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In August 1994 it began raining gelatinous blobs in Oakville WA

In August 1994 it began raining gelatinous blobs in Oakville WA


Raining Blobs – Mystery or Hoax?

When it Rained Unexplained Blobs of White Blood Cells in Washington

Raining Blobs Mystery is not solving soon

Oakville Blobs

The Blob

On August 7, 1994, at roughly 3:00 am, in Oakville, Washington, it began to rain. Rain is quite a common sight for the people of Oakville, however, ...

Here's another photo of the same type of salamander eggs.

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... this appears to be an embellished tale with a number of possibly misrepresented events. Whatever the case, it seems that the Oakville Blobs was a real ...

The blobs had rained over an area of 20 square miles, and they were half the size of rice grains.

20 Years Later: The Oakville Blob

Oakville, Washington

Oh yeah that's sea snot. The marine version of the mucilage "blobs".

Oakville Blobs

the snot like gloop

Oakville Blobs mystery SOLVED - Star jelly falls from sky & poisons town in Washington - Toxic rain - YouTube

In August 1994, it began raining gelatinous blobs in Oakville, WA

A sign for a fire station, with the building behind it. The fire station serving Oakville, Washington.

Image credit- Istock. In the town of Oakville, Washington on August 7, 1994, it began to rain ...

In August of 1994, a bizarre sequence of events began to occur in the small town of Oakville, Washington. Gelatinous blobs of biological material began to ...

The photo caption reads, "Laying track on the U.P.R.R. near Oakville, WN.

Still, many people of Oakville were adamant that this rain was a result of biological weapon as they saw slow-moving military aircraft almost every single ...

The day it rained snot!

The Strange Case of the Oakville Blobs

Settlers at their homestead on the west side of Oakville, circa 1890.

A portion of a brick building, with an aged sign saying "Bank".

Mystery Jelly Rains Down In Oakville! | Great Moments In Paranormal History

There's usually a rational explanation for even the strangest things that fall from the sky – but when a strange jelly like substance began raining on one ...

Tests were performed on the substance

Image credit- Istock

What was once the "Little Bit General Store" in 1902 operates as a bedding store in the 21st century.

Photo ...

On the side of a gymnasium, the sign reads "Oakville High School".

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Oakville in 1906

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Oakville Washington, “THE BLOB” – Rainfall Caused FLU-LIKE Symptoms

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Mystery Jelly Rains Down In Oakville! | Great Moments In Paranormal History

The U.S. Air Force denied any knowledge of the blobs.

The gooey substance covered the windshield


It stated that it was a eukaryotic cell found in many animals. Therefore, the translation of this statement was that the goo was alive.

Star Jelly

The blobs of Oakville, Wash., are alive or at least they were once alive, or part of some living creature, according to a preliminary analysis by Washington ...

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An error occurred.

Atacama Desert

Germ Warfare ~ American Rain [DOC 1997]

After investigation, Davis said that he found in the eukaryotic cell clumps, although he has not entirely sure. He said that the eukaryotic cell is a cell ...

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THE CHEMTRAIL RAIN - Biological warfare tested against a small US town in 1994

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Finally, the study was also conducted which confirmed the conclusion: that a majority of cows align in the north-south direction when eating.

Sitting here in our local burger joint, taking a few moments out of the house for some writing time, I watch through the plate glass windows, ...

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jelly on grass (courtesy of Ken Parnham)

Screen Shot 2010-01-14 At 12.56.13 Pm

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Did Mysterious Blobs Rain Down Over Washington In 1994

The Italian Colloredo brothers were favorites at the court of Charles I of England. Lazarus was a handsome & popular man, but his attached brother was ...

However, no one could successfully identify the blob, and how they were connected to the mysterious sickness that plagued the town.

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Did Mysterious Blobs Rain Down Over Washington In 1994

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