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In the 1970s and 1980s in America a perfect storm of circumstances

In the 1970s and 1980s in America a perfect storm of circumstances


Eroticising Ted Bundy: understanding the women attracted to serial killers

The Piper Alpha Memorial at Hazlehead Park. 167 men died in 1988 when a leak

1991 Perfect Storm. From Wikipedia ...

Perfect Storm of Vulnerability Risks Leads People into Human Trafficking, New Study Finds

A perfect storm of factors is making wildfires bigger and more expensive to control

Figure 5: The "Perfect Storm" of global events

Hurricane Katrina

A Perfect Storm of Factors Is Making Wildfires More Expensive to Control

Killing Asylum: How Decades of U.S. Policy Ravaged Central America

Life in the 1980s. Madonna

The cyclone near its closest approach to the United States

Line at a gas station in the 1970s

Illustration of a solar storm

Findings from a 2 year research study presented in UKs Parliament by IOM Patrick Burland and UoB Patricia Hynes

General South African History Timeline: 1970s

How does Trump's America First platform square with his stated desire to “make America great again”? At no stage — either as a candidate or as president ...

First 10 entries here span the Clash's polyglot punk, Prince's crossover funkadelica, Afro-bop from Talking Heads and Paul Simon and hymns of innocence and ...

The tropical storm making landfall west of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, on November 2

Blue areas on this map experienced fire deficits (less area burned than expected) between 1994 and 2012. Red areas had fire surpluses (more area burned than ...

North America is a crime scene: The untold history of America this Columbus Day

In the 1970s and 1980s in America, a perfect storm of circumstances coincided to create an ideal environment for serial killers.

How Democracies Die by Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt

Review: Bending History

In 2004, a man named Rick Hills disappeared on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula. Kamil Bialous

When we have faced down impossible odds; when we've been told that we're not ready, or that we shouldn't try, or that we can't, generations of Americans ...

What lies beneath: Karen McCartney and Keith Duffy in Druid's production of Big Maggie at

Stephan Savoia / AP

Japan officially lists 17 of its citizens as having been kidnapped by North Korean agents in

The untold story of the Microsoft antitrust case and what it means for the future of Bill Gates and his company.

Uptown: Portrait of a Chicago Neighborhood In the mid-1970s: Robert Rehak: 9780985273347: Amazon.com: Books

The UK housing market's perfect storm, and five steps to avoid it

New Haven, CT, after the Blizzard of 1888 | Worst Snowstorms in New England History

Overview of the Farm Crisis

Perfect storm

Oceanfront flooding in Ocean City, New Jersey

The Road to Unfreedom

A homeless man on The Strand, London.

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M (1931)

Audience wearing special glasses watch a 3D 'stereoscopic film' at the Telekinema on the

Photo by Corky Lee.

Armory Show, 69th Regiment Armory, New York City, 1913. Image via Wikimedia

By Caleb Carr

Violations Committed by the Warring Parties against Yemen's Cultural Property


Causes of the Farm Crisis

In 1977, three years after the organization was founded, its name was changed to Asian Americans for Equality to reflect an expanding mission.


The Caging of America

Book Cover Image (jpg): Riots I Have Known

The Assault on Intelligence

1970 Cable & Wireless MPs visit

More from the The Farm Crisis Collection

Jeanette Winterson's Frankenstein update suffers from an identity crisis

History and Foreign Policy: Making the Relationship Work


Bo, Deion, awesome African-American baseball, and why Adam Jones happened.

Simple Art Pottery Class Photo Collage-2.jpg

Armory Show, International Exhibition of Modern Art. The Cubist room, Gallery 53 (

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"We urgently need to bring education in line with what young people will need to prosper in America@250. Historically, education's core premise is based ...

I'd also like to share with Notablog readers the endorsements that appear on the back cover, from my long-time friends and colleagues Stephen Cox, ...

Evangelist Billy Graham Has Died | Billy Graham Special Issue | Christianity Today

The Moon: an in-depth study of our closest celestial companion

A Perfect Storm

The 10 types of people who buy lottery tickets, explained with math and bad drawings

Fire rages on the Piper Alpha platform on July 6 1988.In the mid-1970s, such views were not commonly heard.

USA banner.jpg

Scituate, MA, after Winter Storm Nemo | Worst Snowstorms in New England History

DRAFT Chapter 3: The New Media Landscape – Trust, Media and Democracy – Medium

Felicia Atkinson The Flower and the vessel shelter press sp110 bartolome sanson

Remembering Billy Graham - April

Papal Nuncio Visits Hostages

Chapter Eighteen: The Chinese Communist Party's Global Ambitions (Part I)

Cars stranded on Route 128 near Needham, MA, by the Blizzard of '78 | Worst Snowstorms in New England History

Street flooding in Ocean City, New Jersey, from the storm

Say hello to our next friend, a would-be civic hero: the Dutiful Taxpayer.

While there have, undoubtedly, been significant milestones in LGBT history in earlier decades, I believe the Eighties was a particularly important period.

Monica Vitti (far left) in L'eclisse (1962; The Eclipse)

The 1970s See Good Times in Agriculture (3) | Farm Crisis

Opinion | The US is dismantling the multilateral order it built, but the world will have to carry on | South China Morning Post

The Jones Act: A Burden America Can No Longer Bear

Benito Juárez, president of Mexico (1861–72), who "forged a