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Is Airport Etiquette and Flying Etiquette Dead Best of Culture

Is Airport Etiquette and Flying Etiquette Dead Best of Culture


Is Airport Etiquette and Flying Etiquette Dead?

This can really help the airline staff out when people are kind to one another, instead of having to be a babysitter for adults that should be able to get ...

Give a compliment, give a tip (IF YOU WANT). Remember that with public service, honey will always work better than vinegar when trying to get what you want.

Yes you are going on vacation, but it doesn't mean that you get to be rude. Airport Etiquette and Flying Etiquette

Find YOUR Seat, Double/Triple Check

Interacting With Airline Staff

I plan on doing several articles on travel etiquette in different situations so be sure to stay tuned and subscribe below. Airport Etiquette and Flying ...

Special Treatment and Making it Known

Don't Let Bad Etiquette Ruin Your Vacation


Airport Etiquette

Cause airing out your shoe is completely normal. (Passenger Shaming / Instagram)

Thai Airways and that logo – just part of post-plane-crash etiquette?

A guide to proper airport etiquette Airports will play a key role over the upcoming holiday season. Unfortunately, they also turn people into lunatics.... ...

A plane landing at sunset

Flight attendant

The Dreadful Security Lines

“I safely buckled my luggage into its seat and stowed my child in the overhead compartment just as instructed!”

Transportation Resources

Human behaviour at the baggage claim is more baffling than the science of air travel.

Ten etiquette rules for travellers


Business class digs on the A380. What could possibly ruin this? Photo by the

21 Things Flight Attendants Don't Want You to Know

Asia-Pacific Airports - Issue 1, ...

Whose Feet Are Those? Negotiating Air-Travel EtiquetteWhose Feet Are Those? Negotiating Air-Travel Etiquette

Father with baby at the airport

Do's and Don'ts in Japan: 28 Crucial Tips to Know Before You Go

Never pay with card in a taxi plus more rules for visiting Singapore

Some people think their time is more valuable than yours

Sign telling people to remove their shoes

21 Things Flight Attendants Don't Want You to Know

Hawaiian Airlines Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Longtime Flight Attendant Dies Mid-trip

Virgin Clubhouse Jfk 28

Flying is not the glamorous experience it used to be, particularly in economy class.

This is why I carry travel socks with me. (Passenger Shaming / Instagram)

Can I get a refund on that 'nonrefundable' airline ticket? - The Washington Post

737 Max aircraft is pictured at the Boeing factory in Renton, Washington. Photo:

People in railway station

5 Japanese manners to note before your trip | KIX Direct Management Duty-free Shop Advance Reservations Site | 【Official】Reservation Site for Duty Free ...

Passenger Claims A Cramped Airplane Seat Almost Killed Him | Travel + Leisure

Syd Airport flags softer passenger growth

A DJI employee demonstrates flying a drone at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Whose armrest is it, anyway? The unspoken etiquette of airline, bus and train travel.

Chinese banquette

How to Not Look Like a Tourist in Japan: Crucial Do's and Don'ts

Singapore's Changi Airport, shown here, has been named the world's best for the seventh


How to Not Look Like a Tourist in Japan: Crucial Do's and Don'ts

The Best Cheese is Edam Cheese in the Netherlands

Scoot's InSilence cabin.

33 top tips for first-time visitors to Japan

You can help by sending cards to acknowledge those special occasions or the anniversary of the death.

flights cheap ryanair uk profit drop passenger fare increase

Top 10 Dos & Don'ts of Air Travel! Flying tips for passengers!

Etiquette, Restaurant, Expert opinion

chinese cultural etiquette

Think ahead before changing money.

Thai Food Etiquette

Hey, I think you missed the tray table there. (Passenger Shaming / Instagram

Coveted exit row seating.

American Flag Etiquette: 10 Mistakes You Didn't Realize You Were Making

My best friend's mother died recently, and our mutual friends have been asking me what things they should and shouldn't do to help her and her family ...

Francesca takes a class at the Hong Kong Institute of Etiquette

Passengers wait to board a train at Shinjuku Station

AirAsia Quiet Zone

Deceased Transportation

There's extra room in Qantas premium economy.

Ladies bowing

Nine flying pet peeves on planes – from passengers not putting devices on flight mode to being rude to cabin crew | South China Morning Post

A Warning From Europe: The Worst Is Yet to Come

Cracking the Airlines' Dress CodeCracking the Airlines' Dress Code

It cuts down on so much downtime, and tedious waiting in so many different countries it is well worth the effort to do this.

How to behave in Japan: Essential Japanese manners and etiquette

Ring ...

Advice & Etiquette: Handling Offensive Comments + Conversation

When you get on a train around urban areas, the train is extremely crowded because of the rush of going home from around 7:30 to 9:00 in the morning and ...

Trying to chill at 35,000 feet. Photo by the author.

More MRT Etiquette

Do's and Don'ts in Thailand: 10 Easy Tips for Perfect Manners in Thailand

Japanese business persons greeting each other

Do's and Don'ts in Thailand: 10 Easy Tips for Perfect Manners in Thailand

Flight secrets: Cabin crew reveal the shocking reason you should NEVER use free blankets | Travel News | Travel | Express.co.uk

Seattle - Room for Change-1

flag parade

Stop judging people who use wheelchair assistance at airports, says our writer

Be open to learning new things; don't fret if there is no Vegemite on the buffet, and accept that things won't always go the way you would like them to."

Tips - Travel etiquette: Excuse me, sir, but where is my tip?

Washing hands before a shrine visit