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Immigration attorney Congress has to act on border crisis

Immigration attorney Congress has to act on border crisis



Obama's Border Patrol chief 'not optimistic' Congress that end immigration crisis on the southern


REPORT: Trump Considers Creating 'Immigration Czar' Post to Address Border Crisis

President Trump stands firm on national emergency declaration; Pelosi announces vote to override veto

V.P. of the National Border Patrol Council, Art Del Cueto, on Immigration Issues

Asylum changes show Trump's 2020 focus will again be on the border, presenting tough choices for Democrats

Will Congress pass President Trump's new immigration policy proposal?

The current immigration law needs to be updated, and the U. S. Border Patrol needs funding

President Donald Trump holds a Cabinet meeting and discusses his demand for border wall funding at the White House in January 2019.

The US has made migrants at the border wait months to apply for asylum. Now the dam is breaking.

President Trump's message to illegal immigrants: The country is full, turn around

Representative Juan Vargas and other Democratic Congress members protest family separations at the U.S.-Mexico border as President Trump departs a closed ...

President Obama Also Faced A 'Crisis' At The Southern Border

... fence of a makeshift detention center Wednesday in El Paso, where a surge has been overwhelming Border Patrol and the U.S. immigration infrastructure.

Trump has no interest in addressing border issues or immigration reform

The U.S. Immigration System May Have Reached a Breaking Point - The New York Times

Law students head to southern US border to help asylum-seekers

The White House is insisting that Congress approve its $4.5 billion request as soon as possible, warning that some agencies could run out of money within a ...

DHS's Own Statistics Show That It Is Lying About a Border-Security Crisis

President Donald Trump delivered remarks on the humanitarian crisis at the Southern border at the White

2007 Kyl Kennedy Immigration Reform

There is a border crisis — it's just not quite what the president said it is

Javier Garrido Martinez, left and Alan Garcia, right, sit with their four-year-sons at a news conference in New York on July 11. The men were reunited with ...

There is a crisis at the border. It's just not what Trump says it is.


Family DNA Testing at the Border Would Be an Ethical Quagmire

Separating families at the border is now an explicit component of the Trump Administration's zero-tolerance immigration policy.

Amid Trump's border showdown, UC immigration lawyer comforts and fights

Former Border Patrol Chief Explains Why Border Crisis Is Worst It's Been in US History

US-Mexico border official says migrant crisis 'at breaking point' - BBC News

A 10-month-old looks out from his family's tent in a shelter for

Obama Urges Congress to Approve $4 Billion in Funds for Immigration Crisis

Most illegal immigration doesn't come through the Mexican border where Trump wants to build his wall

As Trump rages over border, Kushner quietly plans legal immigration boost

The 'real' border crisis: The US immigration system isn't built for kids and families

Acting Defense secretary Patrick Shanahan walks past troops in uniform.

Most decisions about our border crisis will be made 1,936 miles away by people who have never breathed the desert air, never consoled a mother who doesn't ...

How emergency powers could be used to build Trump's wall

How the Trump Administration Is Manufacturing a New Border Crisis

Is it legal to cross the U.S. border to seek asylum? | International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Trump Weighs Tougher Immigration Enforcement After Homeland Security Shake-Up : NPR

Trump's Attorney General Nominee William Barr Built a Border Wall the Last Time He Ran the Justice Department. It Failed Miserably


Though Jared Kushner's immigration-reform proposal has failed to gain traction among Republican lawmakers, President Trump announced that it was the basis ...

Immigrant children: Here's what's happening with kids at the border, policywise

Image: Donald Trump

Dem: Separating immigrant kids 'cruel and unusual'

Immigrant rights advocates and others participate in a rally and and demonstration at the Federal Building

Trump says there's a 'crisis' at the border. Here's what the data says | PBS NewsHour

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Getty

U.S. Border Patrol agents with illegal immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border near McAllen, Texas, May 9, 2018.

Acting ICE director: Congress has failed to do their job on immigration crisis

President Donald Trump

Twelve days of chaos: Inside the Trump White House's growing panic to contain the border crisis

There is a Crisis at the U.S.-Mexico Border. But it's Manageable

A Honduran mother holds her son, 7, after she turned her family in to

What Zero Tolerance really looks like

The Trump administration's move to separate immigrant parents from their children on the U.S.-Mexico border has turned into a full-blown crisis in recent ...

The Border Is a Hot Mess. What's Trump to Do? Here Are His Options. COMMENTARY Immigration

US President Donald Trump arrives for an event honoring the Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs

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Here's where to donate to help migrant children and families at the border

U.S. border "crisis"

Congress has settled on a border wall deal, but will President Trump sign it? Here's what you need to know

A demonstrator plays a recording of the cries of immigrant children held in a detention facility after being separated from their parents during a protest ...

How Trump built an invisible wall around America


Family separation crisis continues on border even as court-ordered deadline nears

The Crisis at the Border is an LGBTQ Issue. Here's Why.

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/Newscom

Trump policy of detaining children 'may amount to torture', UN says – as it happened | US news | The Guardian

Syrian refugees who crossed the Evros River wait to be transferred by police to a first reception center in Greece. Alkis Konstantinidis/Reuters


Acting Attorney General Speaks Out on Immigration in Austin

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer pose for pictures after delivering a

Did Barack Obama Express Opposition to 'Undetected, Undocumented, Unchecked' Immigration?

“He Actually Prefers the Chaos”: Stephen Miller, Immigration Warlord, Emerges from the Shadows

How To Help Immigrant Children Separated From Their Families at The Border

Family Separation Crisis: How to Help

Crisis at our southern border is real and growing worse without the wall



Migrant children at the border – the facts

Children 'Don't Need Jail.' Immigration Advocates Say President Trump's Executive Order Creates Even More Problems

The Safe Third Country Agreement is broken. But it would be easy to get rid of if Trump actually understood the arrangement.

How to manufacture a crisis: Deconstructing Donald Trump's immigration rhetoric

Trump advocates depriving undocumented immigrants of due-process rights

Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-Calif.) speaks during a press conference with House Democrats at the U.S. Capitol June 4. Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images

4 Ways Trump Can Fix America's Immigration Problem