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How to Store Food on a Boat Avoiding Critters Living on a

How to Store Food on a Boat Avoiding Critters Living on a


Use these tips to AVOID critters in your stored food -- bugs, ants, weevils and cockroaches -- instead of dealing with an infestation.

Do you have any other tips for keeping critters out of the boat? Share them with others below.

How to Store Food on a Boat: The Supplies - Eight things -- basic supplies -- you need for effective food storage on a boat.

Use these tips to avoid critters in your stored food -- bugs, ants, weevils and cockroaches -- instead of dealing with an infestation.

How to Store Food on a Boat: The Supplies

Storing food on a power boat or sailboat is very different from ashore. Use these

Tips and step-by-step info on how to store fruit and vegetables in

Storing food on a power boat or sailboat is very different from ashore. Use these

How to Store Food on a Boat, Part 3: Avoiding Critters

Everyone says not to take cardboard aboard a boat . . . but how do you

Ten Things to Make Galley Life Easier - A galley is a small, moving, generally unairconditioned place to cook . . . ten things that make turning out great ...

And compare the number of sheets on a roll of toilet paper to find the ones with the most (some have amazingly few sheets!)

Living with a Tiny Refrigerator - Small refrigerator and less frequent stops for groceries when cruising. How can you have the foods -- especially fresh ...

The Boat Galley

For more information on leaving the boat, Jan has checklists on leaving your boat, picking a marina, hurricane preparedness and much more on the “ Store Your ...

I save a lot of recipes that I like in boating magazines. Everyone tells us, our pantry will be limited and we'll have to eat very simple dishes.

boat seaotter graphic

Even the largest boats often have galleys that are fractional to what you would find in the average home. The lack of space, coupled with the constant ...

The Best Dry Food Storage Containers

Critter-Proofing Your Boat. Tips for keeping the ...

Even without refrigeration, you can keep fresh veggies for a surprising amount of time by

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Meet the couple who sailed across Mongolia in a handmade cart

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Pontoon shrink wrapped for winter storage

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capsized Sedge Summer 2015 lead



Alternatives to flying with your pet — and how to keep them safe when you can't avoid it

Boat Winterization: Tips For Avoiding Mildew, Critters & Ice | Boat Repair and DIY Projects | lakeexpo.com

Ever find yourself wondering if you can store fireworks in your newly rented storage unit? You may haven't, but someone has. And that's why there are rules ...

If you have any knowledge of cat food, please add a note in the comments!

root cellar with squash and root vegetables on shelves, canning jars on right

Don't let nosy bears and marmots ruin your trip

Photo of pelicans on boat

Preventing rats from getting on in the first place is better, of course. We blame our current dock-bound status for the uninvited ...

Your Guide to Boating in Sarasota

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A Wet, Wet Summer In Ketchikan Alaska

8 Must-Pack Items for a Rain Forest Trip

How to Store a Mattress in a Storage Unit

Photo of a fishing boat roaring along the water

Cockroaches, weevils, moths. How to keep bugs at bay on board

A beach clean-up in Malaysia brings young people together to care for their coastline

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The S/V "Pura Vida," a 2001 Gemini 105Mc Catamaran.

root cellar storage with root vegetables in leaves

wide shot of living space inside house boat

The cost of living in Thailand

boat seats destroyed

Winterizing a boat.

Putting screen in all the thru-hulls works to keep the critters out, but

Cockpit covers are a great way to keep the elements and critters out provided you took care to pay attention to the note about regarding removing any food ...

Boat Lifts

A study from the US has found that plant-based vegan diets have lower food loss rates than animal-based diets.

11 Gross Animals You Can Eat in a Survival Situation

A few years ago, the owner of a 30-foot sailboat thought he smelled a faint burning odor in his boat as he and his family sailed on Puget Sound in ...


I know I'm preaching to the choir when I say that I love my van! Not only do I love that it has given me endless opportunities to go places and spend ...


Ah, fresh lobster, delivered!

fruit and veg provisioning for an ocean passage crossing sailing the atlantic

Capt. Steve Spencer, edited by John Page Williams 9/27/17

Figure 1 Number of Southern sea otters with trauma consistent with impact from a boat hull or propeller, by month and year, January 2003-December 2017.

Catch drips with an absorbent “fuel bib” when you fuel your boat. Photo

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Keep Your Trees Trimmed

Yin & Yang Boat Life – Epic Encounters & Endless Repairs

How to make the veggie ramen that brings me to life every morning:

Undercover Victorian study puts claims to the test.

Off in the distance of this photo is a bay boat coming my way. It was nice warm weather and calm waters, but it's a Monday, so the boat traffic wasn't so ...

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My Dreamtime Houseboat is the shantyboat of the story. The Incinerator was between the boat and the bridge.

Is it wrong to boil lobsters alive?

Cheesy Chicken Bruschetta Bread Boats

Exploring Curu from the anchorage

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This makes it easier to reach food the bottom. There are many variations on this. Search “garbage can root cellar” for examples. stored potatoes

Storing Your Boat 8

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May in Georgia means seeing the world through a thick pollen haze, but the warm weather bounty is worth the antagonism of allergies.

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