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If you own an older house you may have grown accustomed to

If you own an older house you may have grown accustomed to


If you own an older house, you may have grown accustomed to flickering lights and

When her father was alive, Ms. Peterson said, the best part of living together was “how nice it was to enjoy adulthood with my parents.

Our deck project

Paul and Rosa Boehm's backyard is currently a construction site. They're having an

7 Famous TV Homes You Can Actually Live In Right Now

David Atkinson—StreetEasy

Grad Hospital |Photography by Cory J. Popp.

My house is a shrine to my homes. There's a triptych of sunsets next to my bedroom door, dusk forever falling over the small Michigan town where I grew up, ...

18 tiny homes with expensive price tags

7 outrageously priced homes that reveal an ominous sign for the housing market

If you're renting in Denver, and currently want to buy a home, you may be looking a little outside city proper because of the home price difference.


Offerpad, Knock.com, Opendoor, Ribbon operating in Charlotte | Charlotte Observer

Messy house

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?

10 Simple Things You Can Do Today That Will Make You Happier, Backed By Science

Can you drill your own well if you live in the city?

When Is It Time to Let Go?

McSorley's occupies the ground floor of a red brick tenement at 15 Seventh Street, just off Cooper Square, where the Bowery ends.

House for sale sign

Malibu's infamous “O.C. house” is known as the home that played host to the Seth, Sandy, and Kirsten Cohen during the hot mid-2000s show's run, ...

She soon discovered that there was a name for the phenomenon surrounding her devastating grief and the toll it takes on those left behind

You'll share this apartment with a stranger — but don't dare call it a dorm

Construction on the Boehm's ADU started in January. Rick.

Caring for a Baby Gecko

How to Sell a Condo (Nope, It's Not Like Selling a House)

Inside the Dignitas house

Dredging Up Old Modern MemoriesDredging Up Old Modern Memories. Miller House ...

The tiny home movement has taken off significantly in the last decade. At 500 or less square feet, tiny home living allows individuals and families to save ...


But before you can even address your general uselessness, there's an even bigger issue—your pre-set path ended. Kids in school are kind of like employees of ...

6 Things You Should to Know Before Getting a Pet Llama or Alpaca

Is It Right to Have a Dog If You Work Full-Time?

Room sharing with your baby may help prevent SIDS—but it means everyone gets less sleep

Rosings Park in Winter

Every successful relationship is successful for the same exact reasons

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Everything you need to know about buying your first home.

If The Queen Invites You To Dinner… Inside The Private World of the Royals

The Comforting Fictions of Dementia Care

Photo: Denin Williams


Our shiny new floors! title= When ...

The Ultimate Guide to Smoking Weed in Amsterdam

One is that at that moment, you're kind of skill-less and knowledge-less and a lot of other things-less: But before you can ...

Big Little Lies

Old dog on a couch

Rupert Shortt's new book God Is No Thing aims to explain in a hundred pages how you can be philosophically and scientifically literate, and still believe ...


West Philly | Photography by Cory J. Popp.

Dirty livingroom

Triple-glazed, argon-filled windows in the Ecohome Demo House

Recycling at Home: Wine Cork Art #winecorkart #upcycledart. Wine Corks. Do you have ...

If you're considering building a self-sustained home, it's important to note the house should be made from recycled products. This could mean the home is ...

While replacing the siding, the contractor discovered extensive rot and moisture damage.

How to Talk About Moving to a Retirement Home: 'It's a Journey'How to Talk About Moving to a Retirement Home: 'It's a Journey'

how to raise a puppy when you work

Sparrow in the hand

We love the four seasons here at the farm and winter is no exception. This year I've been hunkered down by the parlor fire working on The Lady Farmer Guide ...

You will be a less stressed out parent. The best thing you can give to your child is your calm, positive, and happy self. I am not the perfect picture of ...


Big Little Lies

Our Best Grooming Tips for Your Siberian Husky



Family ...

Fostering: How making new children feel at home can be a family affair

best baby monitor

Wolf-Dog Questionnaire

2. But if they ...

You may find more ways to make your current or future home more self-sufficient. Hopefully, this will give you a jumping off point because a self-sufficient ...

Winter troubleshooting - are you ready for the cold?

Do you ever get so fed up with all the toys lying around that you threaten

I want to be alone: the rise and rise of solo living

Northeast Philly | Photography by Cory J. Popp.

Prepare Your Property For Sale

An oasis in old Bangkok - The Bhuthorn

Can You Leash Train a Rabbit?