts clearly when the US started its massive debasement/credit expansion in the ´70s to finance its wars.

It won't survive as we will see defaults, high inflation and/or debt jubilees. Monetary standard will change back to a money chosen by the market, ...

Store of Value and Long-Term Inflation Hedge

Fiat currency5

Money, Banking, and The Federal Reserve System

Money: How the Destruction of the Dollar Threatens the Global Economy - And What We Can Do about It by Steve Forbes

Unlike central banks, which can print money on the basis of the needs of the economy, Bitcoin is mined by bots. When the algorithm was created, ...

If Marx appears to be demonstrably wrong about anything in economics, this is likely the single most glaring example. However being wrong about money is not ...

As we all know, this system has gradually been debased and now we have only FIAT currencies.

I've covered the failures of the modern financial system in my previous article, if you haven't given it a read yet, you can check it out here.

As a result, analysts calling for near term rise in the price of gold could still be wrong – before, eventually, they are right.

Fake Money, Sound Money and Government Malfeasance | | Tenth Amendment Center

Figure 2: Stores of Value are Not Without Risk When Viewed from a USD Perspective

BES171/Money#1: Functions of Money, Full Bodied coins vs Token Coins, Debasement, Fungibility

(Shutterstock)[/caption] Bitcoin and National Currencies Skeptics argue that bitcoin's value will eventually vanish. But they miss the ...

The history of counterfeiting is almost as extensive as the history of money itself.