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Indian authorities are facing with the Rufus malware a malicious

Indian authorities are facing with the Rufus malware a malicious


Indian authorities are facing with the Rufus malware, a malicious code used to clean out

Facebook inadvertently revealed moderators' identities to suspected terrorists

“Team IBH is back again on Pakistan government servers. You should have expected us,” a message on the website read. The party however, recovered the ...

Cisco announced on Monday that it has added some important security, compliance and analytics features to its Spark collaboration platform.

Over 55 per cent of millennials (born between 1980-2000) in India have experienced cybercrime in the past year and globally, millennials are the most ...

Skimer malware evolves, it is used to target ATMs

FacexWorm targets cryptocurrency users and spreads through Facebook Messenger

New Code-injecting SOREBRECT Fileless Ransomware detected in the wild

Canada' CSE warns of cyber attacks against next 2019 Election

WiFi Routers Riddled With Holes: Report

The malware includes interchangeable, plug-in components that could allow CrashOverRide to be altered to different electric power utilities or even launched ...

7 Mobile App Scanner to Find Security Vulnerabilities

Tech giant Telstra warns cloud customers they're at risk of hack due to a SNAFU

... a server tool infects the USB drive with a separate malware, called Drifting Deadline (also known as 'Emotional Simian' in the latest version).

Red Hat Linux DHCP Client affected by a command injection flaw, patch it now!

... reports back to its command and control server referred to as 'CherryTree,' from where it receives instructions and accordingly perform malicious tasks, ...


Judges convict crook of operating Scan4You Counter Antivirus Service

EC Council Website Hacked and used to serve malicious code

The attackers behind SambaCry-based CPUminer attack have already earned 98 XMR, which worth 5,380 today and this figure is continuously rising with the ...

Web application attacks: Remote code execution

More than 800,000 DrayTek routers at risks due to a mysterious zero-day exploit

Unlike Stuxnet worm, the CrashOverRide malware does not exploit any "zero-day" software vulnerabilities to do its malicious activities; instead, ...

Hit by Jaff Ransomware? Don't pay the Ransom. You can unlock your files for Free! Kaspersky Labs has released an updated version of its free ...

TrickBot gang is back with new campaigns targeting Payment Processors and CRM Providers

Dark web underground forum honeypot

Researchers disclosed details of EFAIL attacks on in PGP and S/MIME tools. Experts believe claims are overblown

Admedia attacks now rely also on Joomla to serve ransomware

1-15 June 2017 Cyber Attacks Timeline

The malware allows the attacker to extract an incredible amount of data stored in files, contacts, messages, and emails and then forward them to a hidden ...

The $25 billion (£19 billion) app claims no hack has occurred, and that CEO Evan Spiegel never insulted the world's second-largest country

Lin explained how shady developers are abusing the App Store Search Ads service and "taking advantage of the fact that there's no filtering or approval ...

... a total of 4,403 IP cameras they counted in the United States, 51,37% have been infected with the backdoor, in Japan on a total of 661 cameras 64,85 ...

Amazon Alexa Has Got Some Serious Skills—Spying On Users!

The malware allows the attacker to extract an incredible amount of data stored in files, contacts, messages, and emails and then forward them to a hidden ...

A sophisticated variant of OceanLotus trojan targets OS X systems

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The newest attack for stealing network data!

Google discloses a “high” severity security flaw in Windows 10

German authorities approve the use of home-made Federal Trojan

Ransomware attacks paralyzed at least two German hospitals

Buckle Inc. confirmed credit card breach at its stores

Over 11,000 Wall Inscriptions Survived from Pompeii

The GM Bot v2 released after source leak, it is more expensive of v2



EUIPO outsourcing


TreasureHunt PoS Malware targets small retailers and banks

What is the Difference Between a Blockchain and a Database?

Regional Update: India

Detecting hidden malicious software in Google Play Store

click farms

But one customer, Kevin Smith, from Blackpool, told the BBC that he had lost £500 from one of his accounts, while another claimed to have lost £600 and left ...

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Here is the list of Routers that are vulnerable to CherryBlossom


Shift on keyboard

Here's Why I Started Girl Gang Music

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(2.10/17), 71

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Dutch Government plans to phase out the use of Kaspersky solutions

If they go ahead and take money out of TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) chairman RS Sharma 's account, ...

Free Automated Malware Analysis Service - powered by Falcon Sandbox - Viewing online file analysis results for 'zxcvbn.js'

Glarysoft Malware Hunter Pro Key with License Code Full Free. It detects malicious apps from PC and devices. It permanently erases dangerous content easily.

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Today in iOS Podcast - The Unofficial iOS, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch News and iPhone Apps Podcast - PodPalace

While we dont know whether the blockade is intentional or a false positive, this is certainly not the only problem with Xfinitys protected browsing feature.


MSM fake news industry uses projection as the major weapon


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Later today, one of your favourite online stores in India will be hosting a flash sale for TVs, where you can get some large-screen televisions along with ...

The move is aimed to curb the toxic air quality where India has 13 of the most air polluted cities out of the global 20.

Vocabulary + usage = Word Power

Image result for chinese special forces, photos


Something strange is occurring in India. Apparently, a toll-free number for the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is appearing in people's ...

feedproxy.google.com Amazon Great Indian Festival sale: Best deals on electronics



Smoke 'em if ya got 'em: Tobacco lobbyists bamboozle legislators and score a victory for their industry

duster-adventure-style-decals-kit — Postimage.org

How Mannerism Is Requirement For A Child.

Since the announcement of the breach (the evening of 17th November), police have arrested three men in connection with the breach.